Messy Wire Jewelry

This is a concept I had been hearing a good deal about from many people and many places – Crocheting with wire and beads is nothing new, but I passed on the idea for a number of months, unsure of how well the final product would come out. I mean, for me atleast, wire is so difficult to work with on it’s own wouldn’t trying to wrestle with it on a metal hook only end in tears and blistered fingers?

Unfortunately, I was right about one of those assumptions: When I was done, my hands hurt. Not to mention my poor crochet hook – Much of the paint was scrapped off the end! Good thing I have two F hooks… I’ll designate this blue (or formerly blue) one to wire-working only in the future, because I wouldn’t want to destroy my good pink hook by accident. [Yes, I am weird.]

Like I said, there are tons of tutorials and patterns for this type of pursuit, but being as “inventive” as I am… I thought it would be better to just wing it. My brilliant plan created nothing less than two consecutive creations that could only fit a person with a wrist the size of a medium lawn gnome.

After picking the pieces out of the trash can a few hours later, I determined that they must still be salvageable.

The one I decided to make into a bracelet was lengthened with a toggle clasp. Actually, it was two loops joined together, because the first addition was still not the right size for any average human being to wear.

The second one, which was extremely short became a choker with the help of a chain and lobster clasp.

Thankfully, all that pain wasn’t for naught and I was able to save my mistakes and turn them into something that could actually be called jewelry. I really like how they came out, so I think I’ll be making these again… Only, I’ll be sure to make them much longerthan I think is necessary, so that maybe they won’t need any additions other than the clasps.

5 thoughts on “Messy Wire Jewelry

  1. Those are both beautiful. I love the stones sort of tumbling all over themselves–they look more “nature-y” like this, all free-floating in the crotchet. Nice job!

  2. Hi BitterSweet,

    I hope you don’t mind me barging in here — I found you by accident while searching for something else, and I’m enamoured of all your little animal friends, and their stories.

    I really like these pieces! Are they something akin to the one in “SnB The Happy Hooker”? I have the book, and the first time I checked out the design I thought, my fingers aren’t going to like those! I’m also not too happy that it might ruin my hooks to make them. That said, I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for the comments, I wanted to know how it would work out.

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