A Slice of Summer

It’s becoming harder and harder to escape the facts at this point: These summer days are fading fast, being swept away by the cool winds of autumn. While I know that this is a disappointment to many beach-going, sun-loving people, I think that a lot of the joy of summer comes from the mindset it accomanies. Those endless days of vacation, freedom, the lack of stress or demanding work… Perhaps this feeling doesn’t have to dissolve as the calander pages continue to drop. That’s where my latest project comes in; to remind myself and others that autumn and winter don’t have to be gloomy and gray – Just add a splash of summer colors!

So before this season is too far gone to recover, I decided to make one last stab at something bright, cheerful, and summery. The design is much louder than your usual pot holder, which is why I think it would be best to bring out in those bright, sunny days, it could by all means be used at any time.

I’m not really sure what prompted me to creat pot holders that look like orange slices, but it most likely had a lot to do with all that left over orange and white yarn I still had [Be sure to use cotton so it doesn’t burn!] The pattern is extremely simple, so the real fun comes with the added detail after you finish the basic shape. Colder weather may be on its way, but adding a little bit of warmth to your kitchen is no problem with this citrus-y addition.

Using an F hook and orange yarn,

Sc 6 into a circle

2 sc into each stitch (12)

2 sc into 1 st, sc 1 (18)

2 sc into 1 st, sc 2 (24)

2 sc into 1 st, sc 3 (30)

2 sc into 1 st, sc 4 (36)

2 sc into 1 st, sc 5 (42)

2 sc into 1 st, sc 6 (48)

2 sc into 1 st, sc 7 (54)

2 sc into 1 st, sc 8 (60)

2 sc into 1 st, sc 9 (66)

2 sc into 1 st, sc 10 (72)

2 sc into 1 st, sc 11 (78)

2 sc into 1 st, sc 12 (84)

2 sc into 1 st, sc 13 (90)

Switch to white: 2 sc into 1 st, sc 14 (96)
Ch 10 (or however many you want for the length of the hanging-loop) and sl st into the first stitch.

Crochet in straight lines across the whole length of the circle, dividing it into 6 slices.

Embroider seeds near the center.

For added insulation, cut out matching circles of ironing board fabric and sew to the back side of the pot holder. If you would rather just have them as decorative pieces, feel free to leave this step out.

If only I had thought of this fun project earlier into the summer…! But now maybe the season can last just a little bit longer, atleast in spirit.

24 thoughts on “A Slice of Summer

  1. If only orange cotton could be found at the ends of the earth! I so love these; they make me want to bury my face in them and never look outside. I’m already missing the summer in northern BC Canada.

  2. Hi~ I was looking for grapes & ran into you blog. Your crochet creations are darling. I also love to crochet. You are very creative. Thanks for sharing with the rest of the internet world. SiLvia

  3. Hi, I was actually looking for a pattern to make basketballs and then connect them to make an afghan for my basketball fever son……………………. This pattern is really pretty, but how would you connect them. If you went with squares, it wouldn’t seem lime they would still come out as circles. I’m sue there’s a way, I just haven’t figured it out yet, and I have to do it late at night or during the day, it’s a secret for christmas.
    Any suggestions?



  4. Hi, I really like this pattern. Can you tell me exactly what kind of yarn you used? I’m a beginner and am not sure what to choose.


  5. I love the pot holders. You could make lemon slices, lime slices, and create a set for the summer. Charmaine

  6. I’m sorry, I don’t understand these instructions. I get as far as 12 stitches, then I’m lost. When I do 2 sc in 1st stitch, then sc 1 (around the remaining stiches?), I end up with 13, not 18!

    Please help.


    1. Barbara – I didn’t write this pattern, but I do know what she’s telling you to do – you work 2 sc in the first stitch, then 1 sc in the next, then 2, then 1, all the way around. If you do that, you should end up with 18 at the end. The next round will be 2 sc in the first stitch, 1 sc in each of next 2 stitches, then 2, etc – basically, you are increasing each round by 6 evenly spaces stitches, so you’ll have one more stitch with just one sc each time you go around. Hopefully, this makes sense – I tend to over-complicate. Good luck!

  7. Need to know how the slices are made. I’m having trouble trying to crochet in the base of an object. My potholder has no slices. Is a great pattern. It can be made into so many designs.

  8. I have come here by way of Ravelry (I’m nutmegknitter on there) looking for potholders to make for a swap I’m participating in. I wanted to say “Thanks” for sharing this pattern – I’m new to crochet, but have admired several of your patterns / projects there!

  9. I needed potholders, and fell in love w/ the design. I only have lime green yarn, so I am going to do limes instead. Next trip to the yarn store will definitely include the orange yarn!

  10. Would it be ok to sell the finished product? I have some people that really like them. I would include a reference to your blog of course :) Keep up the cute patterns!

  11. The pattern is hard to read. doesn’t say how many to chain for circle. It is really not very good instructions to understand maybe it is me.

  12. Cute pattern! I came across it while looking for a chicken potholders pattern. Can someone help me find a chicken pattern? The chicken is shaped kind of like a pear with a beak ,eyes and of course the comb on her head. Thanks a lot!

  13. […] These are like the orange slices, the beautiful orange crochet potholders that come with brilliant white boundary all around! Here the shape of the potholder is also hexagonal that looks sweet and eye-catching! Do clone these precious hot pads for your kitchen for easy and safe landing of your hot kitchen pots! Complete project details and free crochet pattern here bittersweetblog […]

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