Chibi Critters

Pushing my dinky plastic sewing machine to actually do some work for the first time in its very short life time, I managed to churn out two little creatures with help of the free pattern provided by My Little Mochi. I really love this blog, as the author makes and posts some of the cutest softies I have ever laid eyes on. As soon as I spotted this pattern, I ferreted it away for the perfect space of free time in which to try my hand.

The pattern itself was positively adorable; I think it’s my rendition that falls a bit short, as my supply of fabric is rather limited still. The trouble lay mainly in the fact that I had no solid colors, although you may even recognize the prints from not so long ago…

I will admit, I got pretty lazy as I came closer to finishing each. My embroidery skills leave quite a bit to be desired, so I decided to just screw it and use felt for the noses instead. Oh, and I’m somewhat embarrassed to say but, those mouths? …Sharpie markers are my friend.

The kitty right here is probably my favorite of the two – That sweet little smirk is irresistable. The patterns of the fabric also seemed okay together, whereas for the bunny…

…Looks like a cow in denial. If only I had a solid white, I’m sure it wouldn’t have ended up quite so awkward looking. Still, the left eye (That I carefully positioned away from the camera for this shot) pops out a little bit so regardless of the print… Maybe I should call it a brain damaged bunny, because I could say it looks pretty good in that case?

If I even get new fabric scraps, I would be happy to give these softies another shot because even in these less-than-perfect chibis, I can see there is some definite potential for an unbearably cute new friend. Still, I won’t love these guys any less just because they weren’t quite what I had imagined. It’s my fault anyways for choosing that obnoxious fabric again and using it where it really didn’t belong.

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  1. Oh my Gawd! Thanks for bringing these patterns to my attention. I can’t wait to try them out. And I love the idea of sharpie mouths. You did great, & there is nothing wrong with an eccentric bunny! :)

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