The Penguin Returns

Another leftover from very long ago – My second penguin amigurumi, all dressed up in his finest black tuxedo this time.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to get very good pictures (I think it was a really overcast day, or something equally uncondusive) and to make matters worse, it was so long ago that I already gave it away months ago! My poor photo-shopping skills weren’t really able to salvage much of those horrible snapshots, but you can atleast get an idea of what he looked like.

Who knows, with such a brutally hot and humid summer, maybe the penguin himself was just feeling rather blah. Completely understandable; I would have prefered to skip town in favor of a more arctic climate, too!

I can only hope that he’s now happy in his new home. I may not have great pictures, but it’s the fond memories of our time together that counts!