Pondering Panda

I guess there’s no denying it any longer – I’ve truly developed an obsession with making amigurumi of all sizes and shapes. During my prolonged absence, I’ve created quite a pile of various animals that just beg to be given love an attention… Which I must admit, I haven’t really been able to do. I absolutely adore making them… But then I have no clue what to do when they’re all done. I’m probably going to give most away as gifts, as the Christmas season looms ominously in the back of my mind. Call me crazy, but if I don’t get started around July / August, I’ll be up crafting the night before the presents are expected.

While I’m somewhat behind schedule due to my attention being diverted by some irresistibly adorable patterns that have fallen into my possession, I don’t think I have to worry yet. Having this kind of false sense of security allows me to craft whatever my heart desires! (Just don’t remind me of all this time I’m wasting when it’s down to the wire and I’m knitting my little hands off.)

Maybe I’m not concerned, but it sure seems like my little panda is doing all the worrying for me. I only finished him yesterday and he already looks like he’s burdened with the weight of the world on his shoulders! Poor guy…

Now I know I should figure out who will become the new loving owner of this fuzzy creation come December… But… I think I’d rather keep him! Just this once, really…!

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