A World Preserved In Resin…

With spring in full bloom just weeks ago, I pounced upon the opportunity and snagged a whole basket of flowers, only just awakened from their long winter's rest. While the season is still producing numerous types of lovely vegitation, I tend to think that the explosion of color is more reserved for May, as we begin to edge into the real summery weather of June. So I carefully lay out my bounty on paper towels and left them between the pages of my mother's old textbook on Shakespear. Seeing as it weighed enough to sink a small ship, I figured that it could press my flowers fairly efficently.

Of course, I forgot about them instantly. They could have been used maybe a week later, but it's taken me until just these past few days to convert them to craft. It's not a new technique – I've made many others, but with different materials – But I think that pressed flowers make very elegant, but fun magnets.

I find that I'm constantly in need of more magnets, as they're either knocked off the fridge or they simply fall off of their own accord. You can really never have too many, and if you somehow go wild and over-produce, they make wonderful gifts. Although I'd like to keep them… I have a feeling that this set will also be hoarded, to become adornment for the fridge of one of my loved ones, instead.

I couldn't even begin to guess what type of flowers these all are, but the one in the magnet above made my favorite magnet, so I thought they deserved a bit of a spotlight. Some people go crazy about getting all of those little bubbles out, (You can see all around them) but I think it adds personallity and texture. There are plenty of other things to worry about – Resin should not be one of them.

It's really an awesome medium that I hope to explore further in the future, and if you've never played around with it before, I highly suggest it.

4 thoughts on “A World Preserved In Resin…

  1. How beautiful! Where do you find resin? I’ve often wanted to play around with it, but I have no idea where to start. Is it expensive?

  2. How do you make these? I have a gazillion daisies and wildflowers that I would love to create magnets with.
    Thank you.

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