Peanut Butter Cup – Cakes

Oh yes, more May birthday madness! The birthday girl in question also asked me to bring over some other vegan sweets to her little tea party on Sunday, so I have quite a bit of baking to do today… But it’ll be a fun challenge, thank goodness. I just need to figure out what to make next!

I don’t remember exactly what my inspiration was for this one, but I knew that no matter what, I wanted to find something that went well with chocolate, because I just happen to have tons of leftover chocolate ganache for some reason. This particular friend didn’t appear to be particularly fond of fruit flavors, so I tried to look in a different direction. Standard vanilla was considered briefly, but the urge to experiment soon became all-consuming when I dreamed up the thought of peanut butter cupcakes. Sure, I’d seen some “peanut butter cupcake cakes” before, but they were chocolate cakes with peanut-buttery orbs stuck in the centers.

These bad boys make no excuses. Loaded up with nothing but peanut butter, it really gives the nutty flavor a chance to shine through instead of playing second fiddle to the chocolate topping.

Of course, fate has a way of working against us…

The cupcakes were fine, but on the morning they were to be delivered, I was not exactly the most cheerful little girl around. Sleep had eluded me for all but 30 minutes before I had to run out the door to catch my train – Some how I had managed to avoid getting a single nod all night, but then mysteriously passed out on the living room carpeting right before I had to start moving again. I honestly have no idea how I even got there.

So now I was rushing around toasting up bread, packing lunch, carefully wrapping up the cupcakes because – Oh look – It’s raining yet again. In the car, I singe the taste buds off my tongue with a gulp of molten hot coffee, and then spill what remains all over my lap when we stop short. By the time we made it into the station, I was no prepared to deal with much. Knowing that this friend sometimes has an issue with making it to school on a daily basis, I worried that my efforts would be for naught.

“If she’s not here today, I swear to god, I’m throwing these cupcakes into the train tracks.” I threatened in my mother’s general direction.

My mom was slightly taken aback, “No, you won’t.”

“Oh you just wait and see.” I was a bomb just waiting to go off, and who was going to tell me what pastries I could or could not destroy?!

“No, seriously, if she’s not here, bring them back home and I’ll eat them,” she clarified with a grin.

Luckily, sleep deprivation and 3rd degree coffee burns aside, it all went off without a hitch. The birthday girl showed up just as I had made her repeatedly promise throughout the week, and I believe she even enjoyed the cupcakes. Well, I can’t be sure about that, but I’m pretty sure if she didn’t like them, she probably would have stopped at her second or third.

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  1. Oh god. Those look AMAZING. What are you trying to do to me here? Seriously. I’m trying to watch what I eat, and now all I can think about is watching myself eat about 5 of these. :)

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