Two Peas in a Pod

Mmm, garden fresh.

Pea Pod

Using US #4 straight needles and light green yarn…

Row 1: CO1.

Row 2: Kfb

Row 3: K1, m1, k1

Rows 4, 6, 8, and 10: P

Row 5: K1, m1, k1, m1, k1

Row 7: K1, m1, k3, m1, k1

Row 9: K1, m1, k5, m1, k1

Row 11: K1, m1, k7, m1, kn1

Rows 12 – 22: St st, ending on a P row

Row 23: K2tog, k7, ssk

Rows 24, 26, and 28: P

Row 25: K2tog, k5, ssk

Row 27: K2tog, k3, ssk

Row 29: K2tog, k1, ssk

Row 30: P2tog, p1

Row 31: K2tog

Draw yarn through remaining stitch to secure.


Peas (Make 2)

With the same yarn but switching now to US #4 DPN’s…

Row 1: C03, distributing stitches evenly between the needles

Rows 2 and 3: Kfb of each stitch

Row 4: [K1, kfb], repeat 6 times

Rows 5 and 6: K

You will probably want to try adding the stuffing at this stage. It can be very hard to keep in your little pea as you continue to knit and may even jump out a few times, but just wad up a tiny little marble-sized piece of batting very tightly and hold it in there as best you can.

Row 7: [K1, k2tog], repeat 6 times

Row 8: K2tog

Row 9: K2tog

Draw remaining stitches together with the excess yarn and pull tight. Tie off.


With the WS facing up, lay out your pea pod and figure out the approximate position of the peas. Fairly simply, take one pea out and sew the other in securely, then putting the second pea back in and sewing it in turn. To keep the piece more stable, it might help you to make just a small stitch or two between the peas so that they stay together. [Alternately, you could experiment with using Velcro or something and making the peas removable…? If anyone tries this, tell me how it goes!]

Take the ends of the pod now and cinch them together. Sew them so that the peas are comfortably nestled in the center and the ends are slightly pointed. Pulled only somewhat tightly, it should not curl anymore despite being knit in st st. Hide ends inside pod, and make a nice green salad!

15 thoughts on “Two Peas in a Pod

  1. I have knit for many years but the abbreviations ( m ) and (kfb ) in your pattern puzzle me. Would you kindly let me know what they stand for so that I might make my own peas in a pod ???
    Thank you,
    Sharon Fahrni

    1. I’ve only started knitting and have no clue? Did you find out what the abbreviations mean?

      If so can you forward to me?


  2. Way to cute. I added a flesh top pea and now have a baby in a pea with a little smile.
    Thanks a bunch.


  3. Thanks! I knitted a bunch of these for my daughter’s baby shower. We substituted green bath beads for the peas and gave them out as favors. Needless to say, they were a hit!

    Thanks so much!

    I can’t wait to try out some of your animal patterns as we wait for our new “sweet pea” to arrive!


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