Monkey Business

Why, hello there little guy.

I came home from school the other day to discover that my spunky hot-pink monkey had left the safety of my bedroom, and was just hanging around on the desk lamp. Although I was nervous about him falling or getting hurt, he seemed to be having fun, climbing and exploring the world with fresh [plastic] eyes.

Another practically instant amigurumi. And just as quickly as it was made, he's already been given away! Though I'll miss him dearly, the gift served as an excellent bribe: The recieving friend will be leaving for Japan on Sunday, now with an eye out for more amigurumi books or various cute things for a certain crafty aquaintance. I can barely contain my curiousity – What treasures might she return with? But more than anything, I am severely jealous. I would sell limbs to be on that trip…

But anyways, the monkey. What a strange creature he was! I wasn't sure I was reading the pattern correctly at first – A head the size of a dinner plate, with a body no larger than one of its ears? …You bet! Somehow it all came together just fine, despite a brief yarn disaster. I never did find perfectly matching yarn, but if you can't see the difference… I'm not telling where it ran out!

In case you're curious about the knitty gritty – I used worsted weight yarn for the most part, or substituted a double length of sport on an F hook.  Like the cat I just finished, there's wire in the tail to give its curly shape, but it isn't strong enough to endure rough play, so maybe this one wouldn't make such a great gift for younger kids.  Their loss!

So my embroidery could use a little work, but he sort of has a little smile, right?

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