Amigurumi Addiction

With all the risks of potentially becoming hooked, I can't believe that no one warned me.  Where were the warnings, the disclaimers?  Now, as much as I try to fight it, I believe I have a real problem:  I can't stop making amigurumi.

Even as I finish yet another sweet little stuffie, I can't seem to pick up my needles and work on some knitting project; My hands are constantly occupied with a crochet hook.  My to-do list has become flooded with only amigurumi, and despite my rapid progress, it appears that only more are added when one is erased.  It's getting out of control.  Crocheting at school, at all hours of the night… Do I need counciling?

…In the mean time, I finished a little black cat.  I had a lot of fun making him, with all the little details involved.  

As for the specs… The tail has wire in it to help it stand up straight, and the whiskers are made of clear beading elastic.  If you browse Craftster, you might already know that I complain about not being able to find safety eyes all the time.  To get a contrasting color to stand out on my black yarn, I painted a pair with blue acrylic paint before attatching them.  Oh, and the nose is a medium sized seed bead.

I love all my little animals, but it seems like all they want to do is go play outside in this gorgeous weather we've been having lately.  I wish they would stay inside and keep me company… But how can you say no to a face like that?

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