Hold Everything! (Or Atleast Pots)

Another fun little project from The Happy Hooker, I was instantly drawn to the Skull Holders due to the fact that a) It was made up entirely of single crochet, and b) It would be an excellent way to practice changing colors. Not to mention being really cute and funky looking.


I noticed after I was all done how wavy the bottoms were. I guess I tend to worry that on the very first row that I chain, the stitches will be too small to fit the hook back into, so I make them far too large. Whenever I first started, I used to have huge issues starting that first row… To be honest, it still takes me a lot longer to just start than do any other part of a crocheted piece for.

Anyway, I'm still learning, and these new pot holders have been wonderfully useful so far. Our old [Store bought] pair were so disgustingly coated in grease, I would have rathered try to grab a hot baking sheet out of the oven than touch those things! The first time I used mine, though, my mom freaked out a bit because she thought that they were made of acrylic. Being the most common fiber in my stash, it was, however, an understandable concern. They're plain old cotton, by the way, and don't show any signs of melting or burning yet. A very good thing, indeed!

3 thoughts on “Hold Everything! (Or Atleast Pots)

  1. Very cute!!!

    I want to buy that book but I think I need to take the beginning Crochet class at my LYS in June as I can’t seem to get the hang of it.

  2. Any chance I could get this pattern from you? My son wants me to make him something along these lines, and this is the first such pattern I’ve stumbled across. Oh please oh please! (I can’t afford to buy any books right now.) Wahhh!!!

  3. These look great! I’m planning to make them soon and I was glad to find someone who did make them using the pattern. Cheers!

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