Ladder Bracelets

The beautiful thing about spring break, for me atleast, is getting the time to work on all of those little projects that I've been dying to do for what seems like ages.  I've been accumulating so many craft magazines, books, and links, it's practically impossible to sort through all of it!  The craziest part of the whole situation is the fact that I'm actually attempting to reorganize to fullfill my need to do some spring cleaning, so all of the crap I have lying around is driving me crazy!  The best way to take care of messy supplies:  Craft with them.


Ordinarilly, I really suck at working with wire, but lately it has actually been kinda fun.  The first attempt at this sort of bracelet, though, has all sorts of issues, and I'm not so happy with it.  The inspiration came from the latest issue of Bead Style magazine, which is usually about as helpful has a computer manual written in Latin.  I've only received two copies because they were free, but this last one shocked me – There were actually projects I wanted to make.  Every other issue (As far as I can see) has really just been one big ad.  Even the projects are no more than lists of supplies to buy, which you're instructed to string onto some wire, and you're done!  I guess it's better for inspiration… And cleaning out your bank account.  Though painfully expensive, I've gotta admit that the beads that they advertise are truly gorgeous.


So anyway, I tried again and came up with this.  I like it a lot more, so I'm almost okay with letting go of some of those nice glass beads.

They really do look pretty nice, probably much better in person, because as I'm now learning, jewlery is one of the hardest subjects to photograph.  In fact, I had so much trouble with backgrounds and lighting, the above picture was actually taken on the lid of my toilet!  That's why it's a bit reflective… but look how clear and bright it is!  (Don't worry, it was clean.)


I tend to get better pictures outside, so the rest were taken on my patio, in case you were becoming worried. 

3 thoughts on “Ladder Bracelets

  1. How did you make it without a clasp? Where do the thicker wire ends go??
    They’re super pretty and the pictures look great!
    Thanks in advance!

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