Peas, Please!

Just a sweet, little sewing project, because I was in dire need of new pajama pants.  My old pair had worn so thin around the knees, you could have read a book right through them… Even in the places that didn't have gaping holes.  I will never take these 2-hour patterns for granted again; It was actually pretty painless, and I ended up with wearable pants by the end of the day.  The measurements may be slightly off because I'm really short, but that's an easy fix so I'm not stressing over it.


Come on now, people, is this not the cutest fabric you have ever seen??


Smiling peas in pods.  What could be better?

(Just a note:  I have been experiencing in internet difficulty / retardation, which is why I wasn't able to post yesterday, but hopefully it will all be sorted out soon.)

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