Mr. Beaky

Why, hello there sir.


For what seems like ages, I had been lusting over the adorable little creatures created from patterns contained within The World of Knit Toys by Kath Dalmeny. Everywhere I looked, however, not a single bookstore could help me. The employee trying to help me would always give me a look as if I had suddenly started speaking gibberish, informing me that this book wasn’t even in their computer. Was it out of print? Simply out of stock? Who knows!

After months of frustration, my mom became tired of my griping and did a little research for me, and discovered it on, and not only was it under $10, but she offered to order another book she was interested in and cover the shipping and handling.  What could be more perfect!  So naturally… I had to consider it for another couple of weeks, because I’m a horribly and almost irrationally indecisive like that.  Then I realized how stupid I was being, and became panicked at the thought that they may run out.

Now, after all that… I have to say, I’m a little bit disappointed thus far.  This duck that I knit is a little… misshappen, to say the least.  I don’t really understand how Ms. Dalmeny expects something knit flat like this to become a nicely proportioned stuffed animal, with a defined body, neck, and head.  To get mine as it currently stands took more than just a little poking and prodding, to say the least.  Another issue I have is that gigantic beak it’s sporting.  It looks like it would better suit a crane or something; certainly not a duck.


Dispite his flaws, I guess he’s growing on me a little bit, and I decided to name him Mr. Beaky.  I’m not saying that this book was a complete let-down, but it was a bit less than I had anticipated.  I’ll reserve further judgment until I try out some of the other patterns.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Beaky

  1. Your mallard is absolutely adorable!
    I’ve made several projects from this book: turtle, shark, zebra, and highland bull. Shark and turtle came out fine, but bull and zebra came out a bit strangely proportioned, with very long faces. I think it was something to do with the fact I used worsted yarn and big needles. (10’s) instead of what the book listed. I still love them, though! And your cute duckie, too!

  2. Poor Mr. Beaky!!!

    Ducks are my favorite birds besides geese but that beak is funky! All the same, I’m sure he’s got a personality that will endear itself to you.

    Ellie is taking forever making an octopus from that book as well.

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