Breakfast of Champions

Finally, a few extra minutes to actually knit something! It kills me how I’ve barely knit at all lately… I used to be pumping out 8-10 projects a week, knitting nonstop… But I was also essentially immoble, so I’m not sure if it was entirely worth it. Anyway, I thought that a glazed donut with sprinkles would be the perfect way to start a long vacation…


It was so easy to whip up, but binding off that thing was hellish. A 3-needle bind off in a space slighly smaller than an inch in diameter?! Let’s see you do it first! I ended up doing a modified style of fake-grafting, and after about an hour longer than it should have taken, I had myself a sweet little donut. It’s still not perfect, so I might try it again at some point… It was so difficult to stuff and then redistribute the batting, you can see how it came out a little lumpy in places…

Oh well, it was still fun, dispite the frustration. You can go make your own sweet little doknit using the pattern found at Strange But True.

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