From the Bottom of My Blackened Heart

Honestly, one can only handle so much of this sappy, sugar-coated, cavity-inducing acts of love before getting a stomach ache. Admittedly, I have been much more tolerant this year, though. It’s perhaps the first time I have ever allowed that Valentine’s Day might actually be considered a real holiday [and not just a stupid date made up by the Halmark Company, which I do still believe.] And you know what? Despite the fact that I recieved no valentines, didn’t have an elaborate dinner, and have no significant other to share the occasion with, maybe I still enjoyed myself, just a little bit. I was able to shower my friends with sweets, and maybe take a step out of my usual hum-bugery for public displays of affection.

That being said, here is just a small bit of my typical cynicism returning, but in the most benine manner that could be hoped. I decided to make the hearts of my beaded choker black, but even still, the alternating pinks still leave a slight touch of femininity in my opinion.


I know it’s a little bit late in the game now, but should you desire your own little string of beaded hearts to wear around your neck, the [very clear, easy to follow!] pattern can be found here.

3 thoughts on “From the Bottom of My Blackened Heart

  1. you did a beautful job. i love the blackened heart. I looked for your pattern that you say is here but could not find it. if it is still available I would love to try it. thanks.

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