Playing With My Produce

Recently, I’ve discovered the facinating world of knit food, and I believe it’s becoming somewhat of a guilty pleasure. At some point I’ll dig up some other pictures of past FO’s, because believe me, this is a subject that would fill up far more than one post. Luckily, I can blame this unusual project line-up on my nutritionist, who has commissioned me to make her little decorative food items for her desk. She does already have buckets full of plastic food, but she admitted that they kind of gross out some of her clients. I can certainly understand that though… Half the time I go into her office, it looks like there’s some cat vomit sitting next to her planner. Oh, it’s baked ziti, you say? Okayy….

Anyways, I was feeling kinda silly so I decided to pose my fuzzy vegetables on the kitchen table.

Would you like some margarine with that?
One of these things is not like the other…

My nutritionist was absolutely delighted with the products of my weekend boredom. I just wish she wouldn’t insist on paying; I would much rather give them to her ask gifts.