Pride Month is, or at least should be, about more than just rainbows and parades.

Reduced down to its most basic elements to be more palatable to the mainstream, so much is lost in translation. It should be about celebrating alternative sexual identities, yet fails to be truly inclusive. Some people still call it “Gay Pride Month” which does a genuine disservice to the larger queer community. Strides have been made to recognize greater nuance beyond the swath of hetero-normative values that dominated western society for all of recorded history, so why does it still feel like such a fight? Why is it still so hard to be heard? Why is it still so hard to be seen?

Do my words not matter? Are my colors not bright enough?

Purple, White, Grey, and Black Macarons

I’m asexual. Should I even say that out loud? I was always told to leave it unsaid, let people guess or come to their own conclusions. It doesn’t matter. No one needs to know if I am or am not having sex.

It’s true, but also incredibly shortsighted.

It isn’t even about me anymore. It’s about standing up and modeling the representation that I never saw when I needed it most. Asexual people are out there, being successful, living full lives, but remaining largely invisible. I didn’t even know that it was a thing until I was in my 30s. I thought I was just… Nothing. Or broken. Or wrong.

A label doesn’t change anything, but it does help things make sense. In a society that sexualizes everything, would it be so terrible to talk about something that runs in the opposite direction?

Asexual people are queer people. More importantly, asexual people are people. Let’s make this the new normal.

9 thoughts on “Pride

  1. thank you for all of your transparency in this morning’s Bittersweet post, hannah. how refreshing and expansive.

  2. thank you thank you thank you thank you.
    i am as well and i have never seen it spoken so outrightly. as you say can’t we all just be people and matter?
    thank you again.

  3. We as a society are obsessed it seems with Labels… People are people and each is Unique and special no matter what label society puts them in..
    What matters most is who YOU are , and being TRUE to who you are..
    Sending LOTs of love your way Hannah.. and a great post xxx
    Take PRIDE in yourself… <3 <3 <3 HUGS xx

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