Beat the Heat

Summer rages on, turning enclosed cars into rolling ovens and frying the delicate petals of spring flowers to crispy brown ribbons. Temperatures on the east coast look comparatively mild by sheer numbers alone, but it’s the humidity that really beats one into submission. Dry heat is more manageable even in the extreme; it doesn’t seem to cling or weigh so heavily, adding insult to injury under the radiating sun. Spending more time out west has certainly increased my tolerance for the heat, so even though the daily highs regularly score higher than those in Honolulu lately, it doesn’t seem as insufferable as years past. Clearly, not everyone feels the same.

Some people just aren’t equipped to deal with this sort of climate, racing from one air conditioned oasis to the next, dreading any time spent out in the unforgiving elements. This guy took that inclination to the next level, craftily sneaking into the very coldest place in the house. If this heat wave keeps up, I know a few other creatures in this house, both big and small, that might tempted to crawl in there with him.

Seal amigurumi pattern from ABC Crochet by Mitsuki Hoshi.

7 thoughts on “Beat the Heat

  1. LOVE that little seal ami :) I am currently working on a custom project for a friends little brother (5) who is enamored of something called “Teddie” that has a small person inside him (anime). There are no patterns for him and he is giving me all sorts of challenges. I have used about 20 patterns to compile his bits and pieces. Hopefully I can do him justice ;)

    1. That sure does look like a challenge to craft in yarn! If anyone can do it though, it would be you. I can’t wait to see how your Teddie comes out… Please tell me you’ll post it on your blog! :)

      1. I sure will Ms Hannah. I am in the process of trying to get some posts up ready to load. Must invent some funky vegan grub to add to the mix now I have a page for it ;)

  2. We are in the very hottest part of the summer here in Oklahoma, and it has been 95 – 100 degrees every day for weeks. When I get up before sunrise to go to work, it is already 85 degrees; it just doesn’t cool off. Today we have a small reprieve of light rain and overcast skies, but it is very humid. It is always like this here in the summer, you would think I was used to it, but not so! I hide inside until the heat passes, usually mid October or stay in the pool. We run all our errands and exercise early. That is the only way to stay cool and sane!

  3. Oh man, going in and out of air conditioning makes me so sick. In fact, AC makes me sick, so I just suffer through the heat…which sometimes makes me sick. Ha! I need to find a place where it doesn’t get too hot or too cold, but you still have some semblance of seasons. Besides San Francisco because that’s too expensive. hehehe :-)

  4. It’s been mild here this week thankfully, but back to triple digit heat next week which gets old after dealing with it for a few days, everything seems to be moving in slow motion. Luckily it’s a dry heat, cools off at night, and the worst doesn’t hit until late afternoon.

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