Indian Summer

Just as suddenly as the cold and darkness descended, a brief respite from the encroaching fall brings us glorious blue skies and gentle 80-degree breezes, as if summer never left us in the first place. Toying with my heart, it’s hard not to get attached to this anomaly of the season. While Canadian friends across the border celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m marveling at children still playing on the beaches, joggers baring all in skimpy outfits, and general summer behavior continuing as if the calendar pages haven’t already advanced beyond July. Even the wildlife are clearly mixed up and confused by this inexplicable shift.

Glass platter provided by Steelite

Lounging about on a placid pond without a care in the world, this little fellow can’t even dream of a time without warm sunshine. So comfortable on that buoyant lily pad, I swear I could see him flattening out, relaxing to the point of loosening every muscle in his tiny green body and becoming a genuine pancake of a frog. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that next week is just as liable to bring a blizzard as it is more of this Indian summer. What’s the harm in pretending it’s still vacation, for just a little while longer, at least?

[Flapjack Frog pattern by Anna Hrachovec of MochiMochi Land]

20 thoughts on “Indian Summer

  1. LOL adorable! I’m waiting for winter to hit out of nowhere here too… eeek! I’ll take these warmer days and cool nights for the rest of the year if it would let me!

  2. Several friends and I had a crafternoon yesterday, and one of the girls was knitting a dinosaur. She so should have been following your lead and making this instead :D

  3. Adorable little frog!! Interesting to know that Thanksgiving is over at your end of the world. We are still awaiting Thanksgiving down here —its Nov 24th this year:)

  4. Oh I love the frog! And is it truly Indianian summer since we have not had a killing frost yet? I don’t care, I am just enjoying it!

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