Friday Freebies

The time has come, the walrus said, to pick a cookbook winner! …I’m pretty sure it goes something like that, right? Close enough for me, let’s get down to it.

Yes, you, all the way in the back there, commenter #240- Jenessa, who likely have something with chocolate or lemon brewing very soon!

Congrats, and expect to hear from me soon, Jenessa! Don’t fret if today wasn’t your lucky day- I wouldn’t dream of leaving so many enthusiastic hopefuls hanging, so there will definitely be another Vegan Desserts giveaway in the near future.

Maybe it’s because the end of the world draws ever nearer, complete with the fun promise of both a slow, painful death and a zombie apocalypse, but I’m feeling particularly generous today, and I don’t want to send anyone home empty-handed. With that in mind, I definitely want everyone to try at least one thing from Vegan Desserts before “judgement day,” so the recipe for Poppy Seed Kumquat Scones, posted on CTBites, is a very good place to start.

But that’s not the only goodie I have squirreled away… If you’d rather just a soothing, pretty picture for now, I can accommodate that request as well.

Click on the photo to view it full size, and go ahead, save it as a wallpaper if it strikes your fancy. Simply right click, select “Set as Desktop Background,” and choose the “Stretch” option to properly fill your screen. One size fits all.

Happy Friday, folks! See you on the other side… (of the weekend, of course.)

8 thoughts on “Friday Freebies

  1. Happy Friday love! As soon as I find some kumquats I absolutely know what I’ll be making. It’s been ages since I’ve made scones! Too long.

  2. Congrats to the lucky winner! Love that pretty picture…it embodies spring in all its glory!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. yay! we had a very eventful weekend, but this was certainly an exciting email to wake up to on monday morning! maybe i will start turning on the computer even on 3 day weekends! wonderful picture, and i’m sad i can’t find good kumquats here.

  4. I had my toes crossed and everything. I’m a big fan of kumquats. I love to make syrup out of them and then sit at the kitchen table and drizzle dark chocolate pieces with the concoction.

  5. That’s what I get for being away from my computer for so long- I miss the good stuff! Well, if the world was coming to an end, I’d definitely want to be “raptured” by some good vegan desserts- lol! No zombies please.

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