Toe the Line

11 thoughts on “Toe the Line

  1. Love it! Pictures like these make me remember the summers at the beach. Your recipes make me remember the comfort foods for my sunburns.

  2. I feel cold just looking at that! Only because I know that right now, any waters around here are bound to be frigid. Show me again in August and I’ll be pulling out my bathing suit.

    1. Ha, you’re absolutely right- I was freezing out there! The hardest challenge in getting this shot was just holding still as those icy waves crashed over my bare skin. Not the best idea for so early in the season…

  3. The water is SOOO clear and with the contrast of skin to the earth (ground) and water…it makes for a great shot. The picture itself gives off the impression of calm and tranquility (at least this is how I felt after first seeing it)

  4. One of my favorite parts of Spring is to walk down to the nearest mountain creek and stick my feet in. It’s so relaxing, it’s a great place to meditate or just read, and it’s so stunningly beautiful. This reminds me that I haven’t been to check the water yet. :)

  5. Gorgeous. But I second the others. Brrrrrr! I do appreciate the length you went to for a beautiful shot.

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