Share the Love…

…With someone sweet! So enamored am I with these strawberry-flavored, heart-shaped, and dark chocolate-dipped marshmallows, that I think Sweet and Sara is my Valentine this year. Hope everyone has a day full of lovely surprises, too. Happy V-Day!

24 thoughts on “Share the Love…

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day! I wish Sweet & Sara would switch to fair trade chocolate so I could order some!!!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I’d like marshmallows like those as my present next year. Could you let Mr. Done Dieting know please? J/K

  3. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, Hannah! I didn’t even know S&S made this kind of marshmallow! I love their vanilla & toasted coconut varieties, but I have yet to try the more exotic flavors (like cinnamon pecan or strawberry). YUM!

  4. I finally got to try these marshmallows when I went to this local vegan store and they are SO good!! Way better than regular marshmallows.

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