Where in the World…

After a whirlwind trip up and down the interior of Europe, far too many hours in the car, dozens if not hundreds of sights seen, a few stunning meals and a number best not recalled, it truly is good to be home.

A truly crushing computer disaster, however, has wiped my hard drive clean, and is now wreaking havoc with my work flow. Though posts may be slow at first, hopefully all will be back up and running in no time. Just another example of why everyone should always back up their files religiously. Because I made a point of doing so right before embarking on the trip, all of my photos and the manuscript for my upcoming cookbook were mercifully saved.

More photos will be added as I edit them to my Flick set, for all who are curious.

42 thoughts on “Where in the World…

  1. Omigosh, Hannah, that’s awful. Thank goodness you had the presence of mind to back everything up. Still, it’s disheartening to have the computer crash.

    Glad you are home safely. These photos are just wonderful, by the way. If I HAD to pick a favorite (under the threat of death, perhaps) it would be the fourth one. Your perspective is spot on!

  2. Oh, well done you for backing up! Gosh, I can’t even begin to think how horrific that could have been. You clever lady you!

    P.S. Cannot WAIT for Europe photos. Double squee of joy!

  3. Looks like a fun trip! What a bummer to have to deal with the hard drive. Good thing you back up those files. I’m so paranoid, I backup the backups, just in case. Looking forward to seeing and reading more about your trip. :-)

  4. I’m terrible about backing up…
    Your photos are wonderful, thank you for sharing, I’m so jealous. In dire need of a Euro-trip.
    Eco Mama

  5. Strummer and Melisser’s arm! You must’ve been in Vienna. So sorry to hear about the computer troubles!

  6. OMG, that would actually kill me, i must get onto backing up all my files right now. Welcome home by the way. xx

  7. Hey, love the pics! Looking familiar ;) glad, u enjoyed ur trip! The pc crashing is a major scary thing to happen- I’ve been there unfortunately. Good you’re genius creations were saved for the world to enjoy ;) xoxo Mel

  8. Lovely pictures Hannah;like especially the one with that cute chihuahua.
    So sorry about your computer disaster,but luckily your pics
    were saved:-)

  9. Prague? (I’m guessing… but the first pictures don’t look like Vienna, but almost like it, and Prague would make sense distance-wise)
    Vienna (the Riesenrad picture, maybe the baking one?)
    Amsterdam (canal picture), and if not that, maybe Utrecht (but I doubt it)

    Tried to look for clues, some sort of give-away, in the pictures but I can’t detect anything! Even the car plates aren’t legible — but they aren’t Austrian ones for sure because numbers would precede letters in that case…

  10. Oh! my! I went on a 7=6 week vacation to Europe too. And it does see like a whirlwind then I comeback too! It was almost panic to get everything organized again…. and I lost a few things here and there!
    I couldn’t imagine a computer crash right after a big trip!
    I hope it all turns around!
    I love your pictures!!! Brings back everything…but moving in my dorm, today… Oh If it was always summer…

  11. Oh gosh, how frustrating your computer is deleating files :(
    Your photos are truely amazing! I would love to see more and know where each one was taken :)


  12. I’m so sorry to hear about your computer troubles, Hannah! Glad you backed your stuff up beforehand. Wouldn’t want to lose any of your photos, recipes, and the like. Speaking of pictures, these are lovely. I especially love the first and 4th.

  13. Your photos from Europe are just gorgeous! I’m sorry to hear about the computer troubles. I am off to get an external hard drive as we type!

  14. I really want that shirt in the picture with the doggy!!
    Wonderful pictures, and I hope your computer gets better :)

  15. Your pictures look great! I’m going to Berlin for a few days, any great vegan places to recommend? :)

  16. you got to hang out with Strummer and Melisser? I am super jealous, that must have been a trio of awesomeness! (:

  17. Love the photos Hannah! And I’m really happy to hear you had the foresight to back up your files so didn’t lose things! Hope you’ve got things figured out with your computer by now. (Sorry I’m still catching up on blog posts.)

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