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Welcome to MochiMochi Land


For years now, Anna Hrachovec has been a constant source of knitting inspiration, churning out patterns and ideas like a veritable softie factory. In fact, she’s even made adorable plush factories! With more unique and lovable ideas than snowflakes on a winter day, it was only a matter of time before a book deal came along, and the results were nothing less than spectacular.

Lucky enough to have previewed many of the patterns that would be going into this compilation by way of test knitting, I am probably somewhat biased in my assessment, but I still wouldn’t hype up Anna’s Knitting MochiMochi anymore than I felt was appropriate. While there are only 20 full designs included, there’s much more than just plain patterns included. This short but in-depth text teaches not only advanced knitters how to recreate many of those impressive yet relatively simply constructed toys, but it also has an expansive section detailing each and every type of stitch and technique necessary. There are even clear photos to go with every step! Talk about thorough.

From quirky and cute gifts to “impractical wearables” and even a section that teaches you how to design and create your own patterns, there truly is something for every crafter here. I’ve already shared my personal favorite, what Anna has called the “confused moose,” but rest assured, I have plenty more to share in future posts (and stories!). In fact, I was happy to have my favorite model, Isis, show off another adorable piece of knitwear…

[Hello? Can you still hear me over this incredibly loud sofa?!]

The “neck nuzzler”! Yes, it’s warm, soft, and cute as a button! What more can you ask for? If you don’t believe me, you’ve got to trust Isis’ judgment- She won’t wear any frilly collars or accessories, but she was quite content with this fashionable adornment.

If you knit, or want to learn, Knitting MochiMochi is a great book to turn to. I have yet to be disappointed by a single one of Anna’s patterns yet, and I’ve made almost all of them!

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

26 thoughts on “Welcome to MochiMochi Land

  1. I’ve been looking forward to that book for ages, I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

  2. isis… nice neckwear!

  3. I love the photo! I just made the neck nuzzler for Anna and wanted to use Napoleon to model it. I know how freaked out he gets about stuff like that, so I opted to shoot it by itself. But it was tempting and now I see that great minds think alike.

  4. Ooo I have a friend who loves knitting and I think she would adore this book! Thanks for sharing the review with us!

  5. what a lovely dog portrait! isis looks so smart and sophisticated…
    and as always: thanks for sharing your awesomeness with the world :) you really inspire me!

  6. you little baby Isis is beautiful! I want to kiss her on her adorable little nose.

  7. your dog almost makes that couch look regal :)

  8. They are adorable.

    I need a stack of pile-able pups in the flat.

    And the rain cloud and the bath tub!1

  9. Love the neck nuzzler, Isis, AND the couch!
    I usually reserve knitting for those cold winter nights, but I may just whip out those knitting needles sooner than I thought! Too cute!

  10. Oh ! My God ! She’s so cute !

  11. What a lovely model! Isis is adorable and looks very proud to be modeling your creation! :)

  12. Haha! Too cute! Everyone has a doggie roommate but me…. :(

  13. Good Grief what a GORGEOUS pooch!

  14. I, in all honesty, didn’t even noticed the sofa’s brightness… I was absolutely swept away by Isis’ expressive eyes. What a beautiful animal! Is she a basenji, or am I way off?

  15. Awww, Isis! What a good girl posing like that. She’s the sweetest.

  16. ok now that is a CUTE pic!!!!

  17. A lovely stylish dog,..very camera attractive too!!

    I also love the neckwear, Hannah!

  18. Isis looks beautiful with her neck nuzzler! I can’t wait to check out Anna’s book :)

  19. Awwww! I want a neck nuzzler! And a cuddle with that adorable pup. And actually I love that couch. The louder and brighter the better, in my opinion. Bright and bold colors make me feel so cheerful. :-)

  20. Ooooh what a cute photo of Isis. She looks beautiful with the neck jewelry! :) To be honest I started reading your post, then thinking I hadn’t seen any jewelry until I realized it was around her neck. Gorgeous!

  21. Just bought the book!
    Great to see a fun, free hearted book released on my birthday. :D
    Can’t wait to click my needles together.

    A wonderful model, by the way. ^o^

  22. What a beautiful dog! (Nice knitting, too.) It’s easy to see where you get your love of color from, teehee!

  23. Such a cute photo of Isis wearing the neck nuzzler! I wonder how my cat would react if I tried to do that, probably not so well! Those factories are so insanely insanely cute I can’t even believe it.

  24. Very cute! Just stumbled across your site. Very fun….and WAY cool because you have a Basenji! :D I have 2 and they are just wonderful little dogs! Although I doubt my two would sit so nicely with a neck warmer….they would try to shred it!

  25. What a lovely picture! Isis is beautiful :)

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