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Hardly a wisp of a cloud in the sky, on the eve of the longest day of the year, you can bet good money on what I’ll be doing with those extra minutes and seconds of sunlight; Photography. Using soft, natural light, everything seems magically more beautiful through the lens, and I have yet to find artificial means that even come close to that ethereal glow. So I may be short on words today, but I have a growing bevy of images to make up for it.

Thinking towards the official arrival of summer, what could be more appropriate than a new desktop wallpaper, featuring one of my favorite seasonal treats? Like usual, just click the image to view it full size. Right click, select “Set as Desktop Background,” and choose the “Stretch” option to fit to your screen.

Happy Summer Solstice! What seasonal produce are you most looking forward to?

25 thoughts on “Weekend Wallpaper

  1. Beautiful, Hannah. I love fresh blueberries! To answer your question, though, I get really excited about different things in different seasons. Right now, I’m looking around anxiously for sour cherries because cherry pie is my absolute favorite pie. A controversial choice, I realize. : )

  2. Awww, thanks for saying “seasonal” not “summer” so that us other-hemisphere folks can play too! It’s harder to think of nice winter produce though…. Hmm, I’m definitely keen for lovely brussels sprouts, and hoep to find roasted chestnuts at the markets this weekend :)

  3. I love the idea of having blueberries as my wallpaper! What could be better that a hit of summer as soon as I turn on my computer.

    Right now I’m loving cherries. I’ve been popping em nonstop!

  4. What a beautiful picture! Here in Saudi almost every item of produce is imported, so there is no real seasonal products here. But blueberries always do make me think of summer! Enjoy the lovely light!

  5. Peaches. As spring finally ends and summer begins all I want are some sweet, juicy peaches! Unfortunately, they aren’t quite ripe yet…

  6. Thanks for the background. Looking forward to Jersey corn and tomatoes. I’ve waited all winter long for them!

  7. That is just so beautiful Hannah! I have been feasting my eyes on all sorts of lovely summer goods here in Italy already where they seem to be earlier then further north, but I love all summer goods really but fruits the most.

  8. your blog, photos and stories remain lovely as ever…..as for me, my truest summer love? home grown tomatoes of course.

  9. What a beautiful shot! I love blueberries, they definitely scream summer to me. If, you know, blueberries could talk, that is.

  10. I’ve been so captivated by the sky’s brilliant light these past few days. We’ve had bright blue sky, spectacular sunsets, and a lot of gorgeous natural light that filters into the house throughout different windows during the day (the pets especially love the morning sun!). Your beautiful photo of the blueberries truly does capture everything magical about this time of the year!

  11. Hurrah for the longest day of the year! Happy Summer Solstice to you. I live in the raspberry capital of Canada, and I can’t wait to go raspberry picking in a few weeks – it’s one of my favorite berries. I plan to make lots and lots of jam this summer!

  12. I am awaiting for the Holy Trinity of summer sweets: strawberries, rhubarb, peaches. And then it’s cobbler-time!

  13. Blueberries are always a treat, but for me, it’s raspberries that I look forward to most. I especially like black raspberries, straight from the farm. So sweet, so delicate.

  14. Hi. I just found your blog because I recently became a vegan and recently created a blog of my own.
    As I was browsing through your old posts, I came across this picture and thought “Oh! That would look lovely as my background picture!” because blueberries are my favorite fruit of all time. And lo and behold, you made that suggestion in the post.
    Thanks for the beautiful photography!


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