Love is Like Chocolate…

… You can never get too much of either! Especially true if the chocolate happens to be raw and peppered with exotic superfood ingredients, as is the case with the offerings from Love Street Living Foods. In case you’re not up to the task of forging your own bars of cacao goodness, fear not- This small but growing online specialty store has got you covered.

Despite their diminutive size and unassuming appearance, these are truly one of a kind, artisanal offerings in plain clothing. Made with quality ingredients in small batches by people who truly care about their products, they have a leg up on the competition before you even open the wrappers.

However, what really counts is the taste, and they pack that in without batting an eyelash. Even the “plain” Chocolate bar can hardly be called that, formulated with maple sugar and cocoa butter, you would never guess from the flavor that this was am entirely raw confection. With a firm snap between the teeth and smooth, creamy melt over the tongue, it’s every bit as good, if not better than “cooked” chocolate.

Goji berries may not be my first pick for a dessert mix-in, but they work surprisingly well in the Chocolate with Goji Berries, effectively cutting the sweetness with their naturally tart, faintly fruity flavor. Though somewhat sparse in the already small bar, the berries were evenly distributed so that I got at least one in every bite.

Featuring the new sweetener on the block, coconut sugar, the Coconut Crystal Chocolate Bar is simple and straightforward like the “plain” variety, but with the added textural interest of coarse sugar sprinkled throughout. Never fear, coconut haters- There’s not coconut flavor to speak of, as it’s only the sugar derived from the fruit that’s included.

For a more candy-like experience, you simply can’t miss the Superfood Fudge, one of my favorite choices by far. So named for the maca, lucuma, and cayenne included, the softer bite of this confection gives way to an almost fluffy texture, if you can ever describe pure chocolate as being so light. Not at all dense like traditional fudge, it’s hard to resist eating the whole piece in one sitting. But hey, with all these healthy ingredients and smaller portions, it’s not such a terrible thing to do, right?

Additionally, if you like to take your cacao in a more spreadable form, you can’t miss the Chocolate Spread and Chocolate Coconut Spread. Imagine Nutella without any fillers, distracting flavors, or unsavory ingredients, and you might get a decent idea of what these sumptuous schmears are like. Smooth and soft, right out of the fridge, the rich, full-bodied flavor of chocolate comes through on no matter what your choose as a cacao conveyance system. I couldn’t help but top my decidedly cooked cinnamon crumpets with these in the above photos, but I can also imagine swirling these spreads into oatmeal, dropping a dollop into “milk” shakes, or drizzling a spoonful over a scoop of ice cream. Not too sweet for a breakfast offering and still luscious enough to call a dessert, this is one versatile little luxury.

If that all sounds too good to be true, hang on to your hats, because it only gets better. From now until June 19, if you enter the code “BITTERSWEET” upon checkout, any order from Love Street Living Foods will be 15% off, AND you’ll get three free samples of your choice. Just don’t forget to enter your desired samples into the comments box (You’ll find your options listed below that box.)

Though ordering chocolate in the heat of summer can be dicey, these are some unique treats that are worth the risk.

20 thoughts on “Love is Like Chocolate…

  1. I adore the Love Street chocolate spread – bought some at Rainbow Grocery Co-op in SF but haven’t seen it there since. Dangerous stuff!

  2. WOW. Love Street’s confections look fabulous. You are so brave to do this research for us. ;) Great photos, I love that the texture of the chocolate bar is displayed. Ohh, and the sheen of the spread. I have to stop staring now.

  3. On a three month trip through Europe when I was 19, I managed to consume 22 jars of nutella. I came home chubby, and slightly nauseous- but really- the only thing better than chocolate, is chocolate with hazelnuts. Love is great.. but chocolate and hazelnuts? That’s like a soul mate.

  4. Stephnchows: Love Street has a Chocolate Coconut Spread and a Coconut Crystal Chocolate Bar and you can sample the spread

  5. Stephnchows: Never mind, I see that you’re talking about the chocolate bar. Their spread does have big coconut flavor, though. :-)

  6. There’s a raw chocolate company here in Australia that makes similar interesting-flavoured chocoaltes (goji berry, lucuma and maca, activated almonds and purle corn powder), and while I’m a bit ambivalent about the chocolate itself, their raw coconut chocolate spread is to DIE FOR.

    So I completely wish I could partake in this discount of yours, but alas! I doubt they ship internationally :(

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