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Strawberry Fields Forever


Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

27 thoughts on “Strawberry Fields Forever

  1. Looks great! I picked up my first CSA share of the season last week, and found myself completely, blissfully overloaded with strawberries and rhubarb. ‘Tis the season!

  2. Ah, strawberry picking, it’s magic!
    When I lived in the countryside, I often pick my fruits, it was great.

    Very nice pictures and very cuuute strawberry ♥

  3. Nice! I love strawberry picking!

  4. Woke up early, and saw your post title on my reader- now I have that song stuck in my head- haha!

    Oh, well… it’s a nice song, and now I’m craving strawberries. :)

  5. Wowie I wish I could find somewhere to go strawberry picking around here! They look so luscious.

  6. So Yummie. In Holland we also have delicious strawberry’s

  7. MMmmmmm. They look so juicy and yummy!
    Eco Mama

  8. I liked your title & thaught immediately of the Beatles!

    I so love strawberries too, in every way!

  9. what a great day to pick strawberries!! thanks so much for sharing those beautiful images!!

  10. ooh, where did you go strawberry picking? looks so inviting!

  11. I love strawberries. I had a summer holiday job throughout school & university picking strawberries, it was remarkably good money at the time.

  12. Beautiful images! We just got our first local strawberries in today and I can’t be happier about them.

  13. These are stunning images. I am hoping to strawberry pick soon too!

  14. Beautiful! Stunning photographs. And that ice cream looks heavenly.

    Ooohh, ice cream……

  15. Ooooo yum! I have some green strawberries on my plant at the moment, cant wait for them to ripen!


  16. Beautiful! The vibrant color of strawberries can’t be replicated– it is magical in context with the green stems and golden seeds. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Such vibrant colors! Great pic’s!

  18. Beautiful pictures! I can’t wait to go strawberry picking Am planning to go next weekend, and I’m so excited now!

  19. What a pure post without text as you took us from a strawberry and blossom to the dessert with strawberry and ice cream. No words were needed to tell this story.


  20. love it! our place just opened this weekend too, I didn’t get a chance to go yet though :)

  21. Simply gorgeous! If I went strawberry picking, I doubt many of the berries would make it into my basket :P

  22. beautiful pics…stunning


  23. Just wanted to say, “Hey, how did the time-warp version of my kids get into the second photo?” :D

    The deep red berries look delicious, and what a beautiful day to spend outdoors. Thanks for this little journey!

  24. MMMMMM.
    i <3 strawberries. that looks absolutely divine. do want.

  25. Wow, you took some really great pictures. I can only imagine how much fun it’d be to pick fresh strawberries!

  26. beautiful pictures,nice strawberries!

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