Stop and Smell the Flowers

Midterms are absolutely sucking up all my time, spare or otherwise. Inevitably, that means less cooking, less crafting, and thus less blogging. Just a few more days, a couple more essays and assignments to get through, before I’ll be granted a merciful Spring Break. For now, it’s all I can do to take a few minutes and enjoy the latest hints of the new season, a much-needed reminder that there is more to life than work. Perhaps everyone else could benefit from the same.

Click for full size and use as a wallpaper, if you so desire!

35 thoughts on “Stop and Smell the Flowers

  1. What a beautiful picture! Our front garden is just full of hundreds of crocus blooms, and today – some daffodils. Welcome spring.

    good luck with your exams!

  2. oooh what kind of flowers are those!? I want to plant them. (watch it be something obvious. i really can’t tell from the side!) :)

  3. Excelente fotografia, Particularmente no soy de poner Wallpapers en mi
    PC por mi trabajo y necesito libre la pantalla. Pero se apreciar el trabajo de muchas personas que crean o comparten imagenes para este fin.
    Las flores,los animales etc es un buen recurso. Pero siempre recomiendo
    algo de creatividad para eso existen muchos programas. Ojala este comentario no les resulte penoso.Me gusto mucho la fotografia pero soy de laa personas que si hacen un comentario lo hacen de verdad.

  4. We have these growing outside of our condo. Melody and I were admiring them on way to the playground this afternoon. She was quite excited about the flowers.

  5. What a beautiful photo! I snapped a similar shot (lesser in quality, though!) at the Pere Lachaise cemetary in Paris the other day, because I was so terribly excite by the hint of Spring! Good luck with the mid-terms – at least you know it’ll be over soon!

  6. Oh wonderful! I love the photo! I’ve been seeing these flowers everywhere on campus. I’ve never seen them at my house before (which is just two hours away!).
    Thank you for the background! ^O^

    I understand your stress. I just had springbreak and the week before is very stressful! Good LUCK! and stop to smell the roses everyday!


  7. Ah lovely!! If only the temperatures would go up high enough for us to have some flowers spring up…:) Good luck with your midterms!

  8. Oh, by the way-
    I made your Chocolate Chickpea Spread this morning (replaced the sugar with agave and omitted the water and coffee powder, and almonds in place of peanut butter- because we’re all out) AND IT WAS AMAZING. My mom and sister thought so, too. I had it for breakfast spread on a rice tortilla and with apple slices- absolutely incredible!

    Thanks SO MUCH for all the delish recipes! I’ve loved all the ones I’ve tried!

  9. Good luck chica! This photo has definitely raised my spirits. The weather may be getting warmer in NY but there are no flowers anywhere to be found!

  10. Thank you for the lovely picture to use as a desktop. It’s just beautiful and now I have spring happened inside and outside!

  11. Thanks! My *favorite* flower is when crocuses pop up in people’s yards – you can be sort-of expecting them and yet, still a surprise.

  12. The picture is wonderful :) Where I live, we still have snow and winter in it’s fullest, I can’t wait for flowers… Good luck with your studies :)

  13. Pretty flower. I love that it says Spring.

    Good luck with all of your end of school tests, papers, etc. I know it can be a very stressful and hectic time.

  14. Thanks for stopping by our blog. You were our very first commenter {{hugs}}. I used to blog as Vivacious Vegan and took a long break but I’m back now. It feels good to be back into the blog-o-sphere! I’ve always loved your blog Hannah. You are a great source of inspiration.

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