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Though I usually like to keep my reviews focused on specific edibles, books, and food companies themselves, the opportunity to go on a little shopping spree and give my 2 cents on, an online superstore, was just too tempting to pass up. Plus, it got both Celine’s and Ricki’s blessings, and I absolutely trust their judgment as conscious consumers, in every sense of the term.

Anyway, the thing about iHerb is that it’s pretty much like, but with only supplements, snacks, ingredients, and all those consumables in between. Complete with helpful customer reviews and often better prices than can be found elsewhere, even I was impressed at the selection of specialty items available, in addition to simple pantry staples like whole wheat flour, nutritional yeast, and just about every simple commodity I could think of. Excited to have the chance to give all those rare ingredients a spin, I snatched just about every strange powder I had heard of but never been able to find locally. Into my cart went pomegranate, lucuma, maca, and mesquite powder, in addition to a bag of sorghum flour that was so reasonable priced, I just couldn’t refuse.

Arriving quickly and in great shape, I’m happy to report that my shopping experience was 100% positive!

Finally, those fabled mesquite chocolate chip cookies were no longer beyond my reach! By just swapping out the butter for margarine and eggs for flax “eggs”, I had the most unusual but addictive version of a CCC I had tasted yet. It’s hard to describe the flavor, but think whole wheat with a nutty twist, plus dark, roasted notes, and perhaps a very faint hint of anise. Really, it’s one of those things that you have to taste to believe.

Next up, a new creation that begged to be brought to life: What I lovingly call Maca Maca Bars. Maca powder and macadamia nuts combine in one buttery, sweet, and decadent cookie. Though I would never post anything I thought was so-so, these were beyond delicious. I must admit, I actually hid the whole batch from my family so that I alone could eat them! If you can manage to share, I commend your will power.

That recipe will be coming up soon, and I’m sure the remaining purchases will turn up sooner or later in my baking experiments, but for now, I’m willing to bet that you’re already wondering “Okay, that’s all great, but what’s in it for me?” Well, how about a $50 shopping spree of your own? That’s right, iHerb has generously offered one reader just that, and if you comment any time between now and February 28, midnight EST, you can be entered into the running. Just tell me what you would buy if you won!

If you just can’t wait, or if you don’t win after the contest has closed, don’t fret- I have something for you too. Just enter the discount code “NAH833” at checkout to receive $5 off your first order at iHerb.

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

140 thoughts on “iHerb, youHerb…

  1. I would love to win the iherb giveway! It sounds great! And wow those Maca Maca bars sound amazing!

  2. yes, please! i am running low on all of my staples.

  3. Oh waouw !
    I can not wait to discover the recipe ;)
    Nice pictures fo course ! Ymmy Yummy

  4. I’m waiting for the recipe of the Maca Maca bars! And I’d love to win the iHerb giveway (and I hope they can deliver to me!)

  5. Oh, how exciting! I love this kind of contest, and to be honest, have never shopped there before. What a great find, thanks! Since I own my own vegan bakery, specializing in numerous dietary sensitivities this place is like a candyland for me. I would stock up on all kinds of flours, sweeteners etc.

  6. Wow, what an awesome array of goodies! I’d probably buy chia seeds and definitely stock up on the same sort of rare baking ingredients that are so hard to find locally.

  7. I think I’d get the Maca, because I’ve had it in raw chocolate but haven’t been able to decipher its flavour – so I’d love the chance to use it and finally work out what it’s contributing to the experience!

  8. I would love to buy Maca powder and Cacao nibs!

  9. Lots of red leaf tea and vegan vitamins.

  10. i’ve been meaning to check out iherb! i’m glad it’s got your blessing. and those maca maca bars sound amazing. yum.

  11. Enter me please! I would probably first buy some vegan hair and skin products as I have a hard time finding much that are both actually affordable and accessible. Then I’d probably buy all of the random flours that I can’t find in my local grocery stores and go on a baking spree!

  12. Beautiful bars!! I’d stock up on a lot at iHerb, like bob’s redmill hot cereals & oatmeals, vanilla rice protein powder, and tons of beans :)

  13. Gosh that site has everything- I probably can’t order from them being in England but if I could I’d get: Vital wheat gluten to make seitan and chickpea cutlets as you can’t find it over here, maybe some fun bars (laras etc), oh and Amazing Grass!

  14. Oh, wow – the list is quite long, but starts with chia seeds and goes on to protein powders and beyond.

  15. There’s too many things to choose from. I would definitely buy some maca powder, hemp protein powder and cacao nibs. I’d also like to get some different gluten free flours to try out.

  16. Lovely photographs! I would definitely buy things I cannot usually afford; such as whole vanilla beans for one!!

  17. I’d probably get chia seeds from iherb! Thanks!

  18. I’ve been looking for mesquite flour for a long time… count me in!

  19. how did you know, maca powder and mesquite flour are at the top of my to-try list!!!

  20. i would get lots of goodies for my vegan hubby!!

  21. Ooh, very cool giveaway! I have to agree – the maca maca bars look awesome.

  22. I can’t wait for you to share your maca bar recipe, they sound awesome! I would buy maca, chia seeds, protein powder, and coconut oil. :)

  23. i’d definitely try out chia seeds, maca, and flax so that i can actually replace eggs in recipes instead of pretending oil will do the trick!

  24. Pomengranate powder would be delicious in homemade ice cream! I would love to try it!

  25. I want to make the Maca Maca Bars so badly!

  26. Holy moly! I wanna try that maca maca bar!

  27. Your macabars look lovely! I tried to order from iHerb some time ago(as I cannot find lucuma here)but unfortunately they don’t ship to Israel:-(

  28. I’m interested in trying a lot of the same stuff as you! I’d buy maca, lucuma, chia, and perhaps some raw cacao powder and/or cocoa butter.

  29. Coconut oil and Garden of Life live bars! Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Your maca maca bars look absolutely delicious and everything on the site looks like it’d be so fun to play with! The mesquite powder, cocoa butter (yay homemade white chocolate!) and coconut flour all look too good to pass up!

  31. sounds like something I could use!

    the mesquite ccc’s sound amazing.

  32. Must make those maca bars!! yum! i would get maca powder and…lucuma powder! i’ve heard lucuma described as having a taste similar to caramel…i’m thinking it would be awesome in blondies or ice cream!

  33. I would order some Chia seeds since I have been wanting to try them for a while now. Then I would get some more baking supplies such as sweetners, flours, and flavorings. There are many things that would be interesting to try, look your cookies and bars. :-)

  34. Amazing giveaway!! I have been wanting to order from iHerb since I first heard of it via Ricki. I would definitely stock up on stevia powder, maybe grab some coconut oil because it’s so expensive where I live, and perhaps try some chia…to be honest I could probably spend ages on that site and end up with more than 50$ worth quite easily!

  35. I would most definitely get the maca powder

  36. I would get some chia seeds. I have been wanting to try some for a while now!

  37. chia seeds!

  38. Very very very cool. The mesquite flour sounds interesting, and I’ve got a friend who is nuts for mesquite.

  39. Oo I want to win! I would buy Acai and various gluten free flours and some protein bars…

  40. I would purchase two things that I don’t seem to be able to get anywhere in my community-raw cacao and chia seeds. The nearest big health foods store is two hours away and while there last weekend, I was only able to find raw cacao with maca powder added. They also sell Diva cups and I would like to try the Diva Wash instead of soap and water.

    Thanks for a great site and giveaway!

  41. I’d definitely buy mesquite powder (I’ve been eyeing it for Ani Phyo’s recipes), maca, and lucuma, and maybe some yacon syrup, too!

  42. Those mesquite chocolate chip cookies look AMAZING. Chia seeds seem interesting to try, so I’d get them.

  43. The shorter list is what wouldn’t I buy
    I need wheat gluten and NOOCH and dying to try amazing grass

  44. First and foremost, the food looks awesome. But I would expect nothing less. Second, what an AMAZING giveaway! I actually really need some mesquite powder for this recipe that I want to make. So that is probably what I would buy first. Unless, of course, I purchase it with that $5 discount…then who knows what I’ll buy.

  45. Wowee, those macadamia bars look delicious! I’m off to check out that iherb thingy….

  46. Wow, what a generous giveaway! I’d love to try mesquite flour. It’s gluten-free! Your maca-maca bars look incredible. I have macadamia nuts in my cupboard now, and I’m going to stop snacking on them and save them for your recipe!

  47. I would definitely stock up on BabyCakes baking essentials and attempt their and your coconut oil frosting!

  48. I’d buy every strange powder and kitchen ingredient i can’t find locally, just like you

  49. If I won I would buy supplements that are essential to me anyway (Q10, inosine, ashwagandha, lipoic acid) but perhaps I’d also splurge on some herbal teas. We get a pretty nice selection of “superfoods” here in Finland. Lucuma seems difficult to find, though, so maybe I’d get some of that for raw “cookery”.

    I find it interesting that your maca bars were so successful. I don’t think maca tastes anything that great. Though I also think that goji berries taste like, well, ass.

  50. Please let me win!

  51. Wow what a great site! Thanks for the tip, I’ve been looking for a place that sells natural makeup products since my allergies prevent me from wearing most regular brands.

    Thanks for the tip!

  52. oh my gosh, some cocoa butter sounds AMAZING! I think that’s what I’d get for sure, although there’s so much stuff!

  53. What a great site, and their prices look very reasonable too! If I won I would definitely replenish my dwindling stock of Nutritional Yeast. I’d also love to try Chia Seeds and Maca, I’ve been reading so much about them in a lot of blogs!

  54. as always now I’m left here hungry from reading your blog :)

  55. oh man, considering how amazing everything you make looks, i can’t wait to try something that YOU think is superlatively good. and i’ve never even heard of maca powder. you’re awesome for doing a giveaway.

  56. I would definitely want to try the mesquite powder, and I would also love to stock up on my much beloved, but very expensive, GF flours!

  57. I would buy brown rice syrup. Lots and lots of brown rice syrup. Then I would see what kind of gluten-free sweets they sell, and also grab whatever else I didn’t recognize. Just like you did!


  58. I’m totally drooling over that flour selection! Just what I need to fuel my baking addiction…

  59. Yum! Mesquite choco. chip cookies, very nice!
    I have yet to try Maca, I best be ordering some.

  60. Coconut oil, chia seeds, and Bach’s rescue pastilles (for my husband–he’s addicted!).

    Baking goodies for me, stress relief for my husband. Though I don’t know why my baked goods don’t do the trick…

  61. Wow, thanks for the opportunity! I’ve gotten free samples from them before but am always too stingy to justify spending money on these superfoods. Though sometimes when I want to support a great company, I’ll give in because I get to help them out and help myself :)
    I’d definitely give those powders a try, in fact I’ll have to if you post those recipes!
    I’ve also been looking into homeopathic treatments for hormone and thyroid problems so I’d get some of the support pills they have and give them a shot.
    I would love to try Vega whole food energizers.
    And lastly, I think I’d get some of those pantry “staples” everyone swears by in the blog world but I’ve never actually tried. I might be picking up some expensive habits :X

  62. I’ve heard mesquite flour makes ccc better, and now I know where to get some. Thanks! I’ll have to buy it even if I don’t win!

  63. I’d buy some agar agar powder if I got the gift card. I really want to try some of the uncheeses from The Uncheese Cookbook, but there’s no agar agar powder available in my area.

  64. iHerb sounds great!!! i finally stocked up on my guar/xanthan gums and coconut oil… but i have been dying to get my hands on maca powder, mesquite, cacao nibs, and brown rice syrup!!

  65. Hmm, my ‘must try’ list is way too long to pick a single item, but like you, I’d start with things I can’t find locally – maca powder, lucuma, etc. -Eve

  66. Mesquite flour, oh my! I would love to be able to try some, and also just to stock up on some essentials that are dwindling.

  67. Maca powder because I’m super-low right now!

  68. Oh my goodness, sign me up! Why have I not heard of this website before now?! I’d definitely get some agar agar powder…and those Maca Maca cookies look so delicious I’d have to pick up some ingredients for that, too!

  69. Okay, anything involving macadamias has got me in <3

    (oh wow iherb have really greatinternational shipping!)

    I can't decide… maybe some awesome ingredient that Aussie shops don't sell

  70. what wouldn’t i buy?! coconut oil… all other sorts of delicious goodness. please enter me!

  71. THere are so many great products it’s hard to decide! Maybe some Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother in it, Bee Yummy face mask, and Bob’s Red Mill products, Navita’s Naturals products, or mesquite powder :)

  72. those bars look amazing!!!:)

  73. With 6 vegans under one roof, we go through alot of nutritional yeast. I’d want to do a stock up.

  74. I would definitely buy coconut butter! I’ve been dying to try it but hate the price of it. And those bars look fantastic- I love love love macadamia nuts.

  75. First, the Maca Maca Bars look amazing and I can’t wait for the recipe. As for the contest, I would buy probiotics (for my Crohn’s) and whatever I need for the Maca Maca. There are a ton of categories for me to search through and I’ve bookmarked it because I’m sure there are tons of stuff I can get from them and their prices look really good too. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  76. solely maca maca bars

  77. Dried blueberries, for sure!

  78. coconut butter and coconut oil;)

  79. I’d definitely get lucuma and agar agar! These are really hard to find and I love to be able to make more raw goodies.

  80. Where has this site been all my life? There are so many things I’d love to grab first! Chia seeds are way up there, followed by… most of the tea category.

  81. Thanks for sharing. I would definitely go for the maca and mesquite powders, and look for some flours that aren’t available where I live.

  82. What a fantastic giveaway! Man, it’d take me forever to choose, but I’d definitely include maca powder – those cookies sound so intriguing, and I’m usually a gotta-have-chocolate-in-my-cookies kind of girl!

  83. I would love to buy some coconut oil?

  84. Nominated you for the Sunshine Award.
    Eco Mama

  85. I’ve never heard of that site before, but wow is it cool! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Also… those bars look divine.

  86. Wow, love the look of those macadamia bars! I can’t wait for the recipe.

  87. i would probably go for some jay robb protein powder bc i’ve been wanting to try that

  88. Ch-ch-ch-chia seeds, most definitely!

  89. So many things to choose from! I’m intrigued by the SuperBerry and SuperFruit Blend ….

  90. I would love to try those ingredients you mentioned to make those incredible looking cookies! … and hide them from my family ;)

  91. Just read your new post ! I made wonderful cookies a few days ago with flax seeds and I definitely recommand it ! You’d love it ! About superfood items, they already belong to my everyday cooking. Therefore, it is still enjoyable to get half price those items, which are most of time out of price ! If I had to choose, I would definitely order some xanthan gum.

  92. Taste-to-believe cookies are the greatest. It saves on trying to be modest but make em’ tempting when offering them to peers. I’d definitely go for some Acai berry powder. Put some magic fruit (other than beans) in my day :)

  93. Ooh, I’d have to get some mesquite powder too! Also, cocoa butter to make white chocolate!

  94. Awesome giveaway! I would for sure get some Amazing Meal from Amazing Grass because it is addicting and I am almost out, and I think I would throw in some probiotics as well!

  95. I would get some almond flour, MSM with glucosamine, vitamin D, vitex, walnut oil and stock up on stevia

    I might even try some metagenics products. :)

  96. Yummy. Those maca bars look so good. I am interested in the mesquite chocolate chips cookies too. They look awesome.

  97. I can’t wait to see the recipe for the Maca Maca Bars. I just love macademia nuts in everything!!!!

  98. Hola: Muy saludables las galletas que siempre se hacen en casa de forma
    tradicional Me encanto la receta voy a preparararlas de la manera como indican. Muchas gracias

  99. Your CCCs reminded me I’ve been wanting to try mesquite flour, so I would definitely use some of the shopping spree for that! :)

  100. I’d buy some chia seeds so I can see what all the hype is about!

  101. mesquite flour. I have had that cookie recipe bookmarked forever.

  102. I would certainly buy the maca and then I would load up on natural sweeteners for my baking supplies. I love trying new ones!

  103. ooooh, thanks for the link to the mesquite cookies. I have some mesquite powder and I LOVE the flavor. I will definitely try those cookies!

    I don’t even know about maca powder… I’ll have to go look it up. what fun!

  104. The maca powder to make those amazing looking bars. My daughter and I love macadamia nuts!

  105. mesquite flour so i can try those cookies too. and when you post the recipe for the other maca maca bars the ingredients for those all since they also look delious.

  106. I just love your blog and your delicious posts! I also love iHerb because of low prices and great products. They also make deliveries quickly and reliably. I would love to win and get seeds and superfoods. Just today went looking for chia seeds in our local store but they did not have them ((

  107. What an awesoem giveaway! I would try chia sees and maca powder.. also the coconut oil. Thanks!!

  108. I’m thrilled to discover iHerb–I’ll definitely be shopping there. If I win the contest, I’ll buy chia seeds (been meaning to try them for a long time), mesquite powder to try those cookies, and turmeric supplement for my elderly Great Dane (helps keeps the cysts away).

  109. I checked out iHerb and loved the selection. Some products that caught my eye:

    I love Bob’s Red Mill products. Its great to see such a selection.
    I didn’t see Agave Syrup. But I’d like to try Brown Rice syrup.
    Hemp protein powder
    Hemp seed oil
    Chai tea
    Black Cherry Juice concentrate

    I hope I win!

  110. Fantastic giveaway! My list of “too expensive to try all at once, but I would if I had $50 for free to spend”: raw cocao nibs, chia seeds, and vanilla stevia drops. I’m also running low on several flours including ww pastry flour, chickpea flour, vital wheat gluten, and spelt flour. Oh, what a great giveaway, I’m not sure how I’d narrow down all the things I’d want to buy for $50. Thanks for hosting this!

  111. I’ve really wanted to experiment with maca powder, and I’d certainly stock up on chia seeds and buy some gluten-free flours to play with!

  112. mesquite flour sounds so exotic! and i’m so in need of a cookie about now.

  113. i would buy some of that mesquite flour, mesquite choco-chips, coffee bean extract and some variety of mushrooms.

  114. I would love to win so that I could not only get some staples, like almonds and pecans, but also add some treats like cacao nibs and try out some new things as well!

  115. I would also love to buy Maca powder and Cacao nibs!! Love this site, thanks for turning me on to it.

  116. I’d probably buy some nuts and some tea – it would be fun to try new kinds.

  117. Thanks for hosting such a nice giveaway! I would order me up some cocoa butter for white chocolate-making, soy milk powder (can’t find it anywhere around here), and various flours.

  118. Hi! I’d buy all of the spices to make a huge batch of berbere for Ethiopian cooking. I’d also treat myself to some umeboshi plums to try in some macrobiotic recipes. It would be a fun way to start my new blog. Thanks, Hannah and iHerb!

  119. Wow that sounds like such a great site! And the maca maca bars are so clever and delicious looking, I’d be tempted to keep them to myself too hahaha!

  120. Thanks for a great blog and the link to iherb! The maca powder looks great, I’m going to try your maca maca bars!

  121. valerian root extract as I’m having a massive insomnia attack and I need help!

  122. Oh, I’d love to buy some mesquite to make those fabulous cookies . . . and some spirulina would be nice. Thanks.

  123. flax and walnut oil

  124. Chia seeds! Supplements! I need some Vitamin E and Primrose oil. And something fun if I had leftover $$ :-)

  125. I would buy cocoa butter, coconut oil and rosewater, as well as some new exotic things. Great resource for us out in “the boonies!”

  126. Wow – I’ve never heard of this website thanks for the heads up. Since moving to Australia I haven’t been able to find vegetarian multivitamins so its exciting to find a website that sells them at a reasonable price.

  127. What a neat Web site – I have such a hard time tracking down some of the ingredients from you and other cookbooks. I sure hope I win! And your baked goods look beautiful as always.

  128. Why yes! I would love to herb! Pick me! pick me!

  129. A veritable plethora o’ vegan delights this iHerb appears to be! I too am awaiting a recipe for the Maca Maca Bars. They look divine!

  130. That’s awesome! I haven’t been able to find mesquite flour

  131. OMG! Finally a site that will ship to Europe – and very reasonably priced, too. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this. I’d order lots of stuff we don’t have in the Netherlands: Stevia, oat bran and yummi bars like Larabar.

  132. iHerb, what a great site! Thanks for sharing. Sometimes it’s rather difficult for me to get my hands on certain things…like mesquite powder! Wowza, those cookies look delicious :)

  133. Thanks for sharing iherb, it looks like an awesome site. I would buy some hemp protein powder, hemp and chia seeds, and vegan vitamins. Also about 50 other things.

  134. I would buy some of those hemp seeds!

  135. I’d buy some raw protein powder or mesquite :)

  136. Aw darn I missed the concert!! Sounds like a dangerous place for me to go shopping. It’s always exciting to find all the things you’ve heard of but never seen before, like the mesquite powder/flour!

  137. Xanthan gum is great, you can even bake some cake out of it. It is a great for some of use who have gluten allergy. :’,:*

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