Sunday Sweetness

After a quiet but fairly grueling week of bouncing between jobs and schoolwork, just about the last thing I want to do is start a whole new project, be it cooking, baking, or crafting. Despite the seemingly endless energy that I pour into these things, right now, I am tired. All of the above will resume, perhaps even before the end of the day, but right now I’m just thinking in indulging a in little Sunday Sweetness, and taking the day off.

Baked mostly for looks, but thoroughly enjoyed nonetheless, this tantalizing chocolate and vanilla number was my creative representation of bit depth and pixels for my Photoshop for Photographers class. My favorite sort of homework comes with a tasty reward at the end of a photo shoot, so I could hardly resist the concept! Though I still have yet to discover my grade, those simple little cakes are already long gone.

But I wouldn’t leave you hanging, no way! I want to share this sweetness with you too. So, here’s a little bonus for being patient while I work on writing a real post: A free wallpaper!

Click for the full size photo, right click, say “set as wallpaper”, and then instruct your computer to “stretch” the image so that it properly fits your screen. It’s big enough that it should be able to accommodate everyone, so be nice and share, kids!