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(Bonus points if you got that reference!)

Tofu, the much beloved block of soy that often plays a critical role in many vegan and vegetarian households, has always been an ingredient that’s high on my list of main dish and dessert fundamentals.  That’s why I was bowled over when the folks over at Nasoya asked me to write a few tofu-centric recipes to share with them, and post over on their shiny new website.  After scraping together enough words to approximate a response of something like “Heck yes!”, I set to work, sticking to the more savory side of the street this time around.  Emerging with four easy, appealing, and above all else, beany options, I’m thrilled to finally unveil them, alongside the very flattering feature that Nasoya has just released on yours truly.

Hop on over there right now and get the recipe for this Mediterranean Tofu Pizza, pictured above! If that one doesn’t quite get your mouth watering, check back in on the Nasoya website next month, as they’re planning to highlight different recipes as time goes on.

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

39 thoughts on “ILVTOFU

  1. I hope that’s your license plate! Congrats, what an exciting feature!

  2. How wonderful!! Congrats, Hannah, so well deserved. :D Can’t wait to see what you cooked up for them!

  3. I love it! Your pizza looks great.

    I have a water bottle that is the same as your title :D It makes me laugh.

  4. Had to come back to say that marinade is pure genius! :)

  5. did you see where the mom in Denver tried to get that as a license plate and was denied because it could be misinterpreted as “i love to f- you” ?

  6. Congratulations- you totally deserve it! This pizza makes me drool on my keyboard :)

  7. I totally get the reference, lol. I thought it was hilarious!!

    Congrats on your success…you really deserve the praise! That pizza looks awesome.

  8. Congrats on the feature, and this is a fantastic recipe!

    Also, the ILVTOFU new story is a riot!

  9. Oh waouw ! Very appetasing !

  10. Ooh, the rejected license plate!

    That pizza looks fantastic. I absolutely love tofu and think that’s a great use for it. Yum!

  11. What does it say about me that I never would have gotten the dirty second meaning of that license plate without having it pointed out to me? :p

  12. love the title!
    that’s awesome that you’re featured on the website. go hannah!

  13. Wow…looks great. Went to the website and can’t seem to get the recipe. Am I doing something wrong? I clicked on the pizza recipe, and in the address bar it says it’s at the med. pizza recipe page, but there’s no recipe….it’s the same as the general link you posted. Hmmm….maybe I didn’t click on the correct button.

  14. I really really LV TOFU! I’m heading right over to find the recipes!

  15. I love tofu as well! Great looking pizza:-)

  16. Yum! This looks SO good…and not just because it’s almost dinner time. Going to check out the recipe right now =)

  17. I love Nasoya! It’s my absolute favorite brand of tofu.

    And ILVTOFU as well. I actually crave it. Which is strange. Because it doesn’t really have a flavor (okay, I think it DOES have a flavor but the majority of people on this earth beg to differ).

    That pizza looks awesome! I am definitely going to have to check out their website.

  18. that’s really cool! congratulations!

  19. Tofu is a favorite here as well. That looks just like a delicious slice of pizza.

  20. That’s awesome! I have some pizza dough (as featured by Michele) doing the overnight thing…(in two Parts) I am excited to try this tofu topping with the Peter Reinhart Whole Wheat Pizza Crust, tomorrow night. Peace, Stephanie

  21. Wow that pizza looks fantastic! I love Mediterranean flavors, this looks so tempting! lol

  22. haha yeah i heard about the DMV rejecting that plate, so funny! holy cow that pizza looks AMAZING! i’m the worst pizza eater though, the toppings always end up in my lap so i’d probably have at it with a fork and knife like a total square :)

  23. Congratulations, Hannah! That spotlight is very exciting! And what a beautiful pizza too – I can’t wait to try making it!

  24. That’s really awesome! Congratulations on the feature, Hannah!
    The tofu pizza looks so amazing, thank you for the link to the recipe. Can’t wait to see what is next!!!

  25. Way to go Hannah, that is amazing news!!

  26. Now THAT is a dreamy-looking pizza!

    And I got the reference ;) In Quebec, we’re not allowed to have customized license plates, but I think I’ll have to get my hands on a sticker with ILVTOFU on it to put next to my Italian flag (haha).

    Always a pleasure to read your blog, and well done on this recipe. :)

  27. Congrats! That’s so exciting! The pizza looks amazing, too, I was just saying yesterday that we needed to make a pizza…

  28. That looks pretty good for being vegan. I personally could never be a vegan, but that looks very delicious.

  29. Wow. Your tofu pizza looks so appetizing. Yum!

  30. That looks absolutely mouth watering! I never thought of adding tofu to pizza

  31. Congrats on the feature! I absolutely adore tofu. That pizza looks rather good!

  32. Hahaha soooo I have this horrid memory from childhood: my mom was given a block of tofu and she wanted to sneak it into some food to trick me into eating it. So she put it on top of pizza and told me it was feta cheese. I never believed her and I was totally traumatized by the experience. Of course now I’d eat that entire pizza in a heartbeat–it looks delicious! I can’t wait to see what you cooked up for Nasoya

  33. That looks mouth watering! I think it’s so amazing that you get to do this. You inspire me!

  34. I love your pic ! Your tofu pizza is just gorgeous and I wish I could have one piece of it right now ! :D

  35. Ooo yum I love how this pizza is piled high with stuff! I’ve never had tofu on a pizza before.

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