November, the Heart of Fall

Here we are, in the thick of it: Fall at it’s climax, nary a green leaf remains, and the trees growing barer by the day. With Halloween behind us, there’s nothing in the way of the Holiday seasons, and it’s full speed ahead in this busy kitchen. For my latest article in VegNews, you’ll find two candy recipes that would make both fantastic nibbles after a Thanksgiving meal, or perfect gifts for the winter holidays ahead. Of course, many of the candies in my latest ebook could also make excellent gifts… So there’s certainly no shortage of sweet treats to choose from.

Now on newsstands, this issue features my Chai-Spiced Pistachio Brittle (pictured above), and Peppermint Latte Patties (below), plus the much-anticipated Veggie Awards 2009.

While I didn’t win this year, I want to extend my warmest congratulations to the Fat-Free Vegan, which picked up the coveted “best blog” award. Way to go, Susan, keep up the awesome blogging!

In honor of the new month, I though I would try something new as well- A little bonus for those who want it.

This purple kale was begging to be photographed, and who was I to refuse? Click for full size, and save as a desktop wallpaper if you’d like! Just have the display set to “stretch” and it should fit properly on just about any monitor size.

39 thoughts on “November, the Heart of Fall

  1. OMG I want to buy 2 ebooks now! The Peppermint Latte Patties looks amazing. And I will download this beautiful wallpaper now :)

    Also, I will send you an email later!

    Take care

  2. Hannah, you are such a talented photographer. I was browsing through your flickr streams and there are just so many stunning photos.

  3. Ooh, it looks like you came up with two delicious treats again! The purple kale looks beautiful, too, but I can’t see the full sized image yet. I think it’s still marked “private” on Flickr?

    By the way (this is totally unrelated), I don’t think I ever told you how much I love your butterscotch blondie recipe! I saw your video on Every Day Dish again while browsing my podcasts on iTunes the other day, and it reminded me that I should make that recipe again soon…

  4. All those photos look fabulous! And I saw the kale, swiftly followed by your comment, and then nabbed it sharpish! It’s beautiful, and now adorning my laptop…

    Rosie of BooksAndBakes

  5. these were the first recipes of yours that i’ve read where i said DANG now i have to go buy new gadgets so i can make these things!

  6. Yum. Pistachio and chai spices, sign me up for that. I finally found coconut flour yesterday at the Boston Veg Fest so now I will have to go back and try your recipe. Very excited. Even though you didn’t win I always enjoy your blog. The beautiful photos and well-crafted prose always brings me back.

  7. Funny that you should post these today, and I literally just saw your recipes in VegNews before sitting down at the computer. :) Question – any suggestions for what I could sub the coffee with to make the patties for a coffee hater?

  8. It’s absolutely sweltering here today! What I wouldn’t give for a cool autumn day!! Mmmm those sweets certainly look enticing. Yum! And that purple kale is just stunning!

  9. I am loving that its fall. I’ll have to go pick up that VegNews…annoyingly, they don’t seem to sell it at the B&N that is right across from where I work.

  10. I look forward to reading the article! Your candies look great. And the picture of the purple kale is so pretty!

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