Wicked Treats

Halloween sure can be one scary time of year, and I’m not talking about ghouls or goblins; It’s the horrific candy being distributed that’s really frightful. Between the artificial colors, unpronounceable preservatives, and downright undigestable chemicals, it’s hard to imagine wanting to eat these things, even if they were vegan! Possibly one of the most notoriously deceptive areas of the food market, it may surprise even the most hardened omnivore to discover gelatin in something so innocent as Neccos, and milk hiding in chocolate that professes to be “extra-dark.” By no means does that mean that Halloween candy is a no-go, however…

Because it’s easy to make it yourself, with Wicked Treats! Now you can hand out treats to your friends and family that are truly special, thanks to their vastly greater quality and taste. In addition to being vegan, this mini ebook is completely gluten-free, with suggestions on making your candies soy-free, too. A quick and simple guide to a few of my favorite confections, the recipes included are:

Ghostly Vanilla Fudge
Jelly Bites
Peanut Butter Fingers
Rice Crackle Bars
Tootsie Chews

…And a tempting color photo accompanies each recipe, as always.  For just $3 to download your copy instantly, save yourself the heartache and the stomach ache, and have a sweeter, more homemade Halloween this year!

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PS, for a sweet sample of what to expect, try my recipe for peanut butter cups / peppermint patties!