Apple of My Eye

23 thoughts on “Apple of My Eye

    1. I love apples. I must correct a few of you though. These are not bees. Bees are peaceful makers of sweet delicious honey. They bless the world with thier polination and intelligence. These are yellow-jackets. violent. Predators. So shelby take a second look at bees, they are your friends, but by all means be freaked out by these little carnivorous creatures. And leave them alone they are just having lunch.

  1. Gorgeous! I’ve been completely overtaken by bees myself lately, but none of them are stinging… its making me like them much more.

  2. Oh wow. I think you shattered my paradigm! I am so amazed that you could find beauty even in something as ugly as rotting fruit and feeding wasps (horrid things!)!

    My mind is blown. WOW.

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