Endless Summer

August. If there ever were a more uninspiring, monotonous month, I have yet to meet it. Vacations are winding down, and yet the heat and humidity are only gaining in intensity, condemning restless kids to the air-conditioned environment indoors. Mornings, afternoons, and evenings crawl by at a snail’s pace, each one undistinguished from the last, bringing only the same old routine, hardly even worth counting as an actual day. By the time September finally rolls around, it’s almost a welcome splash of cold water on the face, even if that does mean back to school and work for so many.

Of course, not everyone shares my sentiments about this drawn-out month, and there are still plenty of people and creatures alike taking full advantage of the tail end of summer.

Perfectly happy to traverse a barren desert and the rainforest belt alike, this particular ostrich got lucky enough to discover another enjoyable climate: New England in the dog days of summer!

This flightless bird sure doesn’t bury his head in the sand, oh no. He seeks out the new, fun, and otherwise overlooked delights that this unsung month holds. When else would the east coast be the least bit hospitable such an exotic, warm-weather bird?

Flightless as he may be, he still managed to hop a ride into the states just in time to enjoy this final heat wave, squeezing every last usable minute out of the season. Just in case it seemed too late to fit in that last picnic, or day at the beach, this guy ought to stand as a positive reminder- Go for it, today, because there’s still so much of summer left to enjoy!

34 thoughts on “Endless Summer

  1. I hear you–I am confined to my air conditioned bedroom. I hate August, but September is one of my favorite months, and it’s right around the corner!

  2. Very cute, though I have to disagree with most of the people here about disliking August. I’m always sad to see summer end.

  3. missed a bunch of your posts below, but i love it! esp the “go dairy free” article. your book is one of the best baking books i own.

    the ostrich is adorable. i love making crocheted creatures.

  4. Oo what a cutie! You really do make some great stuff! I actually quite like august, especially since I am still gonna go on holiday in it… :)

  5. I would also love a copy of the pattern if I could? Im making crocheted animals for each of my 4 kids this year for xmas & my youngest daughter informed me that her favorite animal is an ostrich. You would not believe how hard I’ve been looking for a crocheted ostrich!

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