Creamsicle, Dreamsicle

Happy Left-Hander’s Day! Do tell, are you planning anything special for Bad Poetry Day? Frankenstein Day is coming up soon too, can you believe how this year is flying? Truly, those are all officially recognized “holidays,” despite how absurd they may sound. Although the calendar year may be limited to only 365 days, there are easily over 400 of these unique dates scheduled- A feat that I have yet to fully comprehend. Each one seemingly more obscure, insignificant and arbitrary than the last, such a list is only valuable for temporary entertainment, as I doubt that few dates, if any, actually manage to manifest into real-life events.

However, every now and then, there actually is a suggestion that catches my eye and demands recognition, insistent that it’s just good fun to celebrate the little things in life that might otherwise be taken for granted.

And really, how could you ignore something like National Creamsicle Day, taking place tomorrow, the 14th of August? Just reading those words inspired a fearsome thirst, one that could only be quenched by a specific, pastel orange beverage. Before I could contemplate my hypocrisy about such “silly” holidays, there was a creamy orange shake spinning in my blender, cool and sweet as can be.

Sipping daintily on this otherwise juvenile drink, it was truly the ideal refreshment for a mid-August afternoon. Those National Creamsicle Board members, or whoever decided to pick this precise date as a national holiday, really knew what they were doing! A few more slurps though, and the novelty began to wear off. Not one to give up and toss the remainder, it seemed inevitable that the extras would find themselves in my favorite kitchen appliance…

The ice cream maker! Problem solved; it was like a brand new sweet sensation, and I couldn’t get enough.

Whether you prefer yours simply chilled or downright frozen, this is one fun holiday that I think everyone should take the time to observe. Sometimes it just takes a friendly reminder to stop being so serious, and enjoy these wacky things for once. No matter how inconsequential, it can still add so much joy to an otherwise monotonous work week!

33 thoughts on “Creamsicle, Dreamsicle

  1. Yay for random holidays! There is always a reason to celebrate something with delicious vegan food. This post was awesome, you know how to make me laugh! That shake looks SO refreshing and the color is just amazing, but I don’t think anything can compare to how creamy and sweet the ice cream looks. Such a good idea!

  2. I actually think there is someone out there that possibly has a fulltime job coming up with weird (and sometimes wonderful) holidays! :) But your creamsicle looks gorgeous! I love those bright and vibrant colors!

  3. That looks so creamy and delicious! I don’t know whether I prefer the shake or the ice-cream… hard choice!

  4. heh heh I’d probably give away my age with this comment but your post reminds me of an old NKOTB song called Popsicle….it goes something like

    “You’re my pop-si-cle!
    From the very first time I met you, Girl, you captured me
    You’re my pop-si-cle!
    All I know is that you make me feel so fancyfree.”

  5. Creamsicles remind me of ice cream day in grade school. Whenever I taste frozen orange and vanilla together I am reminded of those sweet childhood years. I had no idea there was an official creamsicle day!!

  6. OMG, I remember that NKOTB song Popsicle. It was on their first album. (Or should I say first cassette tape?)

    Thanks for bringing this flavor back to mind. I think I would go with the shake. I love your choice of the blue background for the pictures.

  7. I think I would celebrate with a mixed drink of vanilla flavored vodka and orange soda. Tastes just like and orange creamsicle!

  8. What? I missed Left-Hander’s Day?! I don’t think my dominant hand will ever forgive me.

    The creamsicle looks completely marvelous – ah, the days at the Orange Julius in elementary school. (Are those still around?)

  9. Ooh, I am dying for the ice cream. I miss Orange Sherbet like crazy! It’s funny that Creamsicle Day is when oranges aren’t really in season.

  10. Creamsicle, Dreamsicles are the one thing I always ordered when the ice cream man came around, and I love anything with that orange-vanilla flavor in them, such as cupcakes, white chocolate-orange cookies etc. Your drink is at the top of my list for this weekend! The heck with Orange Julius, your shake trumps that completely!

  11. Yum! Your creamsicle looks perfect for this hot afternoon. I just heard a story on npr about frivolous holidays. I believe ice cream month is coming up!

  12. It’s crazy to me how many silly days there are celebrating everything from panacakes to toast. The drink & ice cream look delicious though.

  13. Making me thirsty! They both look great. I don’t think I have ever even had a creamsicle.

    It’s too bad you couldn’t continue taking Japanese after high school! I am amazed at the quality of the vegan food in Japan! Veganism seems less known there, but the ones who do it, do it well.

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