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Do the Jellyfish Jam


Every year, it’s the same thing; The summer months fly by, slipping through my fingers before I even realize they’re at hand. Only when the season starts to wind down, and cold breezes begin threatening to blow the warm climate back down south, do I even remember about the beach. Oh, right, we live about a five-minute drive away from sandy shores and the gentle salt water waves of the ocean! It’s a luxury that I take for granted, giving what might seem to be paradise to some the cold shoulder, huddling inside instead with the AC at full blast. It’s no secret that I’m not a real outdoors-y type, but even I can appreciate the beauty of our local beaches. Some of my best childhood memories involve collecting sea glass and tiny little shells at low tide, planning elaborate necklaces and mosaics with them, and staying out late enough to see the boats and barges glow atop the rippling water. Mental images like that drive me back to the shoreline, no matter how late into the season- It’s better than forsaking the place entirely, right?

Alas, it was just too late for this summer, and by the time I set sandal-clad feet on the rough pink sand, the waters had been over taken by a more territorial visitor. There would be absolutely no swimming today, because the jellyfish had returned in force.

Don’t let that innocent little grin fool you- These spineless sea jellies will give you one nasty sting if you don’t watch your step. Cute but dangerous, I can’t say they would make for very good pets or companions… But if you ever need a watch guard for your private beach, don’t bother with a dog; A jellyfish will surely keep those nasty intruders out! Although I don’t really appreciate this possessive approach to the public beach down the road, perhaps you’d like a jellyfish to call you own?


With an F hook and variegated worsted weight yarn, sc6 in a circle
Sc twice into each st (12 sts)
Sc1, sc twice into next st* around (18 sts)
Sc2, sc twice into next st* around (24 sts)
Sc around
Sc3, sc twice into next st* around (30 sts)
Sc4, sc twice into next st* around (36 sts)
Sc around for 5 rounds
Skip one st, 5 dc into next st, skip one st, sl st* around
Break yarn and tie off.


With solid colored yarn, sc6 in a circle
Sc twice into each st (12 sts)
Sc1, sc twice into next st* around (18 sts)
Sc2, sc twice into next st* around (24 sts)
Sc3, sc twice into next st* around (30 sts)
Sc4, sc twice into next st* around (36 sts)
Break yarn, leaving a long tail.

Tentacles (Make 3):

With the same yarn as used for the body, ch16,
Starting in second loop from hook, dc3 into each st
The going will get tough and the stitches might become very tight, but don’t give up- Pull, dig, coerce those stitches into place! Show that yarn who’s boss!
Tie off at the end of the row, and weave in the ends.

To Assemble:

Insert safety eyes into the body and embroider a smile with black worsted weight yarn if desired. Use the long length of yarn from the bottom piece to sew it to the body, stitching it to the row just above the dc’s. Once you get most of the way around, stuff the piece firmly. Sew closed, tie tightly, and bury the knot. Sew the tentacles to the bottom, attaching the short edge of each piece in the very center, and arranging the top edges of each piece to point outwards at equal intervals. Weave in any loose ends.

Use invisible thread to hang them from the wall or ceiling, allowing your jellyfish to swim through the air, if desired!

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

55 thoughts on “Do the Jellyfish Jam

  1. I was just thinking it’s been so long since we had a creature pattern/pic from you. This is very cute!

  2. Wow, so cute! I have been lightly stung on the arm by a jellyfish when I was younger, it stung so much!


  3. SO CUTE! As I finish my first amigurumi (your Birds of a Feather pattern!) I was thinking that it had been a while since we’d seen any fibercrafts from you! So adorable!

  4. So lovely, so cute… And no dangerous at all. ;-)

  5. Well, your jellyfish looks very cute, but that is the only cute jellyfish really… I’ve had some nasty encounters with the creatures in the past and really hate them! I love the sea and we used to go to holiday near the seaside with my parents every year, so plenty of jellyfish encounters there!

  6. I have the ocean tattooed in my right arm with a big jellyfish and I love them. This one you made is so cute! I wish I could be able to make one ;-)

  7. HOW CUTE! I’ll whip this up for sure!
    I’m glad to see some crafty things from you!

  8. Entirely too fun! Learning to crochet is on my to-do list, just as soon as we get the house painted and the garden put in…

  9. Seriously Kaminsky you take the cake…the whole vegan choc cake with frosting cause you not only cook…bake…photograph well…oh and besides being awesome…YOU KNIT WELL TOO!!!

    Well done, I tots believe you’ve accomplished everything…hehe

  10. Super-cute pattern! Looks like it was a little tricky to design, so great job!

  11. Aw, so adorable, Hannah! Your many talents never cease to amaze me.

  12. Oh waouw, so cuuuute, i like !
    So adorable, really !
    Hannah, you’re an little fairy !

  13. I grew up on an island off the Atlantic and was always terrified of jellies!! Yours are much cuter than the real thing :)

  14. Cute little jellyfish, love its tentacles :)

  15. I have a recent obsession with crocheting toys! I just LOVE the jellyfish, you are an awesome designer. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Hannah, your jellyfish is adorable! I don’t know how you find the time to do all of your artistic endeavors but I always look forward to seeing your next creation.

  17. My daughters are going to have to make these. They love taunting my husband because he is terrified of jellyfish.

  18. awesome :) thanks for the pattern! and i’m glad you found some time to get your crochet on again!!

  19. haha that is so cute!

  20. Oh, he is just too cute…! If only I had taken up knitting at a young age. :P

    I’m glad you liked the COK Hot Dog Giveaway photos! They’re an incredible organization, and it seems they really encourage people to organize their own events in their hometowns. It was a blast! And of COURSE I loved those Milanos! They did taste so much like the original – it was eerie. Very crumbly and delicate. I even got stellar responses from nonvegans, which is, without fail, the best compliment a recipe can get. :)

  21. How cute! and I love how you write up the little stories that go with them! Well done all around! :-)

  22. Sooo cute! I think jellyfish are so cool :)

  23. Aww… I love all your little animals. Sadly, I don’t know how to crochet.

    I grew up up the hill from a long sandy beach. My mom still lives there, but I NEVER go. Too many people.

  24. Aww, that is darling! I love the tentacles and your write up. =) I’ll be linking.

  25. I always love your cute patterns!

  26. The Jellyfish is so darn cute! Thank you for sharing your pattern :)

  27. Loooooooove! Now I just need to learn to crochet…

  28. Hannah,

    Once again, adorable!!

  29. Yaaay! I am so glad you found some time to make an ami! He’s so cute, despite the stinging tendency. And I’m so glad you liked your little prize basket, thanks again for frequenting my blog!

  30. This was the first amigurumi I have ever made! Thanks for the pattern! I’m sure my little niece will love it!

  31. OMG I love this so much.
    His adorable face made my heart all giddy with adoration and excitement.
    he is just so cute. so cute. so inexplicably adorable.
    I can’t help but repeat myself.
    haha I just love him. <3

  32. Thank you for the pattern, I made one up and named him Jolly and posted him and I hope ok but I posted your link under the one I made :)

    Thanks Again :)

  33. awwwww!! so cute! im so making this :D
    even if i suck at sewing things together.
    who cares.

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  35. Thank you so much for the free pattern!!! I love him!!! My sister lives in San Diego and never gets a chance to get to the beach either. I’m making this little guy for her soon-to-be-born son. It’s perfect!!! Thank you again for you time and generosity with this.

  36. REALLY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Hey :)

    I adore jellyfish, they’re just so… funny :D I wanted to make one for my friend who’s just as jellyfish-o-manic as me but mine doesn’t look at all like one.. it’s rather a fried egg or something :D

    Would someone pls help me?

    I start with that circle thing and make 2 Sc in each stitch. Okay, got that one.
    But then:

    Sc1, sc twice into next st* around (18 sts)

    What does that * mean?
    I make on Sc and then 2 in each st?
    I make one Sc and then 2 in one st and then sc all around? oO

    I did the 2nd thing and it didn’t look jellyfishy at all :(

    have a nice sunday! :)

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  40. I love this pattern! I made 5 and turned it into a mobile for baby:

  41. Thank you for the lovely and easy pattern! I made a sea creatures mobile for my new born nephew, and his parents were adored by the little orange jellyfish :-)

  42. this looks pretty easy. thanks.

  43. This IS great sweetie, so glad I found your site. Thank you bunches…huggg

  44. um.. i got stuck when you said sc around sc3…..
    if you could clear this up it would be much appreciated!!!

  45. Hello, I’ve tried many times to make a jellyfish but it seems that when I get to Sc2, sc twice into next st* around (24 sts) I have too many stitches. When I have 24 stitches it hasn’t made it back to my beginning marker. Am I doing something wrong?

  46. Just wanted to say that as a newbie at crochething this recipe is great! Easy to follow, and feel like you make something cool at once.

    Thank you so much for this.

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