Paris, Day Two

31 thoughts on “Paris, Day Two

  1. Those macaroons are adorable! All your pix are so lovely and colourful… makes me want to hop on the Eurostar and cross the Channel for a day trip to Paris!

  2. How exciting to be in France. I love photo’s of the tops of the buildings in the city. I need to scan my photo’s of Italy from years back and post them. Looking forward to your weeks photo’s.

  3. Take lots of photos. I will be in Paris in September and would love to know all the good places to go. My first stop is at Laduree for the macaroons.

  4. I love seeing Paris through your eyes, thank you for sharing these stunning pictures. Those berries have me drooling, they look so fresh and bright! The perfect summer photo!

  5. I just totally love Paris and seeing your photos make me want to go back there now…. In fact… maybe I should be booking a trip this week… Beautiful beautiful photos, that really give a good sense of the atmosphere in Paris. Love it!

  6. I love that you only posted 8 pictures and yet have captured so many essential parts of Paris – just looking at them brings me right back to my last trip there. Beautiful.

  7. Oh lord, the COLOR! You seem to be having a rather beautiful, picturesque time!

    Oh, lovely, lovely macarons – how I long for one…

  8. Oooh those berry baskets with little handles! Where on earth do I find some of those, I want to sell little crocheted foods in them!

  9. Those little sandwich cookie thingies look amazing! Thanks for sharing all the photos from your trip. I’ve never been to France, but it looks beautiful!

  10. ordering my lunch everyday (excuse my spelling!): “juvudre un sandwich con jamon y fromage.” I wasn’t vegan then, but I too was in love with the baguette that my sandwich came on! Aren’t baguettes addicting? If only we sold them here in the states so fresh and crusty…

  11. Ooh you had me hungry at the macaroon photo, but the berries photo was just stunning! Its the sort of photo you need a huge poster of in your kitchen, to keep me inspired in the cold winter months :) It looks like you had an amazing trip!

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