Churn! Churn! Churn! (To Everything There is a Season)

Yes indeed, if there were ever a season for ice cream, it would have to be now or never. Churning day and night, my poor ice cream maker has not gotten a minute to rest since there was a fine frost on the windows, and its duties have only multiplied since I picked up a copy of The Vegan Scoop, the latest creation from Wheeler del Torro, the frozen dessert mastermind behind Wheeler’s Vegan Ice Cream. Instantly smitten upon first lick, these were some sweet recipes that I was positively clamoring to get my hands on even before I heard that a book might be in the works. How lucky that Wheeler was generous to share his secret formula!

And what a bang-up formula this is. Simple, fool-proof, and composed of ingredients that absolutely everyone should have no trouble getting a hold of, it was a breeze to mix up each flavor in no time. Measurements are also listed in metric right alongside the US cups and spoons, so I was thrilled to just toss the whole thing onto my scale and get cooking.

Lured in by the abundant color photos and overall aesthetically pleasing design, there’s no denying that this is one beautiful book. Recipes run the gamut from classic parlor favorites to exotic novelties, such as a very adventurous Seaweed Ice Cream, so there’s no lack of fun choices or ideas here. Desserts to serve alongside your frozen treats are found scattered thought the pages, in addition to a dedicated chapter at the very end of the book.

My first choice was easy- Chocolate. Dressing it up with a touch of peppermint extract and a few chopped mint-filled sandwich cookies, it was as rich as super-premium ice cream, and dangerously addictive. A runaway hit, I don’t think that this batch lasted beyond a single day.

Curious as to how whole fruit might be incorporated successfully in a frozen dessert, the Apple Pie ice cream quickly caught my eye while flipping through the vibrant pages. Although the sauteed apples themselves turned out to be incredibly saturated with an egregious dose of cinnamon, the flavor mellowed considerably when combined with the custard base. Admittedly not my top pick, as I found the icy chunks of apples somewhat off-putting, I still had no trouble polishing off this quart.

Seeking a delicious use for an abundance of fresh, seasonal strawberries, the Strawberry ice cream was an obvious choice. Sweet, uncomplicated, and reminiscent of the bright pink strawberry milk I once enjoyed as a child, this simple flavor proved to be surprisingly comforting. Kids would undoubtedly adore it, but all the same, adults may covertly sneak spoonfuls while no one’s looking.

Finally, gravitating towards another love of mine, trying the Coffee ice cream recipe was practically a necessity. Unfortunately, I found it to be far too mild for my tastes, and wouldn’t make it as written again.

The Vegan Scoop excels at providing inspiration for new flavor combinations and platings, encouraging cooks to get creative in the kitchen without letting a drop of dairy get in the way. It may not be the book for “advanced” ice cream makers, as most of the recipes use the same formula over and over again, switching out one ingredient to create a new flavor. That structure and guidance may be useful to others though, so it’s a matter of preference. Just beware of filler and repetition, like the recipe for espresso ice cream… Which is exactly the same as the coffee ice cream, but with- You guessed it- Brewed espresso instead of coffee.

Unable to resist the temptation, a sundae with Wheeler’s Blondies sounded like a fabulous treat. These bars err on the cakey side of the equation, but all shortcomings were easily overlooked once topped with ice cream, caramel, chocolate chips, and raspberries. Now that’s one sweet way to cool off this season!

36 thoughts on “Churn! Churn! Churn! (To Everything There is a Season)

  1. Great write up! Wheeler’s ice cream is awesome! That pic of the coffee ice cream makes me want to reach through the screen – mild or not!

  2. I love ice cream and to me there’s no perfect season, I take them during the entire year (even when it snowing!) =D

    Those pics are perfect, Hannah!

  3. The apple pie ice cream is especially appealing to me. It sounds delicious. I’m going to have to get my hands on this book! I had a scoop of pumpkin pie ice cream at Caravan of Dreams when I was in NYC and I’ve been dying to make it ever since. Time to whip out the ice cream maker!

    Your photography is outstanding, as always!

  4. ooh i love ice cream. it’s roasting outside today, i wish I’d had the forsight to freeze my ice cream maker’s bowl!! All of those look so good.

  5. I can’t decide which I’d try first… the apple pie… or the coffee! I think cookbooks with great pictures and great design are the best thing EVER!!! I’m a graphic designer by trade and LOVE a well designed book :)

  6. These look all so droolworthy. You just reminded me to break out our new ice cream maker (no we didn’t buy one but won it from menu of hope)

  7. Hannah, your dishes, be it desserts or anything else, always look more than amazing. The images of your dishes are out of this world! I start salivating by just looking at them. You make vegan desserts fun, that’s for sure. From my personal experience the easiest way to concince someone that vegan lifestyle is great AND delicious, is by sharing delicious dessert. What you have on your blog could make it easy for ANYONE to spread the vegan joy :)

  8. Some day I will get an ice cream maker and be able to make delicious vegan ice cream instead of paying the high price at the store, which is rare. Drooling, delicious post!

  9. He is doing a book signing near my house in about two weeks and I am SO excited. I about died when I saw the sign for it!

  10. About to give in to the temptation to get an ice-cream maker of my very own… What model is your favorite? (Hannah? Anyone?) Reviews give different pros & cons, but I’d love to get a vegan perspective.

  11. Ooo yum so much delicious ice cream! And I’m just sitting here admiring the beautiful presentation and set up for the photos.

  12. I am glad I found your blog! Chocolate mint is one of my favorite flavors! I need to check out your book now!

  13. They all look so good! Ice cream base is a finiky thing. I can not get it to turn out like the stuff from the ice cream shops! By far my favorite is coconut, but it tastes like coconut, which isn’t always a good thing. I might have to get this book.

  14. Based on your scoops, it looks like the ice cream has a good consistency. I’ve been lazy/cheap/skeptical about buying this book, but your pictures look delicious. I’ll probably break down and get it soon… or take a road trip to Boston to try samples first!

  15. I live in Boston and it’s wonderful to have an entirely vegan ice cream place. Wheeler has brought such a wonderful alternative to our city, I love that I can go in and have such a wide array of flavor from which to choose. The menu changes all the time and there’s always something new and wonderful to try!

  16. Oh, Hannah you’ve just reminded me that I need to step up my search for an ice cream maker. I own a copy of “The Vegan Scoop” (I’m 50% there to enjoying ice cream this summer), however I can’t make up my mind on which maker to buy! decisions, decisions.

  17. I found you randomely and I am wondering if you might have an easy crochet pattern for babyblocks that you can post and any other kinds of baby toys. Also the food paterns you posted are fabulas if you have any more of those that would be great to. Thank you. Annie

  18. I want to run away with this book and marry it. I too find that some flavors err on too mild, but adjusting variations is practically foolproof. Your ice cream looks fabulous! You always have the best containers.

  19. Holy Moley *drools*. At the moment I am at work, which is right next to the ice cream parlor. Do you think anyone would notice if I closed up for a few? lol.

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