Perfect Picnic Fare

Have you checked out the July/August issue of VegNews yet? This is one must-read, packed with so many fun summer ideas and recipes, I’m still working my way through it myself! Of course, there’s also my article about picnic treats that I hinted about before, and you’ve got to trust me when I say that you don’t want to miss these sweets. Think of creamy, cool, and refreshing banana pudding… But as a more portable, mess-free cookie bar.

Yes, banana pudding bars! Every bit as delectable as the original, built for the demands of a picnic, requiring much less fuss, and no bowls or utensils.

And then there are the coconut drops. Essentially big, soft, and chewy macaroons, one bite will transport you to a tropical paradise, even if you’re really just sitting out in your backyard.

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29 thoughts on “Perfect Picnic Fare

  1. I was so excited to see some of your recipes in the summer issue!
    I’m even more excited to try both of them!

    I am just wondering, are you writing another book?


  2. Wow, Hannah – I’m trying not to purchase magazines but this post just made me subscribe! Both of those look beautiful and delicious!!

  3. Wow, these both look like amazing treats! Perfect for picnics. A email version of the mag is a great idea. I seriously have too many magazine on the bookshelf already.

  4. I just got this issue! The treats look fantastic; I’m really excited about those pudding bars. My summer is seriously lacking in the picnic department – I’ve got to step up the pace.

  5. I’m months behind in reading my magazines, but I’m definitely looking forward to the banana pudding bars. I just made banana pudding a few weeks ago, soooo good!

  6. These bars were really delicious, but I could never serve them to guests because the color was hideously unappetizing. The pudding was a dull gray-and gray is never a good color for food. Maybe adding some turmeric would help?

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