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Fingers tapping nervously, eyes on the clock, the whole day was slipping by while I remained completely stranded. Trapped at the same point, seeing the same depressing sights over and over again, my mind was furiously trying to work out a solution to no avail; it was only a matter of time before absolute insanity set it. Here I was, in the middle of no where… And I couldn’t get into my email. Oh, horror of horrors, how can one survive for any amount of time without being able to check your messages? Especially while waiting to hear back on some critical and time-sensitive issues, each minute that passed as the same error message flicked across the screen felt like a whole year, my anxiety building in leaps and bounds.

Finally giving in and admitting that this was a problem beyond my reach, the frantic phone calls to technical support at least yielded progress; A computer expert would be sent to help, and should arrive any moment. Prepping the entry way as if expecting an ambulance, I cleared a path to the ailing patient. On pins and needles when the “expert” showed up, my heart sank at the sight before my eyes- There was no way that this little guy could possibly help here!

After all, what do penguins know about computers? Still, he seemed somehow familiar, so I graciously accepted his offer to investigate the problem, desperate to just get back to business as usual.

Quickly stepping in and getting right to work, it was only a minute or two before the screen glowed with my inbox again, displaying dozens of new messages in need to responses. I was so elated, I hugged my helper tightly; I was saved! A day without email has become akin to a day without food or water, sad to say, and this guy had come to my rescue just in time.

Perhaps you’re experiencing some computer troubles yourself? It happens to the best of us, so be prepared, and have some technical support on hand just in case. You can easily make yourself a computer-savvy penguin just like this guy who came to my aid, too!

Linux-Like Penguin

Body and Head:
With #7 US DPNs and black worsted weight yarn, CO3 and distribute among needles
Kfb into each st (6 sts)
Kfb into each st (12sts)
K1, kfb* around (18 sts)
K2, kfb* around (24 sts)
K3, kfb* around (30 sts)
K4, kfb* around (36 sts)
K5, kfb* around (42 sts)
K 8 rounds even
K5, k2tog* around (36 sts)
K 1 round even
K4, k2tog* around (30 sts)
K3, k2tog* around (24 sts)
K 2 rounds even

-Lightly stuff the head before continuing-

K3, kfb* around (30 sts)
K 1 round even
K4, kfb* around (36 sts)
K 1 round even
K5, kfb* around (42 sts)
K 1 round even
K6, kfb* around (48 sts)
K 1 round even
K7, kfb* around (54 sts)
K 5 rounds even
K8, kfb* around (60 sts)
K 5 rounds even
K9, kfb* around (66 sts)
K 10 rounds even
K9, k2tog* around (60 sts)
K8, k2tog* around (54 sts)
K7, k2tog* around (48 sts)
K6, k2tog* around (42 sts)
K5, k2tog* around (36 sts)
K4, k2tog* around (30 sts)
K3, k2tog* around (24 sts)

Stuff the body, break the yarn and draw it through the remains stitches, tying tight.

CO3 with orange worsted weight yarn
Kfb into each st (6 sts)
K1, kfb* around (9 sts)
K2, kfb* around (12 sts)
K3, kfb* around (15 sts)
K 1 round even
K4, kfb* around (18 sts)
K 2 rounds even

Wing (Make 2):
With straight needles (these are knit flat) and black worsted weight yarn, CO4
Purl first and all odd rows
Sl, k3
Sl, kfb twice, k1 (6 sts)
Sl, kfb, k2, kfb, k1 (8 sts)
Sl, kfb, k4, kfb, k1 (10 sts)
Sl, kfb, k6, kfb, k1 (12 sts)
Sl, kfb, k8, kfb, k1 (14 sts)
Sl, k all for 8 rows
P one more row before you BO knit-wise, leaving 6 inch tail

Print out the template for the details, and cut the appropriate pieces out of the specified colors of felt. Color in the pupils for the eyes with fabric markers. Sew into place with invisible thread, or thread of a matching color. Embroider the beak, lightly stuff, and attach. Never worry about computer problems again with this clever penguin on your side!

40 thoughts on “Technical Support

  1. Adorable and clever as always! One day I will learn how to make these little creatures…I will. I will!

  2. YOU are an amazing knitter! I just started so I can appreciate the skill that such projects require. Your story made me laugh out loud, keep up the good work. :)

  3. Uh, I need some computer help over here too. Could you please send over the cute tech support expert? :-D

  4. too cute! Have you ever seen “March of the Penguins” ? It’s such a great (and heart breaking) film! :-)

  5. He is adorable!! It’s almost sad though how much we are used to the electronic world! I am lost if my computer starts working and the idea along brings out a sweat… Did I save everything properly? Did I backup my backup’s…?? Glad that your pinguin is great in solving those mysteries! Maybe I should get one (read: make one) myself!

  6. Whoa there, I can write recipes but I’m nowhere near being able to write patterns. It’s taken me, like, 6 years to become an intermediate knitter. Cute penguin!

  7. congrats on the cover! it looks great, as always.
    i can’t wait till you make a post about those molded chocolates on your flickr. MMMMmmmmm….

  8. Oh my god. That little penguin is amazing. I now have a gift for my computer science teacher.

  9. I have a question for you. I’m trying to make this adorable little penguin for my husband because he loves linux. I’m hoping to find a way to use white yarn instead of felt for the belly. Has anyone done this switch? I would love some help because I’m not very good with making things up on my own…lol.

  10. thanks for the lovely story and pattern. I have created an elephant pattern, teddy bear and rabbit myself. I really like this, which has character. It’s fun making up new things:)

  11. Just found your adorable penguin and your story made me smile on a day when tears seem the order of the day, my adorable lovable 7yr old grandson is about to be diagnosed as autistic. I was actually looking for patterns of dogs, his favourite animal. Thank you

  12. I am making Linux. Question regarding his beak – is it knit in the round? I added a bow tie. Just waiting for his beak to be done. He is cute, but needs a girl friend.

    1. Yes, the beak is knit in the round. He sounds adorable! I think it would be brilliant to give him a little companion. If you do, send photos!

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