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As far as confections go, marshmallows are fairly simple creatures on the surface. Sugar, some gelling agent, and a splash of vanilla are pretty much all it takes to whip up a batch, but somehow the end product is so much more than the sum of its parts. Especially true for the vegan mallow, which up until recently has been billed as nothing short of a rare delicacy, owing to both steep prices and availability. For the longest time, Sweet and Sara has been the only contender in the game, and their squares will continue to be my gourmet, special occasion marshmallow, but now there is finally a company to fill the void for those everyday cravings. Those crafty folks at the Chicago Soydairy are definitely making great strides to release cruelty-free products like the world has never seen before, such as their brand new Dandies marshmallows.

Cylindrical little pillows about an inch in length, Dandies are a much closer approximation to the jet-puffed variety that most Americans are familiar with toasting over an open campfire and stuffing between two graham crackers. Yielding easily to a gentle bite, these babies have a delightfully soft yet firm chew, with a good “bounce” that isn’t the least bit gummy. Surprisingly restrained in sweetness, it’s dangerously easy to keep popping these fluffy morsels into your mouth one after the other, before you can take notice of how quickly the bag is emptying.

It took serious willpower to stop eating these out of hand and actually make anything with them, but as soon as they’re more widely available, you can definitely expect to see more Dandies in many of my baking exploits. Until then, a simple but spectacularly delicious s’mores panini will have to suffice.

And yes, these marshmallows do melt and toast, beautifully, too!

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  1. My son has been wanting marshmallows for so long now. I really need to order these. Does that marshmallow sandwich have a layer of chocolate in their. Oh it looks divine!

  2. Oh! I got this about 2 weeks ago, immediately ate 1 bag with my boyfriend (thank goodness I ordered 3) HIGHLY recommended! :D

  3. I love marshmallows too and that toast WOW great idea I bet it s delicious :) Ha in a shope I also found a marshmallow long a metre :) was really tempted to buy it :)

  4. That panini looks so freaking delicious! I’ve had Ricemallow before, but I am seriously in need of some toasting marshmallows. Ugh, the things I wouldn’t do for some s’mores right now…

  5. My favorite dessert panini is slicing a banana and smothering the bread with nutella! It’s so much tastier than I could have ever imagined. I have also made pb&j ones too!

  6. I’m totally ordering these!!! I haven’t had marshmallows in a while and I’m drolling over that S’more sandwich!

  7. S’mores are definitely a favorite kid food I miss- but not for much longer! That panini looks amazing- is that bread? You should make graham bread, haha :-) Right now I use ricemellow for the marshmellow fix- can’t wait to find these! :-D

  8. I really, really want to try those marshmallows! Your idea for a s’mores panini is genius! I want to make a version of it with PB&Co’s chocolate PB :)

  9. I looooooove marshmallows. I’m not a huge fan of Sweet and Sara though, they’re not marshmallow-y enough for me. I tried to order these awhile ago, but they were sold out everywhere :(

  10. S’mores panini!!! That’s so awesome! It looks so good! I can’t stop drooling over the picture! :-)

  11. That panini looks unbelievable Hannah! Thanks for sharing these new marshmallows, I need to make one of those ASAP.

  12. I can’t wait to try these! S’mores are my all-time favorite summer dessert!

  13. I am smiling! I just did a review of Dandies on my post today too! I completely agree, it is difficult to stop eating them one after another… I had to put mine in a tupperware with a lid that is not easy to remove as a way to restrain myself!

  14. ah that panini! i actually never really liked marshmallows plain…i think i’d use them up in baking really quick though! that s’more panini is ridiculous! imagine if you added PB to that… :) one happy vegan

  15. Haha, a marshmallow even less healthy than the original (SOY!). Didn’t think it could be done, LOL. The sandwich looks amazing, though. Perfectly gooey. Your photos and ideas are always inspiring!

  16. these photos remind me of when i was little and ate fluffernutter sandwiches everyday… i haven’t had one of those in probably 10 years!! those are gooooood

  17. A marsmallow panini… now who would have thought of that? I initially was confused about the panini, not noticing that they had marshmallows inside! Sounds fabulous!

  18. These marshmallows are interesting…and in a sandwich…it is very new to me. i am sure that my niece and nephew will love it>

  19. There is no need to buy marshmallows when you can make your own fabulous vegan marshmallows at home.
    The breakthough ingredient to making vegan marshmallows is you need a fluffy mixture into which you beat the jell mixture. Soy protein isolate is what the commercial vegan marshmallow makers use for the fluffy stuff.
    See my recipe at;


  20. Mmm, that s’mores panini looks amazing. I’m so glad that there’s a new brand to compete. Marshmallows are sooo good…especially when paired with chocolate. This panini has my mouth watering. I need one now!

  21. I bought these marshmallows on a French site that sells vegan products, your croque-monsieur looks decadent, I’ll do the same, I can not wait!
    Great idea!

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