Sweet Easter Sunday

Ranking just below Halloween, Easter is one of the most lucrative times for candy makers and sellers, beating out the sales from both Christmas and Valentine’s Day combined.  On top of that well-known fact, it’s also been proven that in times of economic hardships, just about the only thing that is truly recession-proof is candy, so you can image how much of the sweet, sugary stuff is flying off the shelves right now.

Surrounded by such temptation at every turn, it’s hard not to indulge just a little bit… And the risk of overdoing that little sugar fix is so great, even the Easter bunny himself would struggle to maintain moderation.

Just try not to get sick to your stomach today! Mr. Bunny here is looking rather green now, after pounding down piles of chocolates and marshmallows, and may very well need the next couple of months to sleep off the impending sugar coma. No wonder Easter only comes around once a year!

33 thoughts on “Sweet Easter Sunday

  1. Happy Everything! Guppy already has a tummy ache – that’s what happens when you eat too many vegan jelly beans at 7 am (luckily the bunny was very sparse in his candy giving this year!).
    Adorable little bear!

  2. Happy Easter Hannah!! And you are so right… it’s a dangerous candy-overeating time! We didn’t buy easter eggs ourself (well not the chocolate ones) but they are everywhere so even without buying them ourselves we’re still in high risk!

  3. Happy Easter!

    As much as I used to love Easter as a kid, this will be my second year of doing absolutely nothing but working. Growing up is lame.

  4. I didn’t even realize it was Easter today… lol. I haven’t celebrated it since my kids were very small. (My X is Jewish, so we did Passover when we moved near his family, plus I am not a holiday person, especially a religious holiday person because I’m not religious!)

  5. Happy Eater Hannah!
    Adorable blue (turqouise?) bunny!
    I dined on surf sweets jelly beans, green and blacks 70% chocolate and shared cruelty-free sugar cookie bunnies with my family, in addition to “chocolate truffles” made from similar-to-larabar ingredients! Hope you had a nice time as well! :-)

  6. You’re funny! I dont think there is an ‘off-period’ for candy makers ;) Not with all the ‘days’ around the corner almost every other week! Mother’s day, Valentines’ day, Father’s day etc etc etc etc ;)

  7. cute little bunny! and, i’ve missed so much in my absense from the interwebs! awesome bread recipe (can’t wait to try it!), fabulous looking toffee and brownies, and i hope your wounds are healing quickly, hannah!

  8. I might have gone a little overboard, but I hadn’t gotten any sweets in over 40 days!! Next year I’m giving up something else for Lent! ;)

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