Math We Can All Enjoy

Happy Pi Day! Yes, at long last, I finally remember to observe this fantastic date (3.14) by baking a pie- Because recipes are the only sort of mathematical calculations you’ll ever catch me doing in the first place.

Nothing new or innovative here, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring in the least. The first thing my mom said to me after eating a slice was “That… was outrageous,” thus I have decided to call it Outrageous Pie. A pie aspiring to be a tart, I suppose, it starts off with pâte sucrée instead of a tradition pie crust. On top of that, a chewy layer of caramel is punctuated by toasted walnuts, making for a toothsome and tasteful component all at once. A silky chocolate mousse follows, very rich on its own but in perfect proportion in this layered pastry. Finally, an airy meringue crowns the whole thing, lightly browned on top and barely even stable enough to stand cutting- Maybe it was something in the atmosphere that interfered, but it came out so ephemerally light this time, it seemed as though it could really float away like a cloud!

No recipe yet, although it would be easy enough to piece together most of these elements and create something similar. Just wanted to share in the name of pie day, and to remind you that it’s not too late to celebrate; There are plenty of pies out there to choose from, and they’re guaranteed to be many times more delicious than actual pi!

54 thoughts on “Math We Can All Enjoy

  1. I’m with your mom: this looks totally outrageous. Mmm, that caramel and chocolate with the nice fluffy meringue. Man, oh man, I’m drooling. What a wonderful way to celebrate Pi day!

  2. Nothing innovative? I would have no Idea how to make the meringue. But if you say “no recipe yet” you mean “a recipe soon”, right? :D

  3. That looks amazing! Kind of snicker-bars-ish with the nuts, chocolate, and caramel. I am waiting for a meringue recipe!

  4. Nice looking pi! Just letting you know you were one of the giveaway winners for the Matt’s Munchies, send me an email with your address! Talk to you soon!

  5. 2 things:
    – oh no I forgot Pi day!! I’ve been wanting to celebrate it all geek-style for so long, argh.
    – Outrageous indeed! I’m all blase about desserts right now, but somehow chewy caramel and meringue is like, doing a real number on my anti-appetite. amazing!

  6. Wow I couldnt have guessed its a meringue if you hadnt said so! It looks so perfect! And the pie itself looks gorgeous :) To me, the caramel-nut crust is certainly novel :)

  7. Oooh, I would love me a slice of the that. I can’t believe I missed Pi Day! Pie Day? Pi Day. Anyway… I missed it. How unfortunate!

    That caramel filling? Looks divine!

  8. No recipe? You’re killing me, lady. Perhaps in your next book? The pie looks and sounds delectable!

  9. Bad idea to visit your blog this late at night. Feel like having a late night dessert of anything right about now :(

  10. That certainly does look outrageous, love the combination of flavors and textures. You will certainly have to share the recipe eventually!

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