Go Dairy Free

If you haven’t yet heard of the book Go Dairy Free by Alisa Fleming, you’re missing out on a valuable resource for both delicious food and healthier living. But before you crack this unassuming novel open, you should know right off the bat that this is no average cookbook. Far more, in fact- From suggestions dairy-free food products you can count on in a bind, to skin and hair products that you might not have even thought to check on, to an in-depth view of nutrition and health, it’s an all-inclusive view of a milkless life style. Of course, there is a vast selection of delicious recipes that span from breakfast to dessert, many of which I’ve made with great success (and not just the ones I contributed, too!) Take for instance, the humble grilled “cheese”; by far the best I’ve had since going vegan, and without fussing with any of those expensive or waxy commercial vegan “cheeses.”

One of my favorite personal contributions was the pumpkin cheesecake, a luscious, creamy, and vibrantly spiced dessert that would put any pie to shame.

Alisa’s mint straciatella ice cream certainly didn’t last long, either. Such a bright, fresh mint flavor, punctuated by a satisfying sprinkle of crisp dark chocolate- Definitely a recipe that will be made many more times, especially as warmer weather draws nearer again.

And best of all, the tone is so inviting and friendly, you can’t help but want to read the book from cover to cover. This isn’t some faceless task master here telling you why your diet is wrong and unhealthy- This is Alisa. Alisa, who has suffered for years due to milk-related allergies; Alisa, who has researched tirelessly to find logical explanations and solutions; Alisa, who wants to spread the word and help others in similar situations. If for no other reason, I think that it’s worth a read just to gain a better understanding of the subject, and also know that you are not alone in such a battle.

Being such a generous person, Alisa has also granted me two extra copies of Go Dairy Free, which I would love to share with two lucky readers. To win one, just leave me a comment by midnight of February 22nd, and tell me what your favorite non-dairy milk is. There are so many options on the market now, and plenty of recipes for homemade versions (which you can also find in Go Dairy Free, too!), so I’d love to hear which type you’re most happy to have in your fridge.

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  1. MMM, all those creations look delicious! Although I liked the Breeze Almond Milk, I guess I’m an originalist: I really like Soy Dream Vanilla Soy Milk–or if I’m feeling like a treat, I love the chocolate soy milk (which makes great “milk” shakes)!

  2. That ice cream looks just like the ice cream I’m making RIGHT now!

    My favorite non-dairy milk is my homemade cashew milk. Although I’m usually too lazy to make it- so Almond Breeze plain unsweetened is my staple.

  3. Most of the time, almond milk, hands down. But during the holiday season when peppermint chocolate vitasoy comes out, I go a little crazy for that stuff.

  4. my favorite nondairy milk is definitely wildwood plain soymilk. not too sweet, not too soy-y, all organic and US grown soybeans!

  5. I’d love to win this book! My favorite nondairy milk is definitely hazelnut milk. Especially warmed up and mixed with cocoa. Wow.

  6. i really like hazelnut milk for certain recipes, but for day-to-day my go to milk is 365 unsweetened soy milk. i’m also a fan of eden soy, but 365 has added b12, which i tend to look for in non-dairy milks as an easy way to supplement.

  7. West Soy Vanilla soy milk! I try to stick to regular most of the time, but vanilla soymilk, granola, frozen berries, a dash of flax seed, some chopped nuts, and a sprinkle of cinnamin, and I am in heaven!

  8. My favorite milk is silk (especially the chocolate) but I try not to buy that because we already get so much soy from other sources in our diet…so, our runner up is Vanilla hemp milk by living harvest, my kids don’t notice a difference and it just seems better for them.

  9. Sigh. Your pictures are just dreamy. I don’t know how you do it, but you manage to make a humble grilled cheese sandwich look like haute cuisine. Just stunning.

    My favorite non-dairy milk. Well, I never liked cow milk, even before I was vegan. It alway seemed heavy and nasty, so I have always chosen soy milk.

    Unfortunately we don’t have many options here in Bahrain, but the few that we do have are all delicious. My absolute favorite would be either carob flavored or vanilla flavored provamel brand. DELICIOUS!

  10. We use Almond Breeze, plain most the time. It’s good for cereal. I also have been using Westsoy milk, plain, for cooking – cause I got a bunch of it on clearance and tho we dont like the taste for straight up drinking/eating – its great for cooking!

    I am very excited for this book, and if I dont win, I may have to buy it!

  11. Depends what we are using it for. On cereal, Vanilla Rice dream. In most baking and cooking, unsweetened Almond milk (or soy milk…we tend to buy whatever is on sale that week). For hot chocolate?–Vanilla Almond breeze with a scoop of Green and Blacks Hot Chocolate mix. Even better with a shot of schnapps–butterscotch or peppermint–in too! :-)

  12. Depends! At home I like soy dream vanilla, but right now I’m in Korea and they have an awesome rice milk, I just don’t know what it’s called.

  13. My absolute favorite non-dairy milk is Vitasoy’s Peppermint Chocolate Soymilk… so smooth, comforting, and refreshing, there’s nothing better then a steamed cup of Peppermint Chocolate Soymilk on a cold winter morning :)

  14. I was a soy- and rice-milk only girl for a long while, because I had tried almond and hadn’t cared for it at all. Then one day I tried it again because I wanted to lower my soy intake and loved it. It’s been a love affair ever since. Almond Breeze Unsweetened is usually my milk of choice.

  15. I like Kikkoman’s soy milk. It’s a little cheaper then most brands, and has a milder flavor, so I can use it for more. I’m a sucker for Rice Dream, as well, though!

  16. Mmmm this all looks so wonderful! That mint choc chip ice cream is especially calling my name ;)

    I’m soy intolerant so my 2 regular store bought milks are Oat Milk and Rice Milk.

    When I have time though I like to make my own almond milk, unsweetened and unflavoured is my favourite and a small amount of cashews added to it makes it extra creamy.

  17. Go Dairy Free sounds great! I wonder how your pumpkin cheesecake compares to the Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake from Sinfully Vegan—I make one every year around Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to try that grilled ‘cheese’ recipe!

    My personal favorite non-dairy milk would have to be Plain Almond Breeze—although I usually buy unsweetened to avoid the extra sugar.

    For a chocolate milk replacement, however, nothing surpasses Organic Valley Chocolate Soymilk.

  18. My favorite, by far, is WestSoy low fat vanilla soymilk. I’m not vegan, but a lactose intolerant vegetarian, so this is my go-to milk for pouring on cereal, using in smoothies, etc.

    My husband’s favorite is vanilla Almond Breeze.

  19. i mostly stick with Silk or Wildwood. i’ve tried making my own as well, but have never been able to get the flavors very delicious. luckily it easily turns into delicious tofu!

  20. I like soymilk best, day to day, but hazelnut milk was one of the most amazing milks I’ve ever tasted.

  21. I really like the fresh soymilk that they make in China Town. You can get it hot or cold and it’s sweet. A really delicous treat. My father has recently bought a machine to make his own soymilk at home.

  22. oooh, fun! a giveaway! i’ve been hearing such nice things about that book. My favorite non-dairy milk is hazelnut milk! I love it!

  23. Oh, another giveaway! Love it!
    None of the brands here will really mean anything to you…(unless you come this summer!), but Sojasun is one of my favouries, but it’s really expensive, so for soy milk we usually buy the generic store brand, which is guaranteed organic. I would love to score a soymilk maker…it’s one of my hoping for gifts.

  24. I’ve been a vegan all of my life and was raised on soya milk. I love it but trying to convince my dairy-loving friends that it is as tasty (or tastier) than dairy milk proves to be quite hard work. Only recently have I branched out and tried other dairy-free milks – I’m quite partial to rice milk and found oat milk to be thoroughly delicious. It would be fantastic to be able to show all the skeptics how dairy milk is not the only milk!

  25. I love hemp milk–Living Harvest, to be exact–and pine for it when I’m away from the US.

    For shmancy non-dairy milks, I love the Rice Dream Horchata, and Vitasoy’s Holly Nog and Peppermint Chocolate seasonal flavors.

  26. My favourite is the Alpro Soya Unsweetened Light. It’s nice and delicate and not cloying at all. I just wish they’d do and organic version. It’s harder to get milk alternatives here in the UK, and sometimes tracking them down can be a pain. Fortunately we have a little health store round the corner that have been really helpful about dairy alternatives…I might have to track down a copy of “Go Dairy Free” if I don’t win so I can start experimenting more making my own dairy-free things from scratch so I don’t have to rely on commercial products as much.

  27. Wow lots of competitions! The milk I use in everything, on my cereal every morning and in most baking is alpro soya light I think it’s easily the nicest soya milk but if I want something a bit special I like almond milk.

  28. Oh wow! What a great way to promote the book! I’ve only recently discovered my Dairy Allergies, but I should have seen it coming – my father has been allergic to milk since a babe, and actually developed Crohn’s because of it – his mother didn’t know any better, unfortunately. My brother was born allergic to milk. Personally, I’ve just gotten used to my allergies, I have been allergic since 2007, and now that I’m pregnant, I really watch what I eat even more-so.

    My favourite milk is So Good, Calcium and Omega 3 fortified. But I also enjoy {on special occasions}, Goat’s Milk and Hemp Milk. I can only find Hemp milk in Richmond, which is 45 minutes from where I live and being car-free means getting there is super hard {unless the hubby is home and wants to drive, but he’s not usually up for it!}. I especially enjoy Chocolate Soy-milk or Soy Milk with some Chai Mix {our roommate brings home the really expensive, organic liquid chai!}

  29. I think I belong to the smallest minority, I love rice milk. I hardly ever buy it because it’s so expensive and poor in nutritional values, but it has a refreshing place in my heart.

  30. The book must be wonderful if those pics are anything to go by! That choc mint icecream is calling my name. I really like the Provamel Soy Milk, which is one of the main brands found here in Reykjavik. I would love to try some of these exotic sounding flavours some day, like pumpkin pie spice and peppermint chocolate!

  31. I just stumbled across your page – I´ve been vegan since I was 12 but since moving to Spain I went back to dairy for lack of alternatives, although I don´t drink milk as I really don´t like it (apart from other questions).I like Provamel soy milk with calcium for everyday , but for a treat any kind of almond milk is great! I can´t wait to try some of your recipes!!

  32. It entirely depends on context. I like oat milk in cereal, for ice cream and hot chocolate. And, because its often in the fridge I’ll use it in tea although it does curdle easily. I rarely take milk in my tea though – I found that once I cut out dairy, I just enjoyed things black. For cooked milk of any kind (custard or a white sauce – for muffins it doesn’t matter so much) I’ll generally use rice or soya milk, though rice milk can be too sweet and very thin. I used to use soy milk for everything, but got sick of the taste. Still, chocolate-milk and coffee, for that, soy milk is the only way to go.

  33. rice dream’s my milk of choice…and when i’m feeling the need for something sweet, rice dream’s chocolate chai fits the bill. yum x 100.

  34. In India there’s soy milk but not many people use it and the first thing that came to my mind was coconut milk now that has so many uses in my cooking especially since I’m a malayalee and its now available in a tetra pack.
    i’d love to win this book for my sister who’s lactose intolerant.

  35. Is this US-only? I’m guessing so, but on the off chance that I’m wrong, my favourite is the So Good low-fat kind. I was brought up on powdered milk, so the ordinary full-fat kind (dairy, soy or otherwise) tastes funny to me…

  36. Those pics look great! My fav type of milk is a brand of soy milk called Bonsoy which is from Japan. Even people who normally hate soymilk tend to like it.

  37. I got a soy milk maker for Christmas, so now my favorite is homemade soy milk. But for commercial varieties I like Organic Valley Soy milk (for drinking and baking) and LivingHarvest Hemp Milk (for savory cooking and soy-free anything).

  38. I love vanilla hemp milk in cereal. But I also love putting light coconut milk into my coffee and tea as creamer. That is sooooo good. I almost swoon everytime I drink it. :) Mmmmmm….

  39. Well, I was into vanilla soymilk – the Costco brand – for a long while. But I’ve recently gotten into Almond Breeze almond milk – the unsweetened, plain.

    I still use plain, unsweetened soymilk from Trader Joe’s for savory dishes. But the almond milk is my go-to for cereal, smoothies, oatmeal, etc.

  40. My favorite milk is the one I make homemade with my soymilk machine: just plain .. no added flavoring (vanilla, chocolate, etc). To one batch of milk (made with 1/2 cup soybeans(soaked overnight), 1 1/2 quarts water) I add 3/8 tsp salt and 2 1/2 Tablespoons sugar.

    This meets my needs both for milk for drinking, for pouring over cereal, as well as for baking and cooking.

  41. I really like hazelnut milk but I can’t afford it, so I stick with almond milk. I think they all have their individual places due to the different flavors but nut milks are my favorite.

  42. I’m really craving mint choc chip ice cream now!!

    Not sure if UK entries apply but my favourite non dairy milk is Alpro Light unsweetened. It’s the only one I’ve tried that I can drink alone and a lot less fat/calories than some other brands.

  43. I really enjoy making my own milk from pumpkin seeds! I first learned about it in Sandor Katz’s wonderful book ‘Wild Fermentation’. (This milk is not fermented, despite the title of the book.)

  44. We have several different types of non-dairy milk we keep on hand. It depends on what I’m doing which one is my favorite. I usually buy Plain Soy Dream and Trader Joes Unsweetened Rice Milk for regular use. I also really like Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla. It’s excellent with cereal, over homemade granola, in smoothies, in “Fronch” toast, and all sorts of other creations. Coconut Milk is another I like to keep on hand, if I want to add fat to something (for my fat challenged 5 y/o) or just a bit of decadence to the ordinary.

  45. I’ve always loved all three Silk Soy Milks (Chocolate, Vanilla and Plain) and don’t think I could choose just one! They’re a staple in my fridge!

  46. I don’t so much care about the brand name. We tend to buy whatever is on sale. In terms of flavor, though, original unsweetened. Oh yeah. I feel like that just makes it so much for flexible and cuts out unnecessary sugar (which I can then eat in cake/pie/brownie form!). Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  47. Sorry to double post but all I can say is WOW(!!) – I wish I loved in America, you guys have so many different flavours of soya milk compared to the UK. I live in the north of England and the msot readily available in supermarkets are plain (sweetened/unsweetened) or chocolate. In some health food shops you can sometimes find more obscure flavours, but it’s not always guaranteed (and when you’re doing your weekly shopping it’s a pain to have to go somewhere else for your milk). The peppermint one sounds amazing! I am very jealous.

  48. Those desserts look fabulously delicious!

    I’ve tried some store bought rice and soy milks, but prefer homemade almond milk.

  49. My husband and I use Vitasoy in all of my recipes except for smoothies which we use WestSoy Non-Fat Vanilla. My favorite one to drink is Vitasaoy Chocolate Peppermint (I heat it up and drink it like hot coco). Mmmmmm.

  50. Wow, that grilled cheese looks amazing!!!

    My favorite is the Kirkland Vanilla Soymilk from Costco. It’s the most creamy soymilk I’ve found without a beany taste to it.

  51. Oh, me want! Fav every-day milk is Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla almond milk :-), but I’m a fan of Silk Pumpkin Spice in October/November each year.

  52. I like pretty much all of the non-dairy milks and I’ve never tried making my own but now that you mention it… I think I’ll give it a whirl!

  53. I use Silk Soymilk plain in my coffee and cereal. I need to venture out and try some other milks. I buy vanilla Almond milk occasionally.

  54. Oh, I hope I win a copy! My favorite non-dairy milk is the Kirkland Brand from Costco, the non-refrigerated one, Organic plain. For cold cereal, however, my family and I like to use Rice Dream Enriched Vanilla!

  55. My favourite non-dairy milke is homemade almond milk. I like making it at home because I can make it sweeter or creamier depending on its intended use. That flexibility is amazing for improving the results of each individual recipe.
    I would love this book, given that my allergy to animal protein is what started me on my path to veganism. I was only four at the time-26 years later I am very happy that people continue to create amazing resources like this one. Thank you.

  56. I just bought that cookbook!!! =)
    I’ve marked about a dozen recipes so far and I’m not even halfway through the book, that grilled cheese might even be made today. Your picture is making me re-think my lunch. Wow.

  57. For dairy use, my favourite is plain soya milk, most in coffee and cereals. But I love Oat milk, and homemade almond milk. In Spain we make “horchata de almendra”, similar to the “horchata de chufa” of Valencia, but using almonds instead of tigernuts.

    I looove your blog!

  58. Light Silk Plain is delicious for morning cereal. Anytime I’m baking, Silk Vanilla adds a wonderful boost of flavor!

  59. My favorite milk is vanilla almond milk. Its so good in cereal. Mmm. I can’t understand why someone would even want to drink animal milk with all the delicious alternatives there are!

  60. That ice cream looks heavenly! I must admit, my favorite dairy free milk is whatever is on sale when I need it!! (I’m such a college student…)

  61. that ice cream sounds amazing! mint chocolate chip has long been my favorite flavor… as for dairy free milk, when i buy it, i just get the store brand plain for cooking and cereal eating, as it is less expensive and doesn’t have a flavor, really. still, it does have sugar in it, so when i make my own, i don’t add anything to it. i guess i’m kind of a purist? if i’m drinking it for enjoyment, which is rare, but happens, i really REALLY love vitasoy’s peppermint chocolate (the holiday kind). i bought extra boxes once it went on sale after xmas!

  62. I love love love Vanilla Breeze Almond Milk, but i don’t keep it around except on very special occasions because of the sugar content. My day to day favorite is Silk Light Plain soymilk; good stuff!

  63. soooooo tasty. I’ve never seen cheese inside the toast like that even though its not cheese. So confusing!
    They all look stunning and my mouth is watering.

  64. Go Dairy Free has been on my wish list ever since it came out…my dairy allergic son’s favorite is Vanilla Silk. (And if the random number gods aren’t favorable to me, I’m finally going to buy it!)

  65. Wow! This book looks fabulous. My husband is lactose intolerant, my son is allergic to tree nuts, and I cannot eat corn or any corn-derivatives. Needless to say, we’re all about alternative cooking in my house, and label reading. This looks like an excellent resource to help out with meal planning.

    Our favorite non-dairy “milk” is Silk Soy Milk, plain. But if we can’t find coupons, we buy 8th Continent Original. Bring back the coupon deal, Silk!

  66. i love west soy nonfat soymilk, but my trader joe’s always runs out of it! there was a span of a few months a couple years ago when they just didn’t have any at all! my cereal was so lonely!

  67. Mmm, while it may not be for every recipe/application, I’ve gotta give a shout out to coconut milk! One of my favorite things to do when I go to Thai restaurants is to get a Thai iced tea with coconut milk in place of the condensed milk. (Most places I’ve gone had no problem with this!) More often than not, though, I’ll just use Silk unsweetened for convenience’s sake.

  68. oh my gracious! i would LOVE this cookbook. i really like rice milk (can’t drink soy – blech!)… but my daughter’s favorite is 1/2 chocolate almond breeze and 1/2 enriched original rice dream. i’m so grateful for these substitutes that allow her to get the minerals and nutrients she needs as a growing toddler.

  69. I’ll admit, I go for a store brand soy milk because it’s cheap. It tastes fine and works well in bread, so I can’t ask for more.

    I’m a little surprised that I didn’t notice a comment mentioning making yogurt (though I may have missed it given the long line up above). Soy, as long as it is not no-fat, seems to work fine, but I’ve gone around in my head on sweetened or unsweetened. Given the love for almond milk expressed above, I’d be curious to know if any one has tried making it into yogurt.

  70. We generally use whichever organic vanilla soya is cheapest (at home I buy it in a case of 12), but I really like hazelnut milk. I think I’ve only tried the one by Pacific Natural Foods.
    I keep intending to make my own soy milk, because it kind of makes me cringe to see all those tetra paks stacking up!

  71. Oh I so want this book…I probably would have gotten it already if it was at my bookstore.

    My favorite non-dairy milk is unsweetened chocolate Almond Breeze. So yum!

  72. I love it when you do contests! :-) I drink Silk soymilk more than anything else, but I need to broaden my horizons. I just got a VitaMix so I want to try making homemade almond and rice milk.

  73. My favorite non-dairy milk is the oat milk I make for myself. I take oats and soak them in water with a drop or two of stevia or agave. Once they have been soaked I run them through the food processor (now my VitaMix) and add a little cinnamon. This stuff is amazing! It kind of tastes like Horchata.

  74. That Pumpkin cheesecake looks great!! I’m always looking for great dairy free recipes because I know people with allergies. Thanks for posting about this book!

    My favorite dairy alternative is Westsoy’s Slender Soymilk. I always use this instead of milk with my cereal. It only has 70 calories and is very low in sugar. I also use Silk Hazelnut creamer in my coffee every morning. I love the flavor plus the fact that it doesn’t have any hydrogenated oils! yippie!!

  75. Oh boy oh boy, I have been craving a grilled cheese like nothing else. None of the vegan cheeses I can find taste good enough to spend money on, though :(

    I’m gonna put in another vote for unsweetened almond breeze. Yeah!

  76. I <3 Vitasoy Eggnog for Christmas :) But for everyday, I have recently come across Chocolate Almond Dream… yum!

    And those recipes look delicious!!!!

  77. This book sounds wonderful! My favourite milk is chocolate almond milk, so creamy and addictive! I used to be allergic to soy, so I drank this and rice milk a lot, it really saved my life.

  78. Hannah-
    I haven’t seen bought that cookbook, but honestly I might run right out to Barns and Nobles today! I <3 veganism but the only ONE food I really do miss is high quality cheese- I can tolerate the plastic chewy store bought type but I wish there was some magic recipe that could mock the cow’s milk kind where an omni could barely teall the difference… looks like you might have found it! I often use “The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook” and don’t getr me wrong, it it’s self is indeed brilliant- Just not close enought to “real” cheese. BEAUTIFUL photos, as always! :)

  79. i’ve never been big on drinking milk or cereal or anything, so i mostly use it in baking. i love coconut milk for almost everything (cooking, baking, etc.) but hemp dream hemp milk is also one of my favorites because it’s thick and resembles cow milk in consistency. i’ve been interested in the book, but does it use mainly soy as an alternative?? ( i can’t have soy or dairy :)

  80. My favorite nondairy milk is almond milk! I haven’t tried oat milk or hemp milk yet, but I hear they are very tasty. They are next up in line when I finish the carton of almond milk I have!

  81. My favorite kind is definitely hazelnut milk. Mmm.
    But I most often drink rice milk out of availability and price.

  82. Just for drinking I like Soy Dream, but after my mom gave me some almond milk (Pacific brand) it’s become my favorite now.

  83. I seem to be in the minority here, but my favorite dairy free right now is Rice Dreams. The book looks great and I’ve been avoiding dairy religiously lately because of my Crohn’s.

  84. I’m a big fan of the vanilla unsweetened Almond Breeze. I love almonds, and it tastes good on granola (or just by itself!) My boyfriend goes through it rather too quickly…

  85. My favorite one – poppy seed milk. Traditional Christmas eve meal with small “cookies” made (baked in the oven) of milk, yeast and poppy seeds. It’s so yummy and delicious! Maybe because I can get to have it just once a year ;)

  86. Thanks for the great review on this book! Since discovering that I’m lactose-intolerant, I’ve been trying to find ways to eat dairy-free as well . . .

    My favorite non-dairy milk is Blue Diamond’s Unsweetened Almond Breeze (great with cereal or in baked goods!)

  87. I’m boring, probably, but I love Silk vanilla! I want to try this hemp milk everyone’s talking about, I’ve seen it at the health food store..

  88. mmm.. those all look so good! I’m pretty boring. My favorite non-dairy milk is Silk’s unsweetened soy milk. I’m all about small ingredient lists, and this one is the shortest one I could find regularly. I use it in everything. I just made corn chowder with it and it was very yummy! For smoothies I may do an almond milk here and there as well!

  89. I really need a vegan grilled cheese sandwich now. That looks so good!

    I must admit I haven’t ventured out and tried too many non-dairy milks… I tend to use plain silk soymilk.

  90. This book is on my Amazon wish list. The grilled “cheese” looks awesome… gawd, I could go for one right now! My favorite non-dairy milk is soymilk (so creative eh?)… more specifically, chocolate soymilk. I don’t drink the chocolate stuff very often, so it’s kinda a treat for me. :)

  91. This post is making me hungry!! I’d love a chance to win this book – My favorite non-dairy milk is a toss up between Silk’s Light Vanilla Soy & Rice Dream’s Original Enriched.

  92. I love rice milk. I use it every morning with my cereal and it is just perfect!
    I would like to try other kinds as well, every time I go to the store there is a new one!
    I think a book with suggestions of what type is better to use with each dish would be just terrific!

  93. Oooooh! FUN!
    I must say my favourite is Eden Blend, its a combination of Soy and Amasake, and its freakin’ amazing.
    Thanks for the contest, Hannah! You’re lovely.


  94. The good ol’ standby… I love Silk. It was the first one I fell in love with after going vegan and it’s always been a staple in my diet.

  95. I like the HEB brand Mootopia! It tastes just like the real thing.
    It also comes in chocolate. I’m not sure if other areas receive this brand. I am in Autsin TX, and HEB is a grocery store affiliated with Central Market.

  96. My favorite is Almond Breeze. We just moved to a small town, and I can only get that in expensive small containers, so we usually just buy Silk and get the Almond Breeze Chocolate as a treat.
    I never liked cow milk and so I switched to soy long before I went veg. Back then I drank Eden soy. One day though, my mom picked up some random soy milk. She was hoping to make the switch herself, but she didn’t care for Eden. I don’t recall what it was called, perhaps Soy Moo?? Either way, it was the WORST soymilk ever. I liked soymilk, but this was absolutely disgusting. After that, my mom found some appreciation for Eden. XD

  97. I think that my favorite versatile soy milk is Silk Plain Light. It does not have too strong of a soy flavor so it is easy to incorporate into recipes without changing the flavor of the dish. Also, since it’s “light,” it has about the same amount of calories as 1% cow’s milk, which I appreciate a lot.

    pick me pick me!!

  98. I like the Kirkland brand vanilla soymilk from Costco. It’s really creamy.
    I would love to win this book! I had never heard of it, but I’m lactose intolerant, so it would be great for me!

  99. I looooove fresh soymilk from Asian supermarkets. They don’t last long, but they taste much better than the soymilk from cartons!

  100. A major dairy allergy (finally discovered at age 36 after years of “issues”!) is what finally pushed me to a vegan diet. I haven’t gotten this book, yet so would love a chance to win it! My favorite non-dairy milk is Trader Joe’s organic, unsweetened original rice milk!

  101. My favorite non-dairy milk is Edensoy unsweetened soymilk, but I also have a major weakness for Vitasoy Chocolate Banana soymilk.

  102. I love Hemp milk very much, but it tends to be so pricey. When my co-op first started carrying it they had it on sale for while, so I bought a lot of it then, but when it went back up to the regular price, I just couldn’t justify the expense. For value and versatility I stick with Rice milk – no particular brand, but I usually end up using WestSoy.

  103. Wow, that book looks awesome! I would have to say my favorite milk is homemade almond milk sweetened with a couple of dates, but I have to admit that most of the time I just drink Whole Foods brand unsweetened soy milk. I really want to try making homemade cashew milk, but those buggers are so darned expensive!

  104. *officially exited*
    Yet another book I oh so desperatly need. If I wasn’t on such a budget so I can just buy books like yours and Go Dairy free, without having to get my hopes up for give aways like this, where my chances are slim to none. =\
    And as for non dairy “milks” I must say that I enjoy drinking SoNice origianal the best, which is saying something, because I never dink pain non dairy milks by themselves, ever. It works well for baking too. The only other soy milk I will buy plain, is Slik Light. No gross soy-like taste here, like some brands can have*cough*Like SoGood*cough*. I am also really getting into almond milks too. Almond breeze is the only one I have tried at the moment and I love it. Very smooth. Very good.
    But what about you, Hannah? Seeing you have a rather large fan base, I bet a lot of people would be interested in what your favorite non dairy milk is.

  105. Wow that book sounds amazing! My favorite by far is hemp milk, but I can’t afford to get it regularly on my college-student budget. Almond milk comes in second, absolutely, which I need to try making myself.

  106. Ooh..it looks so delicious..all of it! I have a strong affinity for chocolate soymilk. When I’m in the mood for a sweet treat I prefer Silk Chocolate Soymilk and when I just want a little bit of chocolate-yness with my soymilk I go for Pearl Organic Chocolate Soymilk. It isn’t so sweet and is delicious with cereal like blue corn flakes or Kashi’s Heart to Heart cereal. :D

  107. My family has somehow ended up with a vast amount of sesame seeds, so I have been making sesame milk. My favorite combination so far is sesame-almond. Sometimes I add a banana for sweetness. I’m sure it would be even better if I had a Vitamix to blend it properly.

    My favorite commercial non-dairy milk is Living Harvest Vanilla Hempmilk, but I only buy it as an occasional treat because it is so costly.

  108. Hi! Well I have to be honest. I come from a line of dutch diary farmers so I REALLY love milk. My parents had one milk cow (Katie) when I was growing up and I can say one of my favorite things was to put hot cocoa mix in a mug and squirt the milk right into my mug strait from the utter! It was soooo good! Those days of the freshest possible diary one can get are long gone now so I have become more and more interested in healthy alternatives to diary. So far my favorite is Pacific Foods, organic, low fat, vanilla, almond milk. I have really been enjoying it in my oatmeal in the morning. I don’t think I will ever be a vegan but I love the idea of having a very balanced and diverse diet. It is also great for me when Lent comes around because then for 40 days I do go vegan. So if this dairy loving farm girl likes Almond milk I think a lot of others will too.

  109. The most natural soy milk is the one that comes in a jug at any Chinese grocery store. They taste completely different from American soy milk, and they are not enhanced to give it a different flavor.

  110. Oh, hemp milk is divine over granola. But like Liz, the price is too high — especially when my local co-op sells almond milk for less than the rice milk. Though I also like the idea of MimicCreme on cereal for special occasions, being essentially a thick almond-cashew milk. Indulgence!

  111. That grilled cheese looks delicious! Call me slow, but I can’t figure out what it is made out of! My favorite non-dairy milk is definitely rice milk. I like all brands, but I love the taste!

  112. For everyday use, I’ve always loved Rice Dream… but when the holidays roll around Silk’s Soy Nog is the way to go.

  113. I use different ones for different things – for just plain drinking I love Carob Rice Dream, for cereal I love Vanilla Almond Breeze, and finally, for cooking I love Westsoy Plain Soymilk.

  114. That grilled cheese looks awesome! I’m going to have to check out this book!!!

    My fave non-dairy milk is not very original, I fear. I prefer Silk – plain for drinking and unsweetened for cooking/baking. I would LOVE to try making some of my own almond milk sometime, though!

  115. It’s past lunch time and that sandwich and soup combo is making me salivate! I keep experimenting with homemade non-dairy milk. Usually with cashews, but lately with hemp. I love to use oats when making a creamy soup – quick and it doesn’t separate so the soup stays creamy-looking. I’d love to have tried and true recipes to stay non-dairy!

  116. Ooh I hope I win!! I am lactose-intolerant so this would be a great book for me. :-)

    My fave nondairy milk is Silk’s unsweetened soy milk (the kind in the teal carton).

  117. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, all the flavors are good, but the chocolate milk tastes like chocolate milk shake. Oh, so very yummy. :)

  118. my favorite is eden soy’s rice & soy blend. it’s soy milk that’s lightly sweetened using amasake – so fabulous.

  119. Well———I like Coffee Mate. I think it works the best for cooking and baking. And as a soup base, such as for potato soup, it tops the list. It also makes really nice “ice cream”. My husband and daughter both are lactose intolerant, and I’m not. But I do lots of cooking with the coffeemate :O) Just wish I could find a good soy cheese that wasn’t so danged expensive! I’ve come to the point of just NOT using cheese. Yes, it’s sad, I know.

  120. I love West Soy’s unsweetened vanilla flavored soy milk- PERFECT for drinking on it’s own. I hate when non-dairy milks are too sweet… But if I’m going homemade, then nothing is better than a rich and creamy almond milk. mmmmmmm

  121. Hmmmm… Let’s see, I love Almond Breeze Chocolate Milk for a sweet treat (warmed in the microwave when it’s chilly outside!!!) and I usually drink Trader Joe’s Vanilla Soy Milk as my staple. But, I switch it up all the time depending on what happens to be on sale.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!! And the grilled cheese sammie with soup looks so good! I must have that meal, I must!!!!!!

  122. I must have that grilled cheese…

    I wish I had a favorite non-dairy milk. I was a Silk girl for years, then started bouncing around. Right now I’m sticking with Westsoy Plain, especially since they (somewhat) reduced the phenomenal amount of sugar in it–I like Vitasoy, but can’t fathom why they make their regular soymilk organic, but not the light version. Argh!

    Okay, you didn’t ask for a treatise of my woes! Westsoy it is, though I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for the Silk Nog that got me through so many exam weeks in college. (Not to be used as infant nog!)

  123. I like almond milk, but the expense of it makes it a sometimes treat. I usually stick with plain soymilk (the cheap no-brand variety).

  124. My favorite is the Unsweetened Almond Breeze (plain), but I’m also really partial to drinking the Vitasoy Chocolate Peppermint!

    The book looks awesome!

  125. Wow – 169 comments already! Well, what the heck, I’ll add mine in.

    My husband and I prefer unsweetened original Almond Breeze hands-down above all other non-dairy milks. We wish it was organic, but you can’t have everything! We use it for cereal, smoothies, chocolate milk or hot chocolate, and cooking.

    If I feel that a particular recipe (especially baking) would benefit from the high protein content of soymilk rather than almond milk, I prefer unsweetened original Vitasoy, or in a pinch, unsweetened original Silk.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have a big sweet tooth. But I find the sweetness in some of the sweetened nondairy milks to be overpowering and when I eat cereal, that’s generally pre-sweetened, I like to be able to taste it without the extra sweetness that I’d get with a regular milk.

    And now that I’ve been drinking unsweetened for a few years, if I drink a sweetened milk, it’s way too strong.

  126. well i’m in quite a different situation than most of the people who’ve commented here already since i live in a country where not too many non-diary possibilities exist. luckily, we’ve FINALLY got several types of soymilk (vanilla, original, exotic fruits, chocolate) and even some rice or rice-almond milk. it’s my favourite – mildly sweet and with a real taste of it’s own. love it!

  127. Thanks for the info. One of my twins was allergic to milk. It’s sugar & protein as well as a whole bunch of other foods. Life was not fun back then. He has since out grown them all but doesn’t care for milk. I will definitely check out her book.

    I on the other had am a milk lover from way back when, so, unfortunately, I don’t have a fave sub for it! Good luck to everyone else.

  128. I tend to have Almond Bliss, Rice Dream and whichever soymilk happens to be cheapest (in both plain and chocolate) in the fridge at any time. The prices can vary by up to a $ each depending on which is offered on special, and right now we (like so many others) are very price sensitive. I’ve used hemp milk before, and while tasty, the grey colour put me off a bit.

  129. Silk brand soy milk.

    I love their soy nog in the winter time, and they make coffee “creamers” that are to die for.

    It is a staple I keep in my fridge. My sister (and roommate) is allergic to cane sugar and dairy, so we get the plain unsweetened one. Between my vegetarianism and her dairy allergies we pretty much live as vegans (save for a few cage free eggs).

  130. I’ve been eyeing this cookbook recently, because in a few weeks I’ll be going dairy free to nurse our soon to arrive baby girl. I would love to have this cookbook! On the last round of dairy free nursing, Vanilla Rice Milk was my favorite-planning on using it again..

  131. Hmm wow. I like several. I like Almond breeze (all flavors). I like Edensoy (classic taste, haven’t tasted anything like it). I like unsweetened chocolate soy milk (almost any brand) that I can add stevia or other alternative sweetener to. I admit I’m not a big fan of Rice Dream products–I never liked rice milk as much as soy milk, almond milk or hemp milk.

    Of course coconut milk is wonderful, but that’s sort of another category.



  132. Well here in Australia we are a little limited with our choices. Mostly commercial stuff is just the good ole soy milk. But I made some almond milk by grinding almonds with water and filtering the chunks. That was pretty delish!

  133. For sure Blue Diamond Almond Breeze… especially the sweetened vanilla. I had to start buying the original unsweetened because I was drinking it all straight out of the carton before I got the chance to use it for anything else!!! lol

  134. You are right, there are so many great milk alternatives on the market today, it is hard to chose only one. Although I love Silk, I would have to say my all time favorite “milk” is Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, Original flavor. I love it since its low in calories, yet creamy and delicious. Goes great in recipes too!

  135. My favorite non-dairy milk is VitaSoy Lite Plus Vanilla! I also really like Pacific’s plain hazelnut milk but it’s a little sweet for everyday use. I just found out that one of my cousins has a dairy allergy and I can’t wait to tell him about this book!

  136. Lately, I’ve become addicted to Silk Light Chocolate Soy Milk. I never liked soy milk in the past, but this one is just right for me. Not to mention, it’s fantastic to be able to drink this much milk without having to worry about my lactose intolerance. :)

  137. It’s a tossup between almond milk and soy milk. I make my own almond milk at home and turn it in to smoothies, but then again I prepare my oatmeal exclusively with vanilla soy milk. hmm… can I choose both?

  138. My favorite non dairy milk is…silk vanilla! close second is the light vanilla. Oh so original, I know…but I like what I like.

  139. Mmmm, soy milk! My favourite brand is Natur-a Unsweetened, which is a Canadian brand of soymilk. I love it because it’s organic and made locally in St-Hyacinthe, just above Montreal where I live. Plus it’s super delicious! Especially in hot chocolate, yum.

  140. I like HEB (supermarket) organic soy milk. Very cheap, tastes good on cereal, and easy to keep on hand. Until I moved out of Texas! I have yet to find a comparable replacement. I also like the Silk chocolate flavor for a special treat.

  141. Almond milk is my favorite, for the nutty taste.

    A question re: the book – how heavily does it use soy as a dairy replacer? I’ve just had to give up both dairy *and* soy, and I’m finding that a lot of vegan recipes/books out there go the soy route, and so are unhelpful to me.

  142. These recipes sound amazing. I am particularly intrigued by the grilled cheese as I tend to avoid packaged vegan “cheeses”.

    My favorite go-to milk is vanilla soymilk. I must admit not being terribly picky about the brand as long as it’s organic. My favorite “occasion” milk is Vita Soy Peppermint Chocolate – at the holidays, nothing beats it!

  143. I like Silk Light Plain, it does not overwhelm my food and is light in coffee and cereal. It is also lower in calories and fat than a lot of other non-dairy milks.

  144. I’m in Australia, so my favourite brands are a toss-up between Vitasoy original, So Good creamy original and Freedom Food’s rice milk. All good, all tasty, all do the trick!

  145. I love coconut for custards, puddings and ice cream because of the creamy texture, but for things I don’t want a coconut flavor in I use plain soymilk, currently vitasoy.

  146. oh my this ice cream looks positively amazing – cant wait to try it and share with my nephew and his son who cant do the dairy thing. i have always enjoyed soy dream-the vanilla is too sweet for me. original for me is like having a treat- a milk shake! mmmmmmm.

  147. There is nothing better then Chocolate Almond Breeze but my husband would fight that and say the So Nice Vanilla Chai! Options are so limited at times in our city!

  148. Wow, those pictures look amazing. The ice cream looks like the perfect thing for my new ice cream maker. Good to know that this cookbook should be going on my list of ones to get. I’d been wondering about it as of late.

    As for my favorite non-dairy milk, my default is Trader Joe’s plain fortified soymilk. However, I have been branching out more as of late to try some other kinds…

  149. Everything looks delicious! And suddenly I have a grilled cheese craving…
    I love almond breeze mostly, though I grew up on rice dream

  150. For a sweet but healthy treat I LOVE Almond Breeze!
    But I generally buy the Trader Joe’s brand plain Soymilk. It’s cheap, and comes in large containers that don’t need refrigeration!
    I also use Oatmilk when I feel my diet is too soy-heavy.

  151. I can’t wait to read this book. Right now my favorite non-dairy milk is chocolate almond milk by almond breeze. I have a small glass at night and it really hits the spot. With the cold wind and snow filled mountains I might have to make it into hot chocolate tonight.

  152. Wow, looks like I should try some of these dairy milk alternatives. And those pictures are really amazing. I tend to go with whatever is on sale, so sometimes Whole Foods 365 unsweetened soy milk, or Silk unsweetened soy, or Organic Valley soy. But I often can’t finish the big container by myself!

  153. light silk plain! it’s good for everyday use (and i can use it in cooking as well as baking because it’s not vanilla or too sweet!)

  154. Definitely the Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla ;)

    (Although I’ve been told to try the unsweetened Pacific Almond, and I have yet to get some!)

  155. almond breeze unsweetened chocolate… then i add a little agave and sometimes i even drink it without.
    i also make my own almond milk with blanched almonds, water, agave and salt thrown in the blender and strained thru a cheesecloth. its so much more rich and yummier than the store bought kind.

  156. My favourite non-dairy milk is soy. I always have commercial soymilk in the fridge, usually bought from Costco (Kirkland). However, my all time favourite soy milk has to be freshly made soy. I love the beany flavour, but a lot of people dislike it, which is why commercially made milk gets rid of it. Nothing is better in the morning than hot, fresh soymilk.

  157. Our household favorite is Silk Enhanced with DHA, it’s so creamy! But my new personal favorite is homemade nut milk with 1/3 each cashews, almonds, and pecans. The three nuts give it so much flavor I don’t add any sweetener at all.

  158. Oh, hopefully you can count this for in my first comment, my fav. non-dairy milk is Hemp Dream but I also am a fan of very vanilla silk, my “comfort drink” I guess?

  159. I like Vitasoy for soy milk, but Whole Foods unsweetened rice milk is good and (relatively) cheap when I’m feeling a soy overload.

  160. Oh, my goodness, you already have 228 comments on this post! I’d love to have the recipes for the grilled cheese and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Yum! My favorite non-dairy milk is fat-free VitaSoy. :)

  161. how exciting – not two minutes ago I was reading the reviews of this book on Amazon!
    I’m a sucker for unsweetened Light Vita-Soy. I know some people that just can’t stand it, but I love it – it’s basic and the flavor doesn’t overwhelm my love of cereal.

    thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  162. Where I come from you can only get basic flavors of Silk, a store brand soy milk, Almond Breeze or Rice Dream. That being said I usually get Vanilla Silk. When I’m being cheap or just feel I need to change it up I get the private store brand. I have been trying to drink less soy so I’ll get Rice Dream and I don’t really like almond milk.

    I’m so ordinary. =\

  163. I like hemp milk a lot, but can’t find it where I am right now — but plain soy milk is really versatile, so I usually just use that. Any brand but Silk, I prefer Westsoy.

  164. I love Vanilla Rice Dream. I also like to get store-brand chocolate soy milk when I’m in the mood for chocolate milk.

  165. I’ve tried many different kinds, soy milk and rice milk of course, with all sorts of different flavorings. But since I am currently living in Finland I wanted to find something more local (read ecological) that I could use instead. That’s when I started experimenting with Oatly oat milk from Sweden, and I really love it! It comes in all sorts of flavors as well but I prefer just the neutral organic variety. They make a dairy free pancake mix that I’d like to try out as well.

  166. FABULOUS!! I already have the book, since I have recipes in it; but I love hempmilk :-)

    **By the way, Hannah – check out my latest post when you can. I’d love to know your thoughts.

  167. I drink Organic Valley Original Soy. I like the idea of a cooperative system, and love their “get to know your bean” campaign.

  168. We use Silk – the purple container – for my daughter. Though we do have to switch to the plain when making savory recipes.

  169. GO DAIRY FREE sounds wonderful – thanks for hosting a giveaway!
    My favorite non-dairy milk is Eden Foods’ Enriched vanilla soy. It is of the highest quality, and I love that it is not sweetended with refined sugar.

  170. Only one favorite? But it depends so much on the intended use! For drinking straight, any flavor of Living Harvest hemp milk; for cereal or baking, Trader Joe’s organic unsweetened soy milk. (That’s assuming the baking doesn’t involve nuts; if it does, I like to use a milk made from the same nuts.) For a special treat, I raid my hoard of Vitasoy chocolate peppermint soy milk, which I buy in massive quantities during the holidays and then dole out over the rest of the year.

  171. My favorite is, hands-down, Almond Breeze. I like the original best, and I add chocolate syrup if I want a treat. I tried to make my own sesame milk once…let’s just say it went very, very badly.

  172. My nursing baby was just diagnosed with a milk allergy last week, so I’m now going dairy-free. It’s a big adjustment! I’ve only tried a few “milk” varieties. So far, almond breeze vanilla is my favorite.

  173. I’m new to the dairy free world after discovering my nursing son is allergic to cow’s milk protein. The godairyfree.org has been one of my favorite resouces. I’m still searching for my favorite non-dairy milk. I was quite disappointed with the almond milk I tried. Now I’m drinking vanilla soy and I like it the best so far.

  174. My favorite non-dairy milk is the Original “Better Than Milk” however my son (12 yrs) Loves Silk Vanilla.

  175. My favourite would have to be rice milk; I can quite happily drink it by the glass and it’s also great in smoothies.

  176. Soy Dream Vanilla. Its the only one I can drink straight. Or vanilla hemp milk. Anymore I go with what’s on sale at the co-op.

    I will need to check out that book for the grilled cheese alone. It looks great.

  177. Since my b/f is lactose intolerant, we’ve tried just about everything. We’ve settled on Rice Dream organic rice milk as our main staple, although I really enjoy chocolate rice, hemp, or oat milk for a quick, sweet refresher.

  178. I’d be interested in the book too, but like some of the other commenters, I hope it isn’t too soy heavy, since I can’t have soy. When I purchase non-dairy milk, I generally like oat milk the best. It’s got a comfy, warm, homey feeling to it. When I can splurge, I like hemp milk because for some reason, that is normally more expensive. I like making nut milk at home the best though. There is something very satisfying in making your own, knowing how fresh it is and knowing everything that is in there. Having said all of that, I have to admit that I mostly have rice milk in my stash right now. I like it fine and it seems to be the best alternative to use when I’m baking for my family because there are a few members with allergies/sensitivities that I need to look out for.

  179. I tend to buy the soy/rice blend. I can’t remember the brand. I would like to try hemp/almond milk soon though but I mostly use non-dairy milk for cooking and what I have seems to work well! Best of luck to everybody.

  180. I make our own soy milk using a SoyQuick soy milk maker. Still, I do like to keep aseptic soy milk boxes on the shelf for use as a back up. I particularly like Edensoy’s enriched vanilla soy milk. It is heavenly!

  181. Yum! Those recipes look amazing. My favorite dairy-free milk right now is Silk Plus fortified with Omega-3’s, I use it my coffee and morning smoothie every day…

  182. I love Silk Light Vanilla though I’ve tried the unsweetened kind and I actually find I like that in my cereal.

  183. I usually find myself having Trader Joe’s plain soy milk in my fridge. I must say though that my favorite, or rather the best milk i have tried was an organic basmati rice milk.

  184. My absolute favorite is Light Coconut Milk actually! Its SO creamy yummy good:) i could use it for ANYTHING! LOVE it but its not fat free by any means! So, I use a lot of 365 unsweetened plain rice milk as well which not only has a great flavor but is much lower in calories than the coconut milk.

  185. I’m currently loving the original Almond Breeze almond milk. I’m trying to cut back on soy and Almond Breeze is a delicious way to do it!

  186. I love my own homemade soy milk! I just used a cup of dry beans (soaked overnight) along with a cup of shredded coconut to add some sweetness and fat.

  187. I just had to go dairy free–five days ago! Right now I’m trying Silk Vanilla, but am glad to see all of the other alternatives available! I’ll have to try some of them next.

  188. My favorite is Living Harvest Unsweetened Vanilla Hemp Milk. So creamy and delicious! I add a little agave if I need to sweeten it, but mostly I eat it plain on cereal with a little cinnamon.

  189. Hmmm…I’d have to say that Silk is my favorite. I usually go with the unsweetened kind when possible. The chocolate is AWESOME (as we all know). I was even able to convince my non-vegan hubby (very easily I might add) that this was better than any dairy chocolate milk he ever had!

  190. MMMmmmm grilled cheese.

    I love plain Silk and Natura original. Both make excellent lattes at work at Xococava in Toronto!

  191. wow, everything looks so amazing! this looks like an excellent book.

    I like many different kinds of non-dairy milk, most of the time I stick with WestSoy Organic unsweetened soy milk for the simple ingredients and versatile overall product. Every once in a while for a treat I like Vitasoy Chocolate soymilk – it brings back memories of Nesquick as a kid.

    Lately for cooking I’ve been blending almonds and water together for a thick and delicious almond cream!

  192. Unfortunately Vitasoy just discontinued my favorite non-dairy milk which was the Organic Creamy Original. I’m completely devastated. For now I’m using Westsoy Organic Plain but it separates in my coffee and just doesn’t taste the same as my beloved Vitasoy. :(

  193. My favorite non-dairy milk is Rice Dream original, hands down. It’s great for cereal, cooking, and baking! I’ve tried soy milk but I find rice milk is just so much tastier.

  194. My fave milk is oatly milk, pretty self-explanatory its oat based lol :D Its fab in baked stuff and a delish alternative to soy if you don’t like it or are concerned about soy.

  195. Silk vanilla.
    I love when the carton gets down to @ 1/4 full because then I can shake it up so it’s super foamy and make myself a latte.

  196. My favorite milk is almond! I like buying it or making it at home from raw, soaked almonds blended with filtered water and a squirt of agave.

  197. Definitely mimiccreme! Except that nobody carries it in Texas that I know of. I’ve had it shipped from the manufacturer once but it costs too much to do so these days. First off, it’s not SOY! Secondly, it also not SOY, ugh! Really though it tastes and acts just exactly like cream in everything from coffee to baking. You should give it a try. P.S. Your blog is a blast!

  198. My favorite is homemade hemp milk, it’s very simple and quite delicious, especially when it’s just been made! I sweeten it with a touch of raw palm sugar, and it’s nothing short of awesome!

  199. Living in Malaysia, I don’t have the choice that those living in the US have. I always have a carton of soymilk in my fridge. For a treat I sometimes buy chocolate soymilk.

  200. I usually buy Soy Dream original enriched soy milk, but I tried Silk’s pumpkin spice soy milk over the holidays- and I loved it. It’s not too sweet but has an extremely satisfying flavor.

  201. My new favorite dairy free milk is homemade Brazil Nut Milk! My favorite way to have it is on top of my breakfast cereal in the morning! MMM!

  202. To be honest, I simply buy whatever’s cheapest at my local Asian grocer. But that’s often Mogami – enriched and unsweetened.

    Here’s to hoping I win a copy of the book — your recipes (as always) sound mouth-watering! :D

  203. The best non-dairy milk I ever had was freshly made rice milk made from young rice. They sold it on the street in Thailand – it was light green in colour and absolutely amazing.

  204. Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome book! I just recently found out about my dairy allergies, so this would be perfect. My favorite milk substitute: Vanilla Soy Dream!

  205. We don’t have that many choices for different dairy-free milks in New Zealand but I think one of my favourites would have to be So Good Bliss Soyaccino ’cause it’s got such a creamy, delicious taste and makes the best coffee-flavoured custard without any extra flavourings.

  206. I’m not dairy-free, so I can drink normal milk, though I usually don’t. If I have to have it in cereal or for a recipe I usually use skim or 1%. But I’d still love the dairy-free cookbook, because my boyfriend is allergic to whey, a byproduct of milk, found in many milk products like cheeses, sauces, yogurts, etc. So dairy free and vegan books usually really help me out when cooking!

  207. I would love to win this book. I am lactose-intolerant, and my whole blog is devoted to dairy-free cooking.

    Favorite nondairy milk? Easy – Silk, vanilla-flavored.

  208. Hmmm…I would have to say chocolate almond milk, but I am pretty fond of the “purple” Silk soy milk, too!

    I would LOVE to win the cookbook – I have two lactose intolerant children. Luckily, one of them is now vegan but the other one isn’t quite ready…


  209. Zensoy… I think I could live off of only that, plus a bunch of other things. But zensoy soymilk totally rocks, especially when its vanilla or chocolate flavored !!! Plus it comes also in mini juice boxed sized – so perfect!

  210. my favorites change from time to time, I like most of the nondairy milks out there for various uses. They all have their pluses (well the organic ones anyway). Right now I’m really digging Vermont Soy brand soy milk. They are local to me which is awesome, organic, and so creamy delicious. They come in unsweetened, original, vanilla and chocolate. They are all amazing!

  211. Almond Milk. No question. One day I’m going to have to learn to make it for myself, but in the meantime I buy it by the case from my local co-op. It’s the only milk substitute that I would drink by the glass.

  212. i love chocolate soymilk. i am addicted and it doesn’t matter what brand it is.
    and i have been meaning to get a copy of this book! it looks like a much needed addition to my vegan cookbook collection!

  213. my favorite is silk chocolate soy milk- i love it! I’m new to the vegan lifestyle- what a fantastic giveaway!

  214. Hi, this little ring of friends with blogs’ to do with health, veganism, and all around improvement-of-quality-of-life-while-having-fun-too has really kept my interested excited on a daily basis!

    My favourite non-dairy milk so far is So Good’s no-sugar-added original (the yellow carton). I’m looking forward to finding out about hemp milk next, though; although I haven’t tried it, I’m nuts for it’s nutritional profile (specifically, how well-adapted the human internal environment is for reaping most of what the hemp has to offer, which I’ve found is pretty rare; I’m hoping my brain is going to pre-convince me that I like it, regardless of my palate’s preference :)).

  215. My old favorite is Silk Plus Omega 3 DHA. My new favorite, since I’m cutting down on soy, is Trader Joe’s rice milk. I think it’s a bit tastier and richer than Rice Dream (and cheaper, too). A new contender is homemade almond milk. I don’t like store-bought almond milk much, as it is invariably watery, but I recently made some with my Soyabella soy milk maker. Delicious and creamy.

  216. Almond Breeze. I love that it’s thicker than soy or rice milk and gives baked stuff a better texture. Plus no aftertaste if you drink it straight.

  217. My favourite at the moment is almond milk, but I have so far only been able to find it in one shop here (I’m in Scotland), and it was ridiculously expensive. After getting one carton of that to see how good it COULD be, I started making my own, and I think I’ve come up with my preferred recipe now. Plus the leftover pulp makes some pretty good cookies, so that’s a bonus too : )

  218. Yum! That grilled “cheeses” is making me hungry!
    For my favorite ‘milk’… It is between Silk’s Chocolate soy milk and Almond breeze’s chocolate milk! I am a sucker for chocolate.
    I also enjoy pain soy milk for my tea.


  219. I am in love with Silk soymilk. It was the first one I tried when I went veg and I’ve tried others but this is till my fave

  220. For my cereal it has to be Silk Vanilla soy milk. Beyond that it varies between hemp and almond milk except on holidays when it is the peppermint choclate and egg nogg.

  221. Chocolate soy milk is absolutely addictive. I’ve been trying to drink less soy though (with soy yogurt and soy pudding and tofu, etc., I feel like it’s just too much), so right now I really miss all the varieties of other milks – and their cheap prices! – that you can get in the States. The rice milk in Italy is just too sweet, and the oat milk is too watery for coffee. :(

  222. I’m in France so I suppose I can’t apply but my favourit non dairy milk is calcium enriched soy, and I recently discovered a chestnut and rice based drink which is wonderful for a treat.

  223. We,ve just discovered our Son’s milk allergy today! I pray he will like Rice Dream. It’s easy to find in our area! I think that new book looks awesome! It would be a big help.

  224. That grilled cheese looks awesome! I like to have Westsoy nonfat soy milk in my fridge. I don’t drink it plain (that’s what chocolate soy milk is for) but it’s fab for cereal and cooking because it’s not so thick (I drank nonfat milk before I was vegan so maybe that’s where the preference comes from). Thanks for your great blog!

  225. I’m just getting into non-dairy milks (I’ve never been big on milk at all), so I’m just beginning to try all the great options out there. I do love the occasional glass of chocolate Silk, though. It’s a great treat for me.

  226. That grilled cheese looks so good. I’ve been craving grilled cheese for days, no fair!

    My favorite non-dairy beverage is definitely SilkNog. I have to ration myself every December.

  227. Chocolate soymilk of any kind is absolutely my favorite…thanks for the giveaway..this is great!

  228. Hi Hannah,
    I was thinking that would be fun to enter in this contest and talk a little bit of my non-dairy beverage and how I discovered this new-kind-amazing,loving and healthy-way-of-living :) but then I noticed that you got more than 300 comments! Oh My God :)! This will be a hard choice!
    And I have to be short on my comment:)
    My turning point happened in 2001, back in my home country Portugal, a country where vegan/vegetarian/macrobiotics (V) are a tiny, little tiny community and considered ‘alternatives’.
    Back then, I changed to oat milk, because soy milk (really, really, really popular) makes me feeling like I had a huge meal, it’s very heavy for me and the taste is not so pleasant. I found harmony and balance with oat milk, just plain was available at that time (2001-2006)from a brand that unfortunately (it seems) does not export to US: Oatly Brand, from Sweden.
    When I came to US, studying, 2006-now, I looked for oat milk and I found out that, here, in Seattle, the V Community is huge and you have so many, many choices on non-dairy beverages! God, how lucky you are!
    Then, I had a hard time to decide :) I didn’t like very much the oat milk here, I found my body balance with almond milk from the Pacific Brand, the plain version of it, reduced sugar.
    But, I confess, I’m kind of making my own almond milk, it’s a little bit expensive I know, but it’s a treat to myself, because it’s so good.
    Everything that we made, and I believe that is made with tons of Love, taste infinitely Better (when it comes out all right)!

    A word to all: I have no words to express how I’ve been feeling so supported by this community. I’m loving it!

    Susana .

  229. i love very vanilla silk soymilk- perfect in a morning latte!

    Thank you for your blog and writings- it has helped me transition to being full-fledge vegan!

  230. Hemp – really anything but cow puss. I mean taking the mothers milk of a different species – how bizarre – why stop at cow….why not rat and dog as well…truly a odd thing to do! :)

  231. Well I’m a newbie at all this so I haven’t tried too many things. It’s all new to me but I’m pretty happy with Silk’s flavored coffee creamer. Now if more coffee joints out and about would have soy options, I’d be even more happy.

  232. My favourite non dairy milk is Almond Breeze and occassionaly Rice Dream!

    This book looks awesome, I can always use more good recipes!


  233. I have to say my favorite in cereal is almond, but any time I want anything reallly creamy like soups or icings, I use soy. I also love the flavored soy milks that come out seasonally, Silk’s pumpkin spice is an all time favorite, but the VitaSoy peppermint is delicious as well!!

  234. My favorite is Silk Vanilla – but from everyone else’s posts it looks like there are a lot more I need to try! This book looks amazing; if I don’t win I think I’ll have to go buy it!

  235. My favorite is Silk light vanilla. My son is lactose intolerant and he and I also have to watch our carbs. This dairy-free drink delivers a great flavor and makes wonderful smoothies.

  236. I like Rice Dream non-dairy milk. I’ve tried others but this is the one I always come back to.


  237. My favorite non-dairy milk is oat milk! I especially love eating it with a bowl of oatmeal for double the oat-y goodness!

  238. i know it’s not really a ‘milk’ but my new favorite is silk vanilla soy creamer. it is a thick creamy mixture that makes my french press coffee taste amazing and smooth. i am so excited to bake with it!

    another good one is the multi-grain milk that pacific foods used to make. it had oats, amaranth, triticale, rice and other grains; it was light and clean, great for cereal or oatmeal. but *sigh* i don’t think they make it anymore.

  239. I found some hazelnut flavoured rice milk today (made by Rice Dream). I’m going to have to try it sometime, it sounds wonderful and I bet it would make an awesome porridge!

  240. Ooo, that book looks delicious if the pictures are any indication. I am new to the non-dairy milk routine but the one I like best so far is almond milk (not sure of brand). :)

  241. My favorite non-dairy milk would have to be almond dream/milk?
    It is tastier than rice milk but also not as heavy as soy.
    It also comes in different flavors and ones with lower calories too. Its pretty awesome..

  242. My favorite is probably almond milk, but it’s very sweet and feels more like a treat to me. I drink soy milk most often, so I guess that’s my favorite?

  243. We’re on rice milk because the kids have nut allergies, and I don’t want them to get too much soy in their diet. Thanks for the fun contest!

  244. Whoa! That’s a lot of comments. Alicia’s book does look amazing.

    My favorite is Living Harvest’s Unsweetened Vanilla Hemp Milk — creamy and delicious with no sugar.

  245. Very vanilla soy milk. I’m reading through this list and am dismayed at how few options we have in the Midwest. I’m going to try and find some of these others. Thanks.

  246. It has always been very strange to me that humans are the only species to drink the milk of another species–so bizarre! I love all kinds of dairy milk alternatives and have tried so many that it’ difficult to choose my favorites. I really enjoy Vitasoy vanilla Soy Drink, Vanilla Almond Breeze, and Silk Vanilla Soy Light. I also love things made with coconut milk!

    Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  247. My favorite – chocolate almond milk by almond breeze!

    for smoothies I prefer unsweetened almond milk or hemp milk, but often use rice milk, since it is easier to get in our small town.

    for cooking, I use rice milk – again with the availability and lower price!

    I am dying for a copy of this book!


  248. Wowsers . . . it looks like I need to branch out with non-dairy milks! My all-time favorite is a cup of Vitasoy Chocolate Peppermint Soy Milk. The carton has a “cheap” look and I never would have dreamed that it would be this good! You’ve gotta taste it! And although I’ve tried lots of others, I must admit that I like Plain ‘ole Silk. Thanks for such an inspiring blog (it inspires me to bake and EAT). I love My Sweet Vegan and Lunchbox Bites. Now I’ve got to get the Pie book! Thanks, Hannah!

  249. this christmas i drank so much Vitasoy Chocolate Peppermint Soy Milk. when they put it on clearance after at 4 for 2 dollars i brought them out i just finished them up!

  250. My personal preference has led me to almond milk and homemade nut milks. It isn’t hard at all; all it needs is time to soak and blend. A great mixture that I prepare on occasion when I do have the time is a cashew almond milk. This combines the richness of cashews with the wholesome properties of almonds. This method can also be applied to other nuts as well but I still love cashew-almond milk and cashew cheese…but that’s another story…

    I have yet to post it on my blog but I shall when I get the time..I need to stop running around and cooking and just post!

  251. I love to stretch my budget by cooking with homemade potato milk. All of the goodness of other milks without the sugar or the high price tag!

  252. Being from Wisconsin it is hard to go dairy-free, but being lactose intolerant sure helps! I’m all about vanilla rice milk! It’s better than milk in most anything! Especially cereal!

  253. I’m pretty boring and just go for SILK Plain soymilk; I also like Whole Food’s store brand for the price. :-) I still haven’t found a milk alternative that I like to drink on it’s own though. I sure do miss my 2% sometimes. :-)

  254. The pumpkin cheesecake looks amazing… I want some RIGHT now!

    As for the non-milk milk? I prefer soy milk, but none of that sweetened stuff or with de-soy’d flavor because I actually like the flavor of soybeans. My favorite go-to brand is San Sui or VITASOY as it is known in the US, and it’s not as heavy as, say, Silk varieties.

  255. Well I’m definitely plain and prefer vanilla rice milk (Trader Joe’s is my fave). I think it’s because I could only drink watery-ish skim milk before I switched to nondairy milk…who needs creamy? :)

  256. My daughter and I love Silk soy original, unsweetened. I myself love the fresh ones (no brand) sold at Asian markets.

  257. Wow, that sounds awesome. I’ve made vegan cupcakes from several books with great success–when I brought the Root Beer cupcakes from “My Sweet Vegan” into work, one of my colleagues said you couldn’t tell it was vegan by tasting it.

    But also, I have an uncle who is lactose intolerant, and my being vegan has helped my aunt and him find substitutes for dairy products. I may recommend this to them, in addition to the soy ice cream I’ve told them about. I also have a cousin who is severely allergic to eggs, and my knowledge of vegan substitutes has helped her there.

  258. It’s hard to choose, because I like different ones for different things, but since I’m in the mood for coffee I’ll go with Silk original plain soy milk in the fresh gable-top box (over the aseptic tetra box type). It foams up like a dream to make cappuccino.

  259. my daughter is allergic to all dairy, and so she pretty much lives on soy milk. her favorites are stop and shop brand organic soymilk and sunrich organic soymilk. i love that there are books like this out, because people dont understand that she is not allergic to just lactic acid, she is allergic to dairy. people always ask us if she is just lactose intolerant and being that she is only 3, i am the crazy mom that reads EVERYTHING she puts in her body. as a result we make everything from scratch here!

  260. We’re mainly non dairy just for my husband’s lactose issues, so we are able to use the Lactaid or other lactose-free milk. Unfortunately there’s a lot of other foods out there that we can’t so easily get a lactose-free version of!

    Sometimes we use other milk alternatives though – I like Soy Dream soy milk.

  261. I started having milk issues a couple of years back. After trying lactose free and soy milk I hit on my favorite milk substitute of Trader Joe’s Rice Milk. I still usually use milk if I’m baking because my husband hates any substitute and I haven’t hit on anything that he can’t taste the difference on.

  262. That cheesecake looks delicious!

    My favorite type of dairy-free milk is EdenBlend Rice & Soy. It’s the perfect about the sweetness and the right consistency. Yum!

  263. I love Silk Soy vanilla and their chocolate. I really need to totally give up real milk. As much as I love it, it just doesn’t love me. And now I can add cheese and ice cream to that list. Thank goodness, I can still eat yogurt!

  264. I really like plain unsweetened Silk. =) Trying to finally make the leap to full vegan… eggs are easy to give up… having more issues with the dairy.

  265. I love soy milk, oat milk, almond milk, or hemp milk for breakfast in cereal or oatmeal/porridges! But my absolute favorite is Pearl Plain Soymilk or Quality Check Soy Milk from Roth’s (store brand). I love all these non-dairy milks in smoothies, in baked goods, or out of the glass too!