3 Years…

…And still going strong! It’s hard to believe that BitterSweet has been around for so long, and how far this baby of mine has gone. But really, it’s not the blog that I want to celebrate on this joyous blogoversary- It’s the people that made it possible. All of the encouragement, inspiration, and camaraderie I’ve found through this humble creative outlet is a true testament to the fact that there really are a whole lot of thoughtful and compassionate people in this world. Even if you’ve never commented before, the fact that you’re reading this right now makes a difference. Whether you’ve been following my ramblings from the very beginning or you just tuned in last week, thank you for reading. As a special little thank you gift, I thought it would only be fitting to give away two copies of My Sweet Vegan! You have until one week from now to enter.  As the winner will be announced on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, it only seemed fitting to award two people on this day for pairs.

If you want to win my book, then just leave me a comment (no double-commenting, please) and tell me: What’s your favorite part of BitterSweet? What makes you want to come back for more? The recipes, stories, pictures, crafts, or something else? Or a combination? Yes, I’m nosy and I just want to know, but I also want to know how I can continue to make the blog better, and provide more material that the majority of readers want to see. Sound like a good deal? Just tell me what you think!

And, in honor of this third blogoversary, I thought it was about time to air some of the gems I’ve been saving for these past three years- Some of the most entertaining search terms that led some lost souls here! None of the search terms that follow have been altered in any way. If you’re drinking coffee, I suggest you put it down for a moment, lest you spray it all over your keyboard…

disturbing bananas
dumbass cakes
tongue bars
homemade cereal killer and victim hallow
constipated pumpkin face
crocheted boob pattern
t & t supermarket tripe radish soup
swear finger
vegan in a can
what does sour puss taste like?
don’t eat me i love you pizza
my family is hot dogs
did an alligator really have five legs
adding flavor to crack cocaine
100 bricks of coccaine
bald painful tongue
turd sprinkles

…All I can say is, I hope these very unique visitors eventually found what they were searching for, even if they definitely didn’t find it here…

So I’m hoping that no one says that any of the above are reasons that they’ve been perusing the blog, but do let me know where your interests lie and enter to win a copy of my book!

284 thoughts on “3 Years…

  1. You know, it’s extremely difficult to choose my absolute favorite part of BitterSweet. I believe it’s the clever, witty, and whimsical prose you employ to describe your innovations and the journey it took for you to arrive at each creation.

    Happy blogiversary!

  2. Happy blogiversary!! I have to say, more than anything else, I love the cute little things you knit and crochet. Congrats on three solid years!

  3. Hey Hannah!

    I come and check your site every day because i love both your recipes and your crafts. the way you incorporate your life (the stories) into your posts just make me love them all the more. the pictures are always amazing, but it really is your wonderful writing skills that keep me hooked. keep up the amazing work!


  4. I love your photography and your craft skills. Everything you make is well-presented, whether it be food-related or not.

  5. I love baking, so my favorite part of Bittersweet is the desserts. I don’t own My Sweet Vegan, yet, but would love to get a copy!

  6. Hi there, I love your blog!! It’s just such a bright spot – delicious looking food, cute yarn animals. Simply charming! Congrats and keep up the good work!

  7. I really love the way you photograph your food, as well as the way you write :) And of course the recipes you share with us! I made your Whoopie Pies not long ago (thanks for sharing them on everydaydish.tv) and they were amazing. I love wow-ing friends with vegan treats and you make that a lot easier to do!

  8. Happy Anniversary! I can honestly say that it is nothing in that last that keeps bringing me back for more, not even the turd sprinkles. (I had to throw that it in because, really, when else do you have opportunity to use the phrase “turd sprinkles”?) What I really appreciate is your original use of ingredients and how beautifully you present your food – you do a wonderful job of creating an interesting and useful site.

  9. My favorite part (other than the creative and tasty recipes of course) is the gorgeous gorgeous photos with EVERY recipe!

    And also, naturally, turd sprinkles, duh! ;)

  10. I love love your recipes and they’re always ones I use more than once. Ultimately however, I repeatedly come back to gaze upon your gorgeous pictures. I absolutely love the comfort in them.

  11. Happy blogoversary, Hannah! Your blog was one of the first I started to read when I discovered the blogging world last year, and now that I subscribe to hundreds, it remains one of my very favorites. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that is evident in every word you write and every picture that you take, and your knitted creatures always make me smile.

  12. I would have to say the photos are my favorite part…they’re always SO amazing and beautiful! I also like the little crocheted creatures you make…very cute! :) Awesome blog and happy blogiversary!

  13. Wow! Congratulations on 3 years.

    I’m a subscriber and read every post in google reader, but just to let you know- I came for the crochet but stayed for the photography.

    I’m a horrible cook/baker but I love your food photography and reading about how you take pictures!

  14. Congrats, Hannah!

    I subscribe because I love your pictures and inventive presentations. You arrange and photograph your conconctions just so. It’s amazing that you have time to bake, knit, and photograph it all.


  15. I can’t bake anything deemed edible by people other than me, so I’m always looking to improve that part of my cooking skill-set. It’s particularly irritating when certain relatives express a belief that good baking requires eggs or dairy, so vegan insight into baking is also helpful. Plus, baked goods have easily been the hardest thing to give up while transitioning from vegetarian to vegan – yay recipes to try!

    I love the pictures as well.

  16. Of course I have to agree with everyone else: the photography is key, your writing is wonderful, and the way you present everything is neat and easy to enjoy (some blogs are really all over the place with randomly inserted and off-center pictures, strange use of italics and bold when not necessary, etc.).

    I have to say, though, that in addition to these things, I feel drawn to your blog because I can relate to you. No, I can’t take pictures like you or write like you, but there is this hint of nervousness and a bit of shyness, combined with the amazing amount of confidence it takes to post original work, that I relate to and appreciate. I’m not sure if that made any sense, but it is good to know that I’m not the only one that feels like an awkward, nervous wreck sometimes – even if there is no reason because your work is always amazing. :)

    I also feel like I can trust your recipes. A lot of time with blogs you never know what you’ll get.


  17. Wow, 3 years? Congratulations! And I only started reading your blog about a month ago? Where have I been? I really love your blog because of the writing and photography, but I also love that your a fellow crafter.

    That list of search terms is hilarious. I love reading those. Most of them are quite disturbing.

  18. I would say it’s mostly for the recipes, I am a vegetarian, but bake mostly vegan. I love being inspired by the great food photography to make the yummy items on your blog. Keep up the great work!



  19. I love the care you put into creating beautiful picture. You make everything looks so yummy! Happy blogoversar.

  20. hee hee!
    I like “dumbass cakes” and “adding flavor to crack cocaine.” Hannah, I just love your whole blog – I love your goofy crochet critters, and your playful writing, and your passion for food, your beautiful photography, your delicious recipes, and your sweet nature that comes through in the way you write and share with us all. I’m happy to “know” you! Happy Blog Day!

    and I already have a copy – so I just said those nice things ’cause I really mean it! :)

  21. I love the recipes, and the photography. Your blog is so inspirational. Geting a new post puts a smile in my face all day.

  22. I’ve been lurking for a while, feeling thankful that you’ve got such a beautiful and inspirational blog…

    I’d have to say that aside from your beautiful photography, my favourite part of your blog is the way you manage to veganize things I’d never think could be vegan, and you make everything look so mouthwateringly delicious, it almost makes my brain and taste buds explode.

    Thanks again!

  23. Congrats on 3 years! My favorite part of your blog would have to be the recipes (and the photographs of the beautiful finished products) – but your crochet creatures and stories are entertaining as well.

  24. I definitely come back for the awesome photography — your pictures are gorgeous! Happy third birthday, and here’s to many more years…

  25. Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy Birthday to you…Bittersweet
    Happy Birthday to yoooouuuuuuuu :)

  26. hey hannah, i dont think ive ever commented before but ive been creeping around for a fair while.
    what i like about your blog is that you really make veganism exciting and limitless. as a new vegan it is really positive and encouraging to see such amazing and creative food without animal stuffs in it.
    plus, your photos are swoon-worthy ;)

  27. Happy Blogoversary! I started reading your blog before I got my own, I love the recipes, the flavour combos are often things which I would never have thought of but sound and look great, I love your photography too! Keep it up!

  28. Congrats on 3 years! The first thing that got my attention was your beautiful pictures! But that was only the thing to got me hooked, you know like the first shot of drugs is always given free?))) Well your pictures were that first shot and now that I am addicted to your blog, I have to come and read your stories of what it took you to create something, especially I like your ability to be humorous throughout the way. I love how you describe your experience in the kitchen. It is one thing to create a desert or what not, but it is a completely another thing to be able to lay it out just like it is and not to sound boring! And you’re definitely a pro at that. It does not matter how basic or simple something is, after your description and a picture I can not resist the urge to go and re-create it myself!
    Thanks for sharing your kitchen experiences with us!
    Happy blogaversary :)


  29. why i come back to bitter sweet in haiku form

    the sweets are a treat
    but it’s the passion behind
    that makes me want more

    ok so i cheated and didn’t reference a season and my silly haiku could never do your blog justice but i hope it puts a smile on your face.

  30. Congratulations! It is a wonderful and inspiring blog! In fact I did my first amigurumi thanks to your birds of a feather pattern! I am soo happy to have found this blog!
    Keep up with the lovely work!
    Hugs from Spain!
    Thanks for bringing sooo mucho joy to my everyday life!

  31. I love the creativity that appears in both your cooking and your craft. The photos make me drool and I love having an answer to people who claim that you can’t make good vegan sweets.

  32. It’s mostly the creativity that keeps me coming back, but you write so well! The fact that I can clearly hear your narrative whilst reading makes me think that we’re bosom buddies (in the internet sense!) and that’s always going to be a draw :)

    Plus your pictures are always so cute. Almost enough to make me consider turning vegan!

  33. Thanks for writing such a wonderful blog. I think the writing is the reason I keep coming back there’s something about your style that really speaks to me and lifts me up when I’m having a low day. I also love your photographs and the fact that you cover topics I’m interested in but know little about, so I’m expanding my knowledge as well.

  34. Hi there,

    I am extatic to visit Bitter Sweet for the most beautiful “real thing” alike desserts you bake over there. I have been vegan for 2 years and I know sometimes I would kill for a rich creamy chocolate cake with whipped cream :-) that is probably why my will broke along the way :-( now after two years of crap diet, I am re-living my vegan journey again with my 21-day vegan challenge, as from what I was told, it takes three weeks to change one´s habits….

    I need a book like yours to keep my sugar tooth under control :-)

  35. I am always interested in finding new and interesting recipes to try, so I come to your site to add to my ever expanding recipe collection!

  36. Hi Hannah, I stumbled upon your blog whilst looking for vegan recipes and happened across it on a day when you’d posted about some of the felt animals – bunnies I think – I was hooked, not only great recipes, with attractive photos, but cute crafts as well. A blog after my own heart. I’ve still never made a felt animal, but having taken up knitting a month or so ago I have started my first knitted cuddly toy! Thank you for the inspiration, please keep it up.

  37. You seem to have a good attitude, and you’re posts are pretty funny. I really like the recipes and the pictures of food. I really enjoy looking at pictures of food. Is that weird? Can I make a request for more agave sweetened baked goods? Thanks and great blog, congratulations on 3 years!

  38. Congratulations on your Three-year anniversary! I stumbled across Bittersweet over a year ago when I started reading blogs, and was instantly struck by the ridiculously decadent desserts – all vegan! You have single-handedly overcome the outdated British vegan attitude that if it’s a vegan dessert it needs to be made from cardboard, oats and penitence! Love it… and will keep-on reading with anticipation…

  39. Thanks for the laugh with those search terms!
    Being a dessert lover, I love all your sweet recipes. Happy blog birthday, here’s to another wonderful 3 years!

  40. I’m trying really hard to remember the time you blogged about cocaine, ha ha. ;-)

    Happy 3 year anniversary, Hannah! I know that Bittersweet be around for many years to come. :-)

  41. happy bloggaversary! I think my favourite part of Bittersweet is the wry humour. and the gorrrrgeous pictures! and the recipes. the random cute crafted things as well! you’ve got a good thing going. :)

  42. Congratulations, Hannah! You run a fabulous blog, and I am so happy I came across it a while ago!

    Hope to see you soon!

  43. Happy Anniversary – I love everything you offer but the crochet projects are my favorite. All your little creatures are special!!

  44. Happy Blogiversary! I love the recipes you post, but really, it’s the photography and stories about what led you to them that make them seem all the more delicious. I’m not vegan, or even vegetarian, but I love to find out about alternative options to the ingredients I use, and your blog provides a great resource for that.

  45. I love the photography, the recipes, and the stories! I wish I could convince myself to learn how to crochet cute little animals though and traffic cones though.

  46. Hi Hannah! Congrats on 3 years of blogging! I haven’t been reading quite THAT long but it’s been a while. I love everything about your blog…. really enjoy the VEGAN treats…. dream about being able to craft half as well as you do… but I think the thing that keeps me coming back is your photography! You really have a way with a camera!! I subscribe to BitterSweet using Google Reader so I NEVER miss a post!!
    All the best and to many more years of happy blogging!

  47. Three years, very cool! I wish I could be as prolific on my blog, but I just haven’t had the time. I come back for the recipes, photos and the craft projects. It never ceases to amaze me that you have the time to do so much. It’s a very big source of inspiration. Keep up the great work, I love seeing what’s new.

  48. Congratulations on THREE YEARS!! Wow. There are so many things I like about yuor blog, but I’d say the top two are the writing and the way you recount the events that led to the creation of the day, and the amazing photos, always stunning!

  49. Happy Blogiversary! Congratulations and thanks for the fun giveaway to celebrate! While I love all the food porn, recipes and crafts. I think the thing that delights me the most are the stories (especially those related to your crafts). But, even without the stories, I’d visit each and every post!

  50. I’m really into the combination of the recipes, photography, and the little commentaries you write to go along with them. I’ve hopped around the blogosphere quite a bit, and this blog is among those I visit the most. Also, My Sweet Vegan is a stunning book. I don’t own a copy, but I added it to the inventory where I work (a natural foods store). When it first came in, people were so excited! I still hear them talking about it. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  51. I originally came for the recipes. The witty writing and beautiful photos keep me coming back. I also love seeing the cute things you crochet. So I guess I love it all! Here’s to 3 more years!

  52. Happy Anniversary Hannah!!! Congratulations. It is difficult to pick a favorite. I found your blog a long time ago when searching for a recipe (unfortunately I don’t remember what it was but I do remember it turned out great). You have a knack for creating such delicious treats and your generosity sharing them with us all is appreciated. The accompanying photos are the deal clincher. Every photo is so gorgeous, they make me want to make every thing you post. xoxo

  53. I especially enjoy your diligent experimentation with recipes, and your fabulous food presentation and photography. I don’t typically make such adventurous desserts but love drooling over your creations. Thank you the inspiring work, and for making vegan desserts something that can be enjoyed by vegans and omnivores alike!

  54. my favorite part of your site is definitely the fact that you’re just a college student like me! it makes so happy to know that someone else is stuck at college, getting a degree, but really just loves to bake =). i also LOVE your photographs, and I even went out and bought my own d60 so that i could amp up my skills.

    i’d love to be as successful in the blogosphere as you, but i doubt anyone ever visits my site.

    keep up the good work and continue to inspire college girls =)!!

  55. i love your blog because you are very talented and i can’t wait to see what beautiful pictures of delicious baked goods you have up next!

  56. Hi Hannah,

    I guess I’ve been reading for about a year now (via RSS). If asked to specify *one* thing I like above all the others, I couldn’t. I like it all! I like the quirky, human, mish-mosh-compendium feeling that your blog has. I love the food pictures, the crocheted creatures, the writing–everything.

    Happy 3 years!

    In case you’re curious about demographics…I’m married, vegan, a graduate student (in math), and a stress-crocheter.

  57. There are so many good things about your blog! My favorite parts are (in no particular order) your photography, your writing style, your knitting/craft patterns, and of course the fairly original recipes (or twists on vegan recipes) that you post, such as your Frosted Trees. The photography entries I tend to enjoy most are the ones in which you show the set-up you used to get those great photos with the mirrors and whatnot. I also appreciate it when you once in a great while post photos of baking/cooking adventures that were did not come out absolutely “picture perfect”, which makes me feel slightly better about some of my own un-pretty attempts at vegan baking.

    Also, as a side note, I’ve been knitting for several months off and on but have never managed to finish a project until now, due to my attention deficit-ness. Last night I finished my first-ever knitting project: your alien in your entry called Foreign Exchange Student or something similar. Thanks for the awesome idea/pattern!

  58. Congratulations Hannah! Your blog was one of the first I started following before I created my blog. You are so talented, keep up the fantastic work!!!

  59. 3 years is a long time to keep such an involved blog active. Congratulations! What do I like best about your blog? I never really know what to expect. Your pictures are artful, your kitchen skills are powerful, and your sense of humor is absurd. Very cool. Thanks for entertaining/educating me.

  60. Congratulations! I enjoy the mix of delicious recipes, creative pictures, and delightful stories that accompany the occasional knitting or crochet pattern. But most of all I appreciate that, despite your very proper acknowledgment this is a tough world sometimes, imagination and chocolate always win. Thank you.

  61. HAPPY 3rd B-Day bittrsweet!!!
    OMG I’d LOVE to get a copy of your fabulous book! Some of the things I love the most about your blog are: The amazingly detailed stories that go along with most posts and recipe creations, the mouth watering 5 star baked goods, the ADORABLE little knick knacks you craft, and the extra little holiday posts you create, even when it’s just a photo… sorry, can’t choose just one! Hope this helps! :D

  62. I would love to win a copy of my sweet vegan! I still haven’t mastered vegan baking so it would be nice to have a cookbook with amazing recipes!
    What keeps me coming back here is every time I visit I want to take a bite of my monitor because everything looks so good!

  63. BitterSweet has it all, but what I especially love is the photography… and when you explain HOW that picture came to look so good. It’s fascinating.

  64. Wow!!! Three years!

    There are a couple of reasons I stop by & visit. The first is you have amazing food here, vegan or not!!! The second is that the few times I’ve had a question you thoughtfully responded and answered my question as best you can! As someone new to baking and blogging I really appreciated the time you took. Thank you!

  65. Congrats on three years! The main reason I read your blog is for the delicious recipes and gorgeous photos. I’m not at all crafty but I have to say that I also love your adorable little animals and the stories that go with them. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!

  66. I first discovered Bittersweet when I was looking for a pattern for crocheted cupcakes. I was really impressed with the presentation of the blog and the beautiful pictures, which was the main reason I chose that cupcake pattern over the dozen others I found on the internet. A couple of weeks ago, I started reading the blog from the beginning in my spare time. I suppose that the thing I like the most about Bittersweet is how you take your latest cute amigurumi and instead of saying, “Look! I made a cat!”, you invent an interesting story about some remarkable creature you met, as if every project you make has its own life. Besides that, I also really enjoy what brought me to the blog in the first place, those attractive pictures of beautiful food and interesting knitting and crochet projects.

  67. It’s as simple as great writing and fantastic photos! I’ve been vegan for three years, so your blog and my veganism started around the same time!

  68. For me its your chatty tone, like you’re sitting in my living rooms sharing a joke and a natter as we have a piece of cake (or whatever beautiful picture you’ve put up that day)- almost like a real life friend instead of some random internet person.

  69. Happy blogiversary! And oh darn, you caught my search term, “did an alligator really have five legs.” My favorite part of the blog is the commentary and pictures. I feel involved in your creations because of them!

  70. I don’t comment much, but I love reading your entry, drooling over your desserts and looking at your beautiful photos. Congrats on three years and cheers to many more!

  71. I am a relatively new reader of your blog (only a couple of months) and I had no idea it has been around for so long. As soon as I fond your blog, I knew I had to subscribe, and I have not been disappointed yet! I absolutely love your photography and creativity. Everything you make looks delicious and leaves me wanting more. Although this isn’t directly related to your blog, I find it inspiring that you are so young, and you are already a huge success in the vegan world. I am staying tuned to see what you come up with in the future!

  72. i love your presentation. that’s why i read your blog. the recipes are always awesome too! happy 3 years!!

  73. Happy birthday Bittersweet :)

    I’ve been lurking for a long time, and enjoy so much about the blog. The photography and layout is beautiful. The recipes are easy to follow and have all turned out wonderfully. And though I’m not a knitter at all, your whimsical writing about your projects makes me smile.

    Here’s to another three years, and hopefully more.

  74. Happy Blogiversary! As far as subjects go, I’m mostly interested in your wonderfully creative and professionally done recipes, but the element of your blog I like the best is your willingness to share your “secrets,” whether it be camera technique or vegan baking substitutes. The success of your blog and your cookbooks is because they reflect both your talent and your generousness.

  75. I read your blog for the beautiful pictures, and the adorable stories you whip up every time you post about your crochet and knitting projects. I am not a vegan myself, but you portray the vegan diet and vegan cooking in such a way that makes me contemplate the possibility of adapting to said lifestyle myself, one day. Your recipes are easy to follow, and your narratives are fun to read.

    Also important to me is the fact that you are not a snooty food blogger. There are plenty of holier-than-thou bloggers out there who make cooking and baking into something so exclusive that only those who understand the most complex cooking lingo can catch their drift. Keep it simple, keep it aimed at the masses, and not the pastry snobs! ^_^

    Looking forward to spending many more years as your reader!

  76. Things I love about Bittersweet in order of my level of adoration:

    Pretty pictures.
    Great recipes.
    Adventurous cooking.
    Culinary inspiration.
    “Other than” posts – like those on food photography.
    Crafty goodness.
    Entertaining anecdotes.

    Happy anniversary! And as “they” say (not sure who “they” are, but I know “they” say it): Keep on keepin’ on!

  77. Happy Birthday Bittersweet!
    My favorite thing about this blog, aside from the delicious vegan treats, is the beautiful presentation and plating. Plating is an art I know very little about, and I find your work absolutely inspiring. Thank you!

    Hooray for vegan Portland bloggers!

    PS – I hope this doesn’t show up twice and I apologize if it does. I’ve been having trouble posting on blogs lately . . .

  78. happy blogiversary, hannah! i don’t need to be entered in the drawing (i already have a copy!), but i really love seeing your knitting/crochet and other crafts. all of your photos are always fabulous and your personal voice is great… i generally read all of your entries even if the subject isn’t one that i’m really into. great work and many more years to come, i hope! *hugs* : )

  79. I’m a new reader (a friend has your book and loves it) and I really enjoy your writing, photographs, and recipes. Yes, I realize that this is all of your blog content, but I wouldn’t want to read if you weren’t a good writer, and I wouldn’t want to cook if your recipes weren’t delicious and had no pretty pictures to inspire me! Happy blogiversary!

  80. Congratulations and happy blogoversary! l love your photos, recipes, writing, crafts – actually everything! It’s what makes it unique to you. :-) Thank you for putting together such an awesome blog!

  81. Happy blogiversary!
    I guess the pics and the crafts are the things that strike me most. You’re one talented young lady! I just wish I had the time to do all the great things you seem to be doing :)

  82. Ohh this is exicting. I’ve been wanting to just LOOK though your book for the longest time now.
    Mainly because of your blog too.I mean if there is some great things on here, I can only imaginge whats in the book.
    Your blog is inviting, has great pictures of food that really esentuate every aspect it may have, making it look ten times more appealing, possibly to the point of which one may lick the screen…
    And the crafts don’t hurt either. They’re cute, and bring a smile to my face every time I see a new character you create. I wish I had one to just carry around in my pocket. =D

  83. Hi, I found your blog while looking through WholeFoods’ blog last week. I was intrigued by the cheese straws recipe. We’re a dairy-free, gluten-free, most allergen-free family because of my daughter. Your recipe was great. I already made the second batch of cheese straws for my daughter. She can’t have it enough. And I love the pictures on the blog. Thanks for sharing.

  84. I found your blog by searching for crochet patterns- and your crafts, stories, recipes, and photos keep me coming back for more (and your adorable basenji)! I’m definitely a crafter at heart, but I love the variety of Bittersweet. Happy 3rd blogoversary!

  85. My very first taste of Bittersweet was with the crochet turkey pattern, which also happened to be my very first crochet project! I loved it so much, that I kept coming back to see what adorable creations you would come up with next — there are a couple that I’m still hoping you’ll decide to post the patterns for someday. :) I also think your photography is fantastic — it still boggles me how much you’ve accomplished and how really skilled you are at such a young age. At this point, I think I keep coming back just to see, “What is this girl gonna astound us with next?!” So, Happy Birthday Bittersweet, here’s to three more years!!

  86. My favorite thing about BitterSweet is your adventurous nature to tackle complicated recipes and things I’ve never seen made vegan before. Added to that.. some really amazing food porn photos and you’ve got yourself a quite unique blog.


  87. Happy Birthday BitterSweet Blog!

    I love it all. (but that’s not really very helpful feedback, is it?!)

    I love your photographs Hannah, they are so beautiful I can almost taste the food! And the knitted/crocheted creatures are just wonderful! So creative, and always accompanied by a story too, what more could I ask for? >:o)

    I love the blog searches! LOL! I’ve had some odd ones myself, but not quite as entertaining as yours (what are people thinking!?! Eeep!)

    I look forwards to your posts, they always leave me hungry for more >;oD

  88. Congratulations on the three years!
    I think I love everything, the creative vegan recipes, the funny stories and the cute crafty things :)

  89. Hello!! Even though i am not actually vegan i really like your cool recipes. Root beer float cupcakes? Ingenious. I’m only 12 and just beginning to get in to baking, but so far I’ve had lots of fun. I originally got here by searching for craft like things, but my favorite part is definitely the recipes. Keep up the good work!

  90. Congratulations on your blogiversary!
    I think my favorite part of the blog is the recipes (especially with the gorgeous pictures), but I’m a fan of your product reviews as well. I’m not a vegan (lacto-ovo veg), so it’s a good introduction to products I might not otherwise try.
    I’m also a knitter, but every time I see your adorable crochet projects, I want to pick up a hook!

  91. Your blog is great! Congrats on 3 years! The search engine entries were a hoot; thanks for sharing! Finding recipes that impress non-vegans is always a treat :) I’m an avid knitter (I sometimes crochet and sew, too) so the crafty digressions are also enjoyed. (I also think the photography is superb!) I’ve also been thinking about making dog biscuits for some time… so I can’t wait to try those out on my pup!

  92. 100 bricks of cocaine is the best!

    I guess the more/longer you write the better potential for strange hits.

    Happy Bloggy Birthday!

  93. My favorite part of the site is all your amigurumi and recipes. I make amigurumi myself and am trying to get a book of my patterns published :) I’m also pregnant so I’ve been coming up with a lot more lately. However I’m trying to better the diet that my husband and I eat (hard to do living on a college campus in the middle of nowhere) and your recipes are perfect for that purpose. ^_~ This summer we will be living close to a Whole foods and I can’t wait to be able to try all your recipes I haven’t gotten to yet.

    I’m glad your blog has been able to be a success for so long. Happy Blog birthday and hope you have many more :D

    Hugs and Kisses

  94. I love the pictures. They make all your dishes look so divine and it’s my pleasure to read about your cooking adventures. Thanks.

  95. The photos and unique recipes keep me coming back..and I’ve been coming here for most of those three years! :D

  96. My favorite part of your blog is your sense of humor and enjoyment of life. Yes I can find crocheting and cooking and moms in pretty purple sweaters in various places, but nowhere else is it done with such an appreciation for what makes us alive, and celebrating what we are. You just get it, Hannah. You must see life as something really special, because you come across as someone who just wants to be the best she can be, take care of herself, and respect and honor other living things at the same time. I think you truly love what you do, and it shows.

    I love your funny list of search topics. It reminds me of something I wrote on my grocery list one time: “bathroom popcorn.” I have NO IDEA what the heck that was supposed to be, but I read it on my list as I was shopping in the grocery store, and I just lost it. I laughed so hard I’m sure people tried to avoid getting close to me… and it still cracks me up now as I remember it!

    Anyway, I feel lucky to have found your blog and wish you hysterical laughter in the future.

  97. By far, my favourite part of this blog would have to be the unending humour and witty sarcasm that I completely relate to. I love how pretty much every recipe is both practical and beautiful, and laid out with clear, consise instructions. As a bonus, I also adore you for updating so often! There is something just so spectacularily simple and unassumingly friendly about your blog as well; it just draws people in on its own accord without need of any fancy or stupid gimicks. The food (and the photos – which are amazing by the way) speaks for itself. You have just the right combination of panache and modesty to be so unique and appealing that it is practically impossible to stop checking back every day for a new update. Don’t ever change because you are amazing!!!

    Virtual hugs!!! ;P

  98. I think I like the variety on your blog best. I never know what I’m going to find. Now I enjoy brewed chocolate and contemplate making a penguin bowling set–all thanks to you!

    It’s a great blog and I don’t know how it could be better.

  99. I stumbled onto this site in a search for crochet patterns and I thought your little alligator and birds were so cute that I had to learn how to make them! The endless parade of sweets and cute plushies have definitely kept me coming back for more! Keep up the great work!

  100. Happy blogoversary! What I like best about Bittersweet is that in every post there’s a little surprise! Always good! May it be the stories, photos, recipes, crafts, fun! There’s always something to cheer up my day and inspire me!
    But man! What are those Google searches! So funny! Scary even! hahahaha!

  101. CONGRATS! 3 years is amazing!

    I keep coming back to your blog because of the wonderful crafts with a story, the wonderful eye candy, the amazing recipes, and to see new products I’ve never heard of. Yet, it is all because I love your tone and excitement for your blog! You, Hannah, is what makes the blog!!

  102. I’ve been following for a couple months now, after seeing you on Everyday Dish. I love learning how to make vegan desserts.

    You also have great photography.

    Here’s to three more!

  103. My favorite part of you blog is definitely the pictures. I love the recipes and love the stories…. but your vivid photography really puts it over the top. =-)

  104. I love your commitment to vegan recipes that don’t use a lot of super-processed products. Your creativity is inspiring.

  105. Hahahahahaa, adding flavor to crack cocaine?? Well, you probably could add flavor to anything Hannah, haha.

    Happy blogiversary!!

  106. Your beautiful photos for sure. Of course your general blog-presence (is their a legit term for this?) is what makes you a favorite. Precision, perfection, and sweet little stories surround your creations. A pleasure.

  107. Hi!

    My favorite aspects of BitterSweet are your photography and recipes!! Keep up the good work.


  108. Myself, I prefer the Sweet to the Bitter ;-)

    Also, more and shorter posts are better than few and longer.

    Happy third b’day!

  109. I vote for the Desserts, that’s where I shine in the kitchen, the cooking is my husband’s forte. I appreciate your work. Hope I win!

  110. My favorite part of BitterSweet is everything. The recipes, photos, stories and craft patterns. I’ve been following for two and a half years. I’m glad that it’s here!

  111. Congratulations on three years! There are so many things that keep me coming back to this blog. I started looking because of the crafting projects. Very adorable. And I have to say, what has kept me here is everything. I am not vegan (or even vegetarian) yet I have made your recipes and loved them as did my super carnivore husband. Your originality and creativity shines in your blog. Your style of writing keeps me amused and interested and I can feel your personality coming through. It is so much fun to watch you grow and create as a chef and I can’t wait to keep watching.

  112. I love the photography, I love your charming stories and that I can connect to you on a personal level (oh to be a student..)

    The only thing I really do dislike about this blog is how *long* it takes to load… :(

    I still visit daily, despite it all. <3 Happy Blogiversary!

  113. My favorite part about BitterSweet that keeps me coming back errryday, are your fabulous recipes and beautiful, minimalistic, clean, photography.

  114. Congrats on 3 years Hannah! Your blog was one of the first vegan blogs I started reading. You are a great writer and I always love reading your posts. You pictures are also stunning!

    And commenting on those search terms…what is wrong with people!?

  115. Congratulations!!!!!

    I love your site for the beauty of the photos the creativity in the recipes, the adorable crocheted items and just your personality which comes through loud and clear!

  116. I’m a 1st time vistor, but I will be coming back.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  117. i love your site Hannah- it was one of the first websites i came across when i was just starting out in the blogging world. i came to Go Dairy Free and i went to your site and was hooked. I check every chance i can get because you have beautiful pictures, delicious looking recipes, and the most adorable little knitted creations ever. : ) plus… you could be my little sister and you have accomplished ALL this..

    hope all these comments give you a boost while you think about what you want to do with yourself : ) as you can see you have a lot of people who are totally addicted to you.

  118. Hi Hannah – and I hope your pizza doesn’t eat you either. There are some strange people out there. Yours was the first vegan blog I ever bookmarked. I love your stories, your recipes and your wonderful photos. Your crafts are cute too but I’m always just a little bit disappointed when I don’t see pictures of food. I guess I have a one track mind. I also appreciate your reviews especially for the soy free items. I don’t know how you do everything you do but keep it up and happy anniversary!

  119. Happy 3 Years! It must feel amazing =)

    I think… what I like most about your page is a combination of 2 things: the pictures and the posts. I mean, the pictures are phenomenal. They really catch my eye. Also, the posts are easy to read. They make me want to keep on reading more and more.

    PS: I’ve added you to my blogroll. This site deserves a special spot on my site <3

  120. Congrats on the blogiversary! You really have acheived something special with this blog, as it is absolutely wonderful! I can’t wait to see what the future will bring. And as usual your generosity amazes me, what a wonderful giveaway for Valentines Day! Alas, I purchased your book when it first came out, and let me tell you, it’s made me a huge success at all my family gatherings! Wish you nothing but the best in all your endeavours! :)

  121. I love the combination of amazingly creative recipes and beautiful pictures! Sometimes you post something that’s just so cool and I have to show it to everyone I know (like the frosted forest!). Thanks for all the time and energy you put into this! :)

  122. Congratulations on three years!

    I have to agree that the creativity, both in writing and in creating recipes, that you employ is really amazing. Who would have imagined soy an malt and caramel together? And yet, once you describe it, it makes perfect sense. And I appreciate the history of each creation–how each thing came to be.

    As far improvement, it seems like gilding the lily, but theory and technique are both always good to elaborate on.

  123. Ooh! I could use this book. I’m a vegetarian, so vegan is just +1 for me. :) After looking around, I have to say my favourite thing about your blog, along with the recipes, are the amazing pictures you take of the food! It could be considered food porn, but I like that in a recipe site.. I’m a visual person. Thank you for offering this giveaway! eyeslikesugar [at] gmail [dot] com

  124. I keep comng back to Bittersweet for the fantastic recipes and gorgeous photos. Your style of writing is also enthralling, and I simply cannot leave a post mid-way – I’d feel so uncomplete haha! But really, its how I envisioned my blog posting style, but alas my writing is no where near as interesting. So your blog is also an inspiration for me!

    And of course, the crafts offer that special something extra thats just the cherry on the cake :D

    I’m not a vegan, though I’m not adverse to trying vegan food, so I’m not particularly writing this in the aim of winning, I just thought i’d like to share why your blog is great :) However, if I was to win, I’d definately try most, if not all, the recipes :)

    Happy blogoversary!

  125. I showed up for the vegan recipes.

    The awesome photography and funny stories keep me coming back for more. ;-)

    I hope I win!! If not, I’ll just have to go buy the book. ;-)

  126. Though I’m not a vegan or even a vegetarian, and I don’t crochet or sew, BitterSweet is among my favorite blogs to read. Your pictures have always been absolutely beautiful, and I love the way you write and can make every post into a wonderful, interesting story.

    Congratulations on three great years, and here’s to many more! :)

  127. I love your website! I am slowly learning to cook vegan for my son, who has numerous food allergies, and I am always on the hunt for recipes! Your website is great, beautiful pictures, and good recipes! Thanks so much! Happy Blogging! Here’s to many more years!

  128. Hannah – Congratulations on three years! In the blog world that seems to be quite the accomplishment. I have learned loads about photographing food from you, for that alone I find your blog valuable. But I also very much enjoy you sense of humor and, of course, your food. I wish you many more years of successful blogging :) Thank you for sharing your kitchen and crafting adventures with all of us.

  129. For me – the sweet stories that come with each new creation. I love reading them, and they always make me go “awwwww”

  130. I love how you push the boundaries of vegan baking, how you feature a blend of the more complicated and the simple and how it’s all done in a beautifully presented way. Very inspiring, thank you.

  131. Reading your blog is like sitting down with a friend and catching up on what she’s been doing. Love the search terms that brought you new visitors. I may need to go back to the beginning of your blog and see what I may have missed. ( :

  132. Congrats on three years! Besides your amazing creations, both in and out of the kitchen, I love your way with words. You have an amazing talent for conveying a story. Always so thoughtful and detailed. All the best, and thanks for the giveaway!

  133. I love the really gorgeous pictures, and since I have a sweet tooth, the vegan creations are inspiring on many levels. I really love that you found your creative work and are sharing it with the world!

  134. When I became a vegan, I thought I’d never be able to eat the type of yummy treats you offer in your book. It’s made the holidays, birthdays and family gatherings extra special; the times we come together as a family are rare these days, so that is important. No longer are the vegans limited to a container of Rice Dream or an apple while everyone else has pie or cake. My favorite thing about the book? Every time I pull it out, someone wants to “borrow” it, so my daughter and a friend have absconded with my copies. if I win, I’m hiding it!

  135. hello hannah, happy 3rd birthday i don’t even remember when i first found your blog and what was i looking for but i have been a regular visitor since then. i am a vegeterian myself and though i do take some dairy products but i don’t take eggs so i am always on a lookout for eggless baked goods which i find on your blog.

    well,well, well!!! about what i like on your blog i can safely say just about anything your presentations are impeccable, the recipes made simple enough, the photographs are good enough to eat and inspiring enough to make a lazy bum like me to get into the kitchen and cook on a regular basis and also to think on the lines of starting a blog of my own, the little stories enchanting, and the chweet little crafty toys and eats are, just, well what can i say so chwee………..t. and those resource links are so helpful (i have already made a scarf, a mufler and a nice bag oh my god what an accomplishment for a person like me )

    so dear dont change any thing on your blog it is a very good one as it is (can’t beleive, have typed so much at one go )

    al rite
    best wishes

  136. happy birthday! i would love a copy of your book. i admit that i love your recipes, but what i love even more is the foodie porn pics you post. they are gorgeous pics that inspire me!

  137. Hi. I have just visited your site to learn more about eating vegetarian.

    I’m a bird rescuer. I have 17 parrots, most of whom have been neglected and/or abused. I find it increasingly hard to eat meat when I realize how sentient these little beings are. Also, the conditions in which animals are kept, awaiting for slaughter, are abhorrent.

    I am trying to convert to a vegetarian diet and learn new, different, ways of enjoying food for me and me feathered children. We all eat a type of rice, barley, or couscous pilaf at suppertime. We put red palm oil in it for the vitamins and anti-oxidants. This is just about the only vegetarian-type dish I know, however. I need to expand my horizons…

    BTW, I also have a food allergy to dairy and have eliminated all things dairy from my diet.

    Thanks, Cindi.

  138. Congratulations Hannah! I love your blog because you make vegan baking look fun and hip. Your food photography is always so interesting and beautiful, it is what really keeps me coming back! You’re also incredibly talented not only with an oven, but as a blogger– I love reading your entries!

  139. Happy 3rd anniversary! I first came across your blog long ago when I was searching for something chocolate. I can’t remember what it was, but I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s so hard to pick just one favorite part of Bittersweet, because it is such an inspiring, interesting and fun blog from every angle. But I guess if I had to say just one thing that really makes me keep coming back for more, it’s the stunning photos.


  140. Happy Blogoversary! I can’t say I found BitterSweet by searching for tongue bars or turd sprinkles, but I found it and I LOVE it.

    The pictures on your site are AH-mazing! The presentation, lighting, balance of subject and colour…gorgeous. If I didn’t know for a fact (I saw your guest spot on Everyday Dish) that you made these tasty delights, I would think you were a simply a photographer showing off your current work.

    Excellent job Miz Hannah, looking forward to the next three years!

  141. My favorite part of Bitter Sweet is the photography (makes me take more pics, although mine are mostly not of food or handmade treasures), no wait – the recipes (makes me want to bake more and even be fully Vegan), no wait – then knitty- crafty bits (which I do use or link back to sources often), no wait, I think my favorte part of Bitter Sweet is You. I love that your young and fresh and real and it gives me a lot of hope for the future.

  142. Happy 3 years!!! I know I’ve been reading for at least 2 of those years! Why do I keep reading? It’s all about you! I just love reading what you write–your personality just seems to infuse everything you touch with a bit of magic.

  143. I love reading your posts. While I might not always try the recipes (due to having gluten sensitivities), I really enjoy the beautiful pictures and stories that you often include.

  144. I’ve been following your blog a lot longer than I’ve been commenting on it, and what I love most are your photos and presentation – they are fabulous. Together with your story-telling writing style, your blog is a pleasure to read and I always eagerly anticipate the next tale.

  145. Happy Anniverssry, Hannah! I’m so glad you’ve been around for three years. I LOVE MSV. I love it because the recipes always turn out. I haven’t made near enough of them yet, but I will!

  146. Congrats on 3 years of blogging success. I really have enjoyed your blog for the food of course but the pictures you take. You really have found a way to capture your decadent creations in a captivating way. I also enjoy your writing style – they are like little short stories or snippets of your life and written in a way that I’m not ready to stop reading at the end of each of your posts. I know you’ve probably heard it a million times but for someone your age you are an inspiration for young and old. Again, congrats and I’ll be tuning in to see what life brings you.

  147. you know it is down to people like yourself that continue to motivate and inspire me to develop my vegan skills. You’re becoming one of my cooking idols.

  148. Lo que más me gusta del blog son los post de crochet… estoy aprendiendo y me encanta tejer tus creaciones…
    Saluditos desde Spain…

  149. As a nearly vegan vegetarian, I came here at first for the sweets. But, as a knitter, I stayed for the crafts!

    Your storytelling voice is sweet, but not saccharine. In many ways, this blog is “just right.”

    Regardless, happy blogoversary, Hannah!

  150. My favorite thing about this blog is the beauty of your baked goods. It’s inspirational and spurs me on to try new recipes and make beautiful things too.

  151. The photos and the way you come across, its refreshing and always brings a smile to my face when I click onto your blog daily to see if something new has popped up! Congratulations on 3 big years!


  152. My favorite part of BitterSweet is the giveaways, like this one.

    Just kidding. I love the recipes and your wildly awesome innovation! I love the things I couldn’t have possibly come up with myself! I love the super skills you sport and the way it makes me aspire to more.

    Happy blog birthday!

  153. I come here for the recipes and inspiration (like with the beautiful christmas tree cupcakes). I hope you’ll make more inexpensive e-books, I love Impossible Pies. Congratulations on three years of blogging!

  154. I first stopped by your site when I was exploring the web for inspiring crochet. I love your work and the creative stories and descriptions that go with them. I noted you vegan deserts and was always intrigued by that as well. Then much later I was drawn back to your site after searching for dairy free recipes for my dear bf. I thought it was funny how in a way, the web can seem like such a small place! I’m glad you’re out there sharing your crafts and recipes and the like!

  155. @Jessica I’m on the lookout for dairy-free recipes for my dear gf.

    The recipes are what I’m here for. I love the photography.

  156. Happy birthday, Bittersweet! I adore your vegan recipes, and the pure creativity you use in creating them. I’ve never found recipes as tasty and creative as yours anywhere else. Of course, the beautiful photography and your delightful writing always keep me coming back, no matter how many chocolate recipes you feature. I hate the stuff. :)

    Thanks for creating such a great resource and keeping me smiling week after week!

  157. Happy third blogiversary! I check in almost daily and love the craft postings the most, although I find your vegan adventures inspiring.

  158. Happy 3rd birthday to your blog! I discovered it recently, and immediately added it to my favourites. :) I often get surprised looks when people find out I enjoy cooking (I’m 23), but I so often want to tell them about you! I think what you’ve accomplished is amazing, and I look forward to many more years!

    I keep on coming back because of the amazing photos, I think you have a real knack with food styling. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s an inspiration and a whole 3 years of ideas! Love the cute crafts as well, I’m not a fan of sewing but seeing your little crochet creatures makes me wish I was! x

  159. Three years is amazing! To be honest, I am an everyday Bittersweet checker! Due to this, your ability to update so often with so many rich and creative morsels (and not just edible ones!) is my favorite thing!

    Your treats are staples in my house!

  160. Hi Hannah- I visit your site whenever you post something new because I love your creativity in all forms. The way you make food into art and the fact that it is vegan to boot is just amazing. I love reading about your adventures showcasing your work and learning new techniques. I learned a lot from you when you learned about photographing food! The way you incorporate your little knit creatures into your blogs is too funny and I just think you have the coolest personality which shines through in your creative endeavors. I am glad you asked us to tell us why we like your blog because I have been waiting for a reason to tell you why I think your blog is awesome! Happy anniversary and please keep up your great work.

  161. the crafts and the stories that frequently go w/ them. you are very talented in both areas. and your recipes are very interesting also.
    happy aniversary.

  162. I love your veganized recipes that don’t use too many special (i.e., uncommon/harder to find) ingredients. They make it easy to find recipes for different crowds on the spot.

    Congrats on all your successes! It’s really impressive!

  163. I find your blog really inspiring. I love your photographs and the fact that you take them all yourself and you write very well and, of course, the recipes are fabulous! I would really love a copy of My Sweet Vegan!

  164. What excited me most about Bitterweet when I first came across it was the genuine joy you seem to take in all of these positive activities. You’re obviously skilled, but I absolutely fell in love with the idea of someone in my peer group working to hone their skills in productive ways.

    After following BitterSweet for 2 years, I’ve this to add:
    ~The personality that comes through is incredible. It’s seen in the pictures but I feel it more in the words and fun ideas (like the herb garden bunnies).
    ~I’m not vegan but I love your ingenuity.
    ~Celebration of the simple joys in life (such as raspberries or the flecks in homemade white chocolate) is what keeps me coming back.

  165. Happy birthday to BitterSweet!!

    i love your photos and your craft! they are so cute and they make me smile! i’ve never tried your recipes before but i’m sure i will one day ;)

  166. “constipated pumpkin face” had me laughing until i read “adding flavor to crack cocaine”. wth? haha…

    this is my first time commenting and it’s selfishly because i’d love a copy of your book! i’ll admit it. ;)
    i’ve been following your blog for…gosh, a long time. two years at least. congratulations on 3 years, by the way!
    definitely, my favourite part is the recipes followed closely by the ‘real life’ stories such as your experience in the pastry kitchen a little while ago.

    happy blogiversary, Hannah!

  167. I just wanted to say, I’ve been reading this blog for a few months now and love it! One of my favorite things is how frequently you post, it’s so nice to get on and see something new so often. I also find the fact that you do it so intelligently and put so much effort into it (quality pictures, well-written narratives), makes it that much easier to read. I’m not sure if there’s a reason you don’t do this more often, but I love it when there’s a whole meal pictured! I’m not sure if it’s because I dream of making it myself or because I imagine tasting it (and nothing’s better than a whole meal) but other than that, I definitely think you’re tops of all the vegan blogs out there! Thanks for putting so much love and time into it, it does not go unnoticed!

  168. Congratulations on turning three here.
    I’m just realising that one plus of blogging is “unique” visitors. My latest was bread&cat!!!
    I am vegetarian but try to avoid eggs if I can. I find it challenging to bake without eggs and find a lot of options here.
    I enjoy the pictures and posts, especially the “crafty” ones.

  169. Congratulations Hannah,
    I love your blog and I am really happy that you continue to share your experiments with us. I am often inspired by your beautiful photos. Your writing is always playful and fun. I can’t tell you how much a new post from you can brighten my morning. I hope you much continued success.

  170. Congratulations! What brings me back to this blog is you! Your creative and compassionate nature really inspires me.

  171. Wow – that’s a lot of comments! I’ve been blogging for a little over a year, and yours was one of the blogs that made me want to blog, too. What I liked was that you didn’t only focus on food (though that’s a good thing, too), but also on crafts and other creative things. That’s what I really like chez toi my dear, is the glorification of the vegan domestic arts!

  172. I bought your book My Sweet Vegan about a year ago, and while I’m just a vegetarian it has inspired me to try more vegan recipes and reduce the amount of eggs and dairy in my diet. Everything I’ve tried from it has got just rave reviews, so I tend to advertise it to anyone who will listen.

    A close friend recently was looking for vegan baked goods recipes as her boyfriend is deadly (literally) allergic to eggs. I recommended your book to her and in searching for a link found your blog and e-books just last week. I think it would be a fantastic gesture if I could send her a copy.

    As for the blog… I love the pictures. They are amazing – new food recipes seem so much more realizable when there is a mental image to attach to it. And it’s just a fantastic source for inspiring recipes. It makes me want to run home and cook each and every recipe!

  173. i love your stories, the crafts, and the yummy food- I actually appreciate the savory more than the sweet; since I am allergic to chocolate and can’t eat all the confections you whip up.

    mostly, I like the dewy-eyed, non-cynical view of the world you present to us.

  174. Yay! Happy Birthday, Bittersweet!!! The beautiful colors and compositions in your photography always lure me in. But really, it’s your writing that I enjoy the most. And the food (obviously). And the crafty goodness. And the recipes and links to knitting patterns. You manage all of the above with amazing simplicity and style. Don’t ever go away!!!!

  175. Congrats on three years and all that it has brought you!

    My fav part is probably not original, but here goes. I love the combination of the photographs and the stories you tell. There are always cute and fun intros to the recipes that create a word-picture that keeps readers engrossed and coming back for more. Thanks – and keep it up!

  176. I’m something of a newcomer to your blog….found you sometime last year, and I think it was shortly after you taped the Whoopie Pie segment over at Every Day Dish. The reasons I’ve continued coming back (and that your food blog continues to be one of my very favorites) are:

    1. Your writing.

    2. The amazing, drool-worthy pictures of your culinary creations.

    3. And, the culinary creations themselves, which always lead to rave reviews whenever I try to recreate one of your recipes!

    Thank you, and happy 3-year birthday!

  177. At first it was the pretty pictures, interesting write-ups, and cute crafts that interested me…but then I made one of your recipes and was hooked. Delicious food, easy recipes, and inspiring photos makes for a go-to blog!

  178. I love your recipes, and your photography is beautiful, that plus your great sense of humor and cute random crafts… lets face it, I love a ton of things about this blog! :) Thanks for keeping it up and keeping us all entertained :)

  179. Hiya Hannah,
    happy 3 years! :) I always forget my own anniversaries so it’s great to see other people remember theirs lol. I agree with everyone. fantastic pics, recipes and a great cookbook to boot


  180. I love your blog because the photography is gorgeous, the food sublime and I love your general attitude to things. You’ve even inspired me to start my own blog though alas it has no posts at the moment, havent got enough time with all this coursework…:(

  181. I don’t think I qualify for the giveaway, but thought I would still give my 2 cents. I actually keep coming back for the photography (first) and stories (when I have a break with some tea) mostly, regardless of what the topic is.

  182. I come here because of the photos and the vegan recipes. I think I’m more of a dessert person because of you. I hope you’ll continue blogging for many years to come!

  183. Happy blogoversary!

    My favorite part is the beautiful photos. Your blog is just so pretty to look at! I try to pay attention to how your photos look so that I can make my photos better, but it’s a horrible failure. You must have magical skills.

  184. Happy blogiversary!

    I come here for the beautiful pictures, the recipes and your know-how when it comes to baking!

    And to check if you release a new e-cookbook, because I absolutely love Mission: Impossible Pies. I’ve baked so much pies already and they are such a big hit with everybody!

  185. LOL – Those search terms were awesome! I don’t know how they found their way to HERE from those (unless you are harboring some secret blog pages I don’t know about), but funny nonetheless! LOL.

    Congratulations on three years, Hannah! I love your blog, the recipes and the stories. I originally found you I think by searching for a vegan hot dog, I have to admit. :)

  186. I feel inspired by your recipes, great photographs, and craft projects. I love the blog, and it looks like plenty of other people do, too :)

  187. happy blogoversary! why oh why do i keep coming back? first of all, you’re a very good writer, and when a blog is easy to read, it’s a much more pleasurable experience. your photographs are to die for. you make food out of unique flavor combinations that i would never have thought of myself. and you intersperse it all with adorable little crafty items! so many reasons :)

  188. Congratulations! I really enjoy your creative recipes and photography. I like that you don’t see limits to cooking without eggs and dairy.

  189. I’m really impressed with the levels of complexity that your recipes reach, while still celebrating the simplicity of your ingredients.

    This is my first time here, and I’m really excited. It seems like you’re really pushing yourself and reinventing. I really appreciate the deconstructionist stuff (like the foam and the cheesecake). I think it’s uncommon to encounter in the first place, but having it be vegan too? That’s totally awesome. (I just wish more were gluten and soy free!)

  190. i love your photography and your eye for color & design! i’m not vegan, but having vegan friends and a sibling who can’t have dairy & eggs, i’ve been baking vegan a lot more. i will definitely be following your blog from now on. :)

  191. What came first the chicken or the egg? How to decide what is to like best about this site. I recently have started to craft more, and what unique projects you have, but how to ignore those wonderful vegan creations. The lovely photography, and entertaining text. . I can’t decide. . but why choose? I am just thankful that your blog continues. Happy anniversary! And KEEP BLOGGING!

  192. wow. those are some odd (& slightly scary) searches.

    i enjoy your blog in general. i’d love if you would invent a vegan marshmallow that doesn’t contain soy or corn. my 11yo is allergic to both, so unable to have any of the vegan ones i’ve come across.

    happy blogversaray!!

  193. I love everything about this blog, but I really love your writing and photography. The yummy recipes don’t hurt either! :)
    Happy Blogiversary!

  194. Hi Hannah
    Happy Blogaversary

    I read Bittersweet because I love the beautifully choreographed photos and inspiring recipes (Yay! The veganizing of recipes has already been done for me!!). I love when you show you show your imaginative side and create stories for the gorgeous crafts you make. I love everything about your blog and have been a loyal reader for a year. thanks!


  195. I keep coming back to BitterSweet because I love the writing. Your style is so fresh, personal, and edgy! The photos are my second favorite. It’s neat to see how your photography has come such a long was over the years. Congrats!

  196. I love that not only are your recipes themselves pretty foolproof, but they inspire one to branch out and try something new in the kitchen!

  197. your site is so inspiring for vegans and aspiring vegans. the pictures are fabulous, the recipes unique and yummy ~ and you are great with words. your dessert recipes are proof that you don’t have to give up taste when you give up animal products!!! thanks so much

  198. You’re an inspiration to a (relatively) new vegan! Anything to jazz up food to convert my vegetarian husband to veganism is a good thing–and you make it look so easy… Happy Blogiversary!

  199. A very happy 3rd blog b’day, dear Hannah. I am so glad to have met you through this forum. Wishing you many more years filled with delicious recipes to come.

  200. Happy Blogversary! There are many things that I enjoy about your
    blog… but the photography (makes me want to grab a fork!) and
    your style of writing, which draws me in like a good novel, are
    two which stand out. Of course, I enjoy the whimsy of the crafts
    when photographed with the food also. I would love to have a copy
    of your cookbook so that I could lavish my sweetheart husband with
    decadent desserts! Thanks for sharing your creative spirit with
    the world!

  201. Congrats on 3 years! Your creativity brings me back for more. And simply because I am in awe of you. Those search terms were really entertaining.

  202. I love to bake, yet i’m not a photographer. I really appreciate your food styling talent! Your style of writing is right up my alley as well. :) Happy 3 year anniversary, here’s to many many more!

  203. I come for the recipes and they are great even if they are vegan (LOL)
    Your photography is very good also. Happy Third!

  204. holy soycheesecake batman,
    so many good recipes and ideas…i come here and just stare in wonder of this delectable vegan paradise…
    *mouth waters*

  205. congratulations! i may be asking a bit much from you to post a book to australia but i didn’t want to miss out on a chance to win what looks like an impressive and valuable addition to my cookbook collection. I loved your blog at first site. the presentation, colour choice and layout were so pleasing to the eye, and you always go that extra mile to make your photos look so special. not only does the food make me want to take a bite out of my screen, but the backgrounds, sets and details like the little pieces of spiral confetti in this post’s picture are amazing! it’s not all screen-deep though. your recipes are simple yet special and are comprehensive enough that I can always imagine how good things are going to taste before i even pick up the first indredient. Your writing is humerous, interesting, engaging and so personable i feel like you’re with me in the kitchen, sharing in the joy of cooking. I love how you weave in a little bit of fantasy into some of your posts, with characters and story-telling. and though i can’t crochet to save my thumbs, i love looking at the adorable creations you come up with. your blog isn’t just at the top of my blogroll because its set up alphabetically! it’s up there because it really is one of the best. it insires me constantly both in the kitchen and on my own blog.
    Keep going, at least for another 3 years!
    xo philippa

  206. Yep, I must admit, I always come here looking for ways to flavor crack. :-)

    Congratulations on 3 years Hannah!! There are so many things I love about your blog, but I think your conversational writing and amazing pictures are my favorite part. I always feel like I’m sitting down with you and chatting with tea in one hand and a bite of dessert in the other. Not sure how you could improve upon that!! Hope you have many more years of blogging ahead of you…

  207. I’m new to Bittersweet. A friend recently contacted me for info about vegan pregnancy and raising vegan children (I have 6 and 9 year old girls). After passing on info to her, she replied with awesome info she had already obtained, one of which was My Sweet Vegan with “the BEST vegan French Toast–yum.” After having drifted from veganism to vegetarianism, I became re-inspired to find new vegan recipes to try for my vegan husband and vegie/vegan kids. Smile. I am excited about exploring the recipes on Bittersweet and hopefully winning a copy of My Sweet Vegan.

  208. congrats on your 3rd year! I love ‘disturbing bananas’….I myself came along quietly with just plain old ‘amigurumi!’

  209. If I had to choose just one thing that keeps me visiting your blog, it would have to be your writing. You have a unique way with words that is just completely special, and whenever I’m reading one of your new entries, I’m sat here just completely spellbound. I also love how you don’t accept less than perfect. Everything has to be just right, and I think it’s an admirable quality. Here’s hoping you’ll still be blogging in another three years! xx

  210. It’s really hard to choose one thing, because I love the photography and the writing style as well, but I think I come here mostly for the dessert recipes.

    Thank you!

  211. i LOVE your recipes AND your crochet patterns!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE the cute patterns you put on the site! keep up the good work! love the site! happy 3 years! :)

  212. What do I love about your book? What recipes do I like best? Why should I win a book?

    Well, lets just say what I love the most is not whats in your book but rather what happens after using your book….

    The most wonderful smile on my 3yr old son! The way that smile lights up my heart and soul! The excitement I have that, with the help of your book(s), I was able create yummy fun foods for him!

    See, he is not vegan by choice but rather its forced upon him. And with your recipes you’ve made him a happier child which in turn makes for a happier momma!!!


  213. I came for the knitting and crochet patterns (which are awesome!) but I stayed for the great stories, amazing photography, and delicious recipes. My mouth is always watering after reading your blog!

    Keep up the good work, and happy blogiversary!

  214. I come to drool over your beautiful pictures and to check out the recipes (especially anything chocolate related)! I hope you have another great year :)

  215. I am often on the look out for new recipes. We have several dietary restrictions in my house, as well as my best friend’s household. I have considered getting your cookbook for my best friend as a gift. Winning one would be awesome!

  216. This book makes vegan baking look yummy and easy!
    I would love to win one, especially for my sons.
    I can’t wait to try to recipes!!

  217. This book will help my wife with her vegan baking . . . well, I guess this is a little selfish on my part. I will definitely enjoy what she bakes! Everything looks so delicious!!

  218. Happy happy blogiversary! I adore your blog. You have a wonderful eye for the quirky and the elegant in your photos, and I love the stories that accompany the crocheted & crafted items. But really, I come here for the desserts. You are an inspiration!

  219. Happy Blogiversary! I love the photos and adorable chrocheted critters, but I think my favorite thing is the reviews. I enjoy hearing about the new products and what you think of them.

  220. Happy Blogiversary! I first reason I come here is the pics of all the yummy food(I wish my creations where that photogenic). and dont forget the great recipies. Keep up the great work!!! I love this site

  221. I definitely love the pictures. I often don’t have the time to read the story but I at least can drool over the food photos and go “awwww” over the crafty photos.

    Great job!

  222. First things first, happy anniversary! What an amazing achievement! Secondly, I came across your site maybe a year ago, now. I was captivated from the first post I read!From then on, I kept coming back everyday to see if there was any new recipe or update to your blog. Then I discovered RSS feeds. I totally had no idea what RSS was for the longest time. So now, I get the same thrill in my google reader! I am impressed with your blog, in total. I’m not a vegan or a vegeterrian, but I enjoy vegan cooking and baking and hope one day I can make the full conversion to a vegan lifestyle. Slowly but surely it will happen! I don’t know how to knit (however I wish I did) but I enjoy the recipes and the creative recipe challenges as well as the photos and you are a wonderful writer! I’m learning to think outside the culinary box. Keep it up!

  223. I actually stumbled across your blog while searching for “crocheted boob”…I know…don’t ask. But, I love love love your crafts and your photography! I have recommended this blog to all of my favorite people.

  224. I love the photography, of course. But more than anything I enjoy the way your philosophy of food shines through – not heavy on the commercial egg replacer and trying to make replicas of non-vegan desserts. Rather, you create things that are delicious and wonderful in their own right. It’s very inspiring.

    Oh, and My Sweet Vegan has been on my wish list of books since it came out. I would be thrilled if I got a copy.

  225. Happy 3 year blogiversary and many more! There are so many reasons that I keep coming back to your blog. You are able to veganize wonderful desserts that most of us can’t figure how to. Your souffle to your white chocolate mousse! The presentation of everything makes me want to reach in and grab. You have a way with words and I also love to see what you have crocheted, even though I don’t, you are very artistic.

  226. Hannah, Congratulations! I just bought your book, ate your French Toast (wow), and came to check out your website– and yay, I get to enter a contest (and win, right?) ;-)

  227. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to drop a note, but Happy 3rd Birthday! Your blog is totally disturbing bananas.. I love it! ;)

  228. Hi Hannah,

    I love your blog for the recipes, baking tips and amazing food photos. Thanks for the great blog.

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