Rising to the Occasion

All of those hours in the kitchen and countless failures are worth it when that one souffle finally rises.

44 thoughts on “Rising to the Occasion

  1. I’ve never made a soffule but congrats if you’ve finally made a sucessful one! I was trying for the same thing for a “chocolatey, fudgey brownie” today, but yours looks way more impressive! =)

  2. WOW, congratulations Hannah! I had a hard enough time make souffles work when I was an omnivore, so I know that this was no easy feat for you, or any vegan for that matter! The only down side is that I do not get to eat your beautiful souffle :/

  3. Oooh, Hannah, you tease!! I used to love making cheese souffles, pre-vegan… and I’ve been thinking I should have a crack (egg pun not intended) at a vegan version. You’ve beaten me to it (see previous pun disclaimer…).

  4. my life won’t be complete until I’ve had that souffle!! it looks amazing! (this is bazu, by the way!)

  5. Heya Hannah! Love time, I’ve been in hiding. I was looking around for a vegan souffle recipe and found this pic, but no recipe on the blog. Did I miss it? Please do let me know! Hope you’re doing well. :) Even though I don’t blog anymore, I still lurk and read.

  6. With all the souffles on the show Masterchef U.S., I got to thinking about yours and came back looking for the recipe again. :) Is it in your cookbook? Hope you’re well!

  7. Why? Why would you tempt me with souffle goodness and not share the recipe? Or at least offer it for purchase! I must have this in my life…

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