A Sweater is Forever…

…But not in the way that you might think.  Whereas diamonds last forever, sweaters just take forever to make!  Once upon a time, many months ago, one eager knitter poured over catalogs of yarn and various patterns, picking out the most appealing colors and flattering shapes.  Those eight skeins of yarn came quickly with rush mail, and were soon wound into balls and set onto needles.  Brilliant lavender strands, soft as could be, and organic cotton no less!  They were a joy to simply cast on with.

However, no matter how many stitches were knit and purled, progress was almost impossible to see, and it became abundantly clear that the sweater would not be finished for a birthday celebration only days away.  Luckily, the incredibly patient and understanding recipient merely suggested that it would be just as nice as a Hannukah present, too.  And so the knitter continued, metal needles clacking together late into the night… But alas, there were still two sleeves and a collar missing by the time the whole eight days of the holiday had elapsed.

Still undeterred, it sounded like this sweater might make an excellent mother’s day present instead.  There was plenty of time until then, right?  For most focused people, yes, but this knitter became forgetful, and the sad scraps of sweater remained untouched that whole time.  Trashing the whole project was an enticing idea, but as the weather grew cold once again, a warm garment really did sound like a wonderful gift… And when else would I have enough free time to make such an involved project? It was now or never.

Down to the wire and a mere hour or two before it was time to light the final candle of the menorah, a real Hannukah miracle occurred:  The last stitches made, seams were sewn, and ends were buried in.  And so, over one year later (practically forever, if you ask me), a sweater was born!

Happy Birthday, Hannukah, Mother’s Day, Birthday, and Hannukah, Mom! Hopefully this thing lasts, because I have a feeling that it I won’t be making many more sweaters in the future.

60 thoughts on “A Sweater is Forever…

  1. Woah! It must have felt awesome to finally finish the sweater. I am envious. I can’t even get through one scarf!

    It looks great!

  2. OMG – Great job on the sweater and your mom is as adorable as you are! Nice color choice for her too – makes her eyes pop! There you go amazing me again with your talents! :)

  3. Ahahaha *this* is why I don’t knit adult things ;) It’s a lovely sweater and it suits your Mum beautifully. You did a good job.

  4. you’re right sweaters do take forever. I made my first one a while ago and it kinda cured me of knitting for a bit hehe

  5. Wow such a nice sweater! And lovely colour too! The only thing I started to knit once was a scarf for my boyfriend in 2003! Until today it’s still halfway done! hahah! I’ve left it in the storage now. Maybe I’ll get it out someday…
    I admire your patience!

  6. The sweater turned out absolutely GORGEOUS…eventually, lol. I laugh because I can relate. I am in no hurry to tackle any sweaters anytime soon for that very reason.
    Congratulations on (finally) getting it finished!

    Hugs from a knitting sister…

  7. Great work, I’m finishing up a baby sweater that has taken me what seems like forever because I keep bouncing to other things. There’s just something about rows and rows of stockinette stitch that nearly drive me over the edge!

  8. Aww! It looks like it was totally worth the wait! Wonderful!
    I make quilts entirely bu hand, so I know how long it can take to finish a project!
    I bet your mum adores the sweater!

  9. That is fantastic! And I totally agree with you… a sweater does take forever, I rarely make anything bigger than a baby size myself.
    But don’t give up! In a year or two, you’ll forget all about this and start another one.

  10. Hey Hannah – congratulations on getting it done! Please tell your mom that she looks beautiful and that the color and style really suit her.

    I just finished knitting my first sweater but it’s a raglan cardigan, so it’s sort of “cheating” in the sweater category. Anyway, I still have to weave in the ends and sew on the buttons and block it. Hopefully I will be inspired by your post to do so!

  11. Ha, ha, that’s why the few times I do knit I knit a baby sweater ;) You’ve reminded me to finish a tiny baby cardigan I nearly finished nearly 2 years ago (for my youngest son). Will have to finish it for the bun that’s still in the oven :)
    Lovely sweater by the way!

  12. What a beautiful sweater you created by hand Your mother must be incredibly proud of your knitting/crocheting/sewing/baking skills! Did you buy books about crafting, learn from a friend, attend classes or somehow magicly teach yourself because you seen to be excellent at that when it comes to recipe creating! =)

  13. That is a gorgeous color – great job! I started knitting projects when I was pregnant with each of my sons and never finished them. We are talking baby sweaters – so tiny! I have been knitting for about 15 years and have only ever finished 3 sweaters. Hmmm. By the way, thanks soo much for the brownies!

  14. I have to say if you were my daughter and had put that much love, time, and talent into a sweater for me, I would wear it until it became thread bare. Bless you! What a wonderful post and gift!!!

  15. LOL! Loved the post….you have a wonderful way with words.

    Your(?) mom looked lovely in her sweater. That was a beautiful color and I’m not too keen on purple. Great job!

  16. It is absolutely gorgeous! I’m glad to hear that you have difficulty finishing a project too! I just finished a pair of baby socks a couple of days ago that had been on the needles since July. Now that’s embarrassing!

  17. Hi Hannah,
    A sweater is forever….such a wonderful gift to receive. Your mom looks great in it. I wish I had the skills to knit such a sweater. Alas I have to buy mine in a store or wait for my friend to knit me another one :-)


  18. Yah. Exactly. I have a hard enough time with scarves and hats. Sweaters ain’t a-gonna happen here. Loved your story.

  19. Beautiful sweater Hannah! I have only made baby sweaters before (because I can actually finish them before the baby is born :p). I loved the story …it was worth the wait! :)

  20. This is exactly how I feel about the pair of socks I’m knitting for my mom. I’m almost done! YAY!
    Yet I still have to knit my dad a pair, too!
    These socks were for Christmas! :D

    The sweater looks amazing!

  21. Oh, it’s gorgeous!

    Perhaps because it was such a looong project, you didn’t enjoy it. I hope you don’t give up the knitting though!

  22. I come looking snooping through the internet for knitting tips (incognito of course, since I am a 25 year old guy :) and find this…wow…maybe I’ll just stick to crocheting…a bit easier…and faster :) Great job though, incredible sweater.

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