Popsicles or Icicles?

If you’re anything like me, you were so excited to make some trees out of cake that you convinced yourself to order a pack of 200+ paper cups.  Now, I can only guess at this one here, but I would assume that you too made a cute, edible forest, and are still left wondering what to do with the remaining 175 or so cups that are leftover.  Never fear, I have a chilly solution that will please taste buds and tummys alike.

That’s right, more trees!  But this time, my evergreens are frozen; green tea freezer pops from My Sweet Vegan, to be exact.  They come together in an instant, so they can easily satisfy a sweet craving, and they just happen to be the perfect color without any additional dyes required.  Any other sort of popsicle recipe will also work though:  Just set the cups in a bunch of mugs like you did for the cake trees and pour the mixture in about 3/4 of the way to the top.  Place all the mugs on a tray, and set the tray on a level shelf in your freezer.  Let them sit for about an hour or so, until they begin to firm up a bit, and insert the stick into the center so that it stands up straight.  Allow at least 4 hours for the pops to completely freeze.

And if you’re still as crazy as me, you’ll think that it’s a pretty cool idea to take the popsicles outside and photograph them in the freshly fallen snow.  Okay, so I’m guessing I’m alone on this one, but I just couldn’t resist!

22 thoughts on “Popsicles or Icicles?

  1. Oh…it’s so cute & adorable ! I love your picture, you are very very gifted !
    The imitation snow, what is it ? What is the secret ?

  2. Hannah those are amazing! I have to admit when I skim read this I thought you’d made pea popsicles, not tea popsicles. That’ll teach me to wear my glasses ;)

  3. Ooooh, those are pretty, and green tea pops sounds delicious! Another reason why I am excited to be getting My Sweet Vegan for Christmas :)

  4. Well I’ll just have to tuck this idea away for warm weather because it sounds so refreshing. We’re in the midst of a record winter storm here in Southern CA – cold and rainy. Makes me want all my food and drinks at mouth-scalding temperatures!

  5. Perfect! And you are not alone. I think taking there picture in the snow is a perfect idea and if I was there I would have helped. :o)

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